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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Southwest Patcon

The idea of a Patcon is important.  The further down the road we go toward chaos, the more important the idea of holding a Patcon becomes.  But, I have been surprised at the lack of understanding of what a Patcon means and what it is supposed to accomplish.

I am attempting to put together a Southwest Patcon, but I need someone to help out with a location, preferably in New Mexico.  It should be private property.  But in attempting to arrange this Patcon, I have run into opinions and attitudes that have revealed the fact that most people don't really understand the definition or purpose of Patcons.

Patcons are a term that myself and Bill Nye came up with for Patriot Conference or Patriot Convention, either/or, it doesn't really matter what the etymology of the word is, the purpose is to gather as patriots to the Constitution, Second Amendment activists, or Three Percenters, to establish connections in your local area and to share knowledge and receive training in either tactics or communications.

The one thing we can all agree on is there is a crisis coming.  Whether that is a crisis of culture, of politics, of economics or all three at once, it is coming and those most prepared to not only defend themselves, but their community against those who would harm it are ahead of the game.

Patcons are designed to bring like-minded people together to discuss, plan and educate themselves on methods that will ensure that when the dust settles, there are people alive who understand the value of the Constitutional protections of rights and who are capable and willing to defend these rights against whoever might want to subvert them for their own purposes. 

Everything in modern American culture has been subverted in order to deny these rights.  The government views individual rights as detrimental to their goals and objectives.  As they have worked to deny these rights to advance their collectivist agenda, it has become more important for individuals to secure these rights through active implementation.

Open carry events are an example of this tactic.  When a group of individuals demonstrate their rights by carrying weapons openly as allowed by law and right, they establish those rights both in culture and in law.  Otherwise, it is easy for government agencies to treat open carry as a violation of law, even if they cannot point to a law that if violates. 

Patcons are an expression of the same thing.  They establish the rights of individuals who carry weapons openly to gather and discuss the methods of self-defense against threats that might endanger themselves or their communities.

The true fact is that when there is a period of economic, political or cultural chaos, the police are likely to be protecting their own families rather than everyone else's.  The recent events in Dallas and Baton Rouge are examples.  After police officers were ambushed and executed by individuals connected in one way or the other with Black Lives Matter, police forces across the nation were subjected to numerous filings for retirement.  Police officers decided that their lives were more important that civil defense.  That is a logical response and one that should be anticipated during a period of chaos.

Establishing a community defense team or CDT, as many of those who have participated in Patcons have done, is an important step in not only defending loved ones, but the political principles of liberty and freedom.

Due to positive responses received when I first suggested a Southwest Patcon, I am encouraged to openly search for someone willing to provide the property on which such a Patcon might be held.  Since many of those who might attend would be looking to camp out at the site, a certain amount of private property would be useful.  It should be close to other amenities where people might stay who do not plan to camp out. 

If I can secure a location, I will do the work of ensuring certain accommodations necessary to the event, including some training opportunities.  I will dedicate funds to make sure the event is of use and value to all who attend. 

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