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Thursday, July 14, 2016

That Would Be Excellent

All we need are gun laws like the French!  Isn't that the message we have been fed by all of the leftist Marxists running their mouths for decades?  There would be no terrorist attacks if we just had gun laws like the British, or French.  Bad things never happen in those countries, because they have strict gun laws. Yet, despite those laws, the French have just endured another terrorist attack, with gunshots being heard over and over on the streets of Nice, France. It occurred in Paris not even a year ago.  But, you will hear no French politicians decrying the fact that their gun laws are too lax, that children can get guns easier than books or computers, because that would be a lie and some politicians have some morals about lying when it is obviously a lie, others don't.

Some, like Barack Obama, don't mind lying at all.  They will spit on the graves of dead police officers in order to push a racist agenda.  They will lie about the availability of guns to pass stricter gun laws and they have a hoard of representatives and senators who will do the same and, because of that, they think they are speaking to a sympathetic public, but too many of them know the truth and while they might nod their heads in agreement with every uttered lie, they know that when the chips are down and someone is threatening their children or home, that they would rather have a gun than a promise from someone like them.

What these politicians really despise about the Second Amendment is that they know that it was designed, written and passed with the idea that it would eventually be used to throw people like them out of office.  That it would be used to "alter or abolish" governments, including theirs, that become hostile to the freedom of one to pursue a life they choose; to defend property they rightfully own; and to enjoy those things which are due to a free person, the multitude of things that could not rightfully be delineated in a one-page document.

Back then, there was no need for a longer document.  The freedoms insinuated included almost anything a person might do.  The Fourth Amendment expressly denies the government from being able to search a place without first describing those things and documents to be searched and the items or people to be seized.  After 240 years, the government has found a way around the Fourth Amendment, but they did not find a way around the freedoms that it offers.  So, while legally, they may have found some loop holes that allow them to violate the Fourth Amendment, they did not find a way around the fact that they have become hostile to the right to be free of those searches and seizures and so, have painted themselves as traitors to the founders' intent and made it much more likely that the Second Amendment would be used for its original purpose.

Matt Damon recently remarked that the Second Amendment should be done away with in one fell swoop.  Which, aside from showing a juvenile misunderstanding of the Constitution and what would be needed to "do away" with the Second Amendment, demonstrates the liberal mentality.  Because, I believe that most of us supporters of the Second Amendment would like to see nothing else.  Yes sir, Mr. Damon, give us all the same "start" signal.  That would be excellent.

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