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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Last American Presidential Election

It should be obvious to anyone now that this will be the last presidential election in America as it exists.  With Republicans voting to nominate a non Republican as a middle finger to the GOP establishment, who, after the 2014 election gave the middle finger to their own political base and the Democrats so utterly bankrupt as to nominate someone who should be in prison the bloom is off the rose.

There is no hiding it now.  These are two political parties in the process of self-destruction.  In an effort to win political power they have created impossible and conflicting constituencies.  To the political observer it is amusing and would be hilarious were it not for the dire consequences to society as a whole.

It is a political season that encouraged Bernie the socialist to develop a proletariat army, demanding socialism at any cost.  It has exposed the media as the party hacks they have always been and there is more exposure to come as the media, not Hillary, is the real target of Donald Trump, but he is savvy enough to implicate and indict both.

The Democratic convention is nothing more than a rally cry for communism, complete with the hammer and sickle flag waving in the crowd.

Most by now should realize they are being asked a question: Which side are you on?  Some will not understand the question, but enough will and whoever wins, wins nothing, but a nation at war with itself.  This is not so much a civil war as it is a cultural free for all.  A no-holds-barred wrestling match in the streets of America.

Black Lives Matter has empowered the harshest racists to step into the spotlight and proclaim hatred as their creed, as evil and ignorant as the KKK ever was.  This is the banner and the message of the Communist/Democrat Party. The Palestinian Flag-waving anti-Semites step to the fore.  They have been accustomed to persecuting the Christians and now they have decided to branch out with their hatred for anything traditionally American.  Yes, they hate America, so much so that until shamed into it, did not even produce a single American flag at the Democratic Convention.

So, we know the communists in the Democratic party hate America while asking Americans for their vote, so the vote is clearly permission to do what any good communist nation would do, destroy America.  They speak of doing away with what is left of the Constitution with relish.  They hate America and detest the document that founded it.  How else are we supposed to interpret their ultimate victory other than as open hostility to the founding?

With this understanding, is that not the long-anticipated moment of insurgency? Is that not the moment when the battle lines are clear?

Electing Trump is a different answer to the same question.  Is that it?  This is who we have as a president?  Does he even have any leanings toward conservatism or the Constitution?  No, not really.  Donald saw what Barack Obama was able to do and is a little envious of that sort of power.  Do we get soda size legislation?  Or game show policy?

No matter who wins, or even if there is no election at all due to martial law, it is over.  It is the moment when the vast majority of Americans realize what many of us have known for a long time, that the United States is dead and it's time for the next system to rise.  By the end of this election, the question will be unmistakably asked and answered.  


  1. Civil war has been inevitable since the rigged elections of 2008 and 2012. At this point Americas only hope to restore republican government is massive ethnic and political cleansing. A thing I do not believe will happen. Too many are setting on the fence waiting for Jesus to fix America, and that's gonna be a long wait for a train that's not coming. What we will get instead is an ethnic blood bath ending with a a meaningless outcome and an inevitable imperial dictatorship.--Ray

    1. The blessed hope america has to keep our faith for is jesus christ...

    2. The Ballot box will not work, it's too late. The only
      answer is the ammo box !

    3. You forget it was the people who in fact waited on Jesus to form this Nation

  2. The R's are doing 1980 all over again.

    Get Reagan, get Trump.

    Shoot Reagan, get bush - actually running the show.

    Shoot Trump, get pence, a worthless rino globalist.

    Or... do pence and go all the way to ryan.

  3. It is martial law you idiot, not Marshal.


    2. You're right. I looked at that when I wrote it, Clautin. Some people have the class to point it out via e-mail and others feel the need to call one an idiot. Were I concerned about your opinion, I might feel something, but I don't.

  4. Everybody always thinks they have it figured out...

    1. The links don't work. Perfect.
      "I will come near to you to judgement; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against the false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the Lord of hosts.
      For I am the Lord, I change not; THEREFORE YE OF JACOB ARE NOT CONSUMED."
      Malachi 3:5,6

    2. I suggest that, "We the People..." NEED to take America out of "center Stage" -- (when dealing with "END TIME PROPHECY" scenarios)...

      {Zec. 10 - 14} are good Chapters to study, (especially 13: 9 and 14: 1 - 5) in this regard...

      America, {aside from, [FAIRLY], being likened, to "The WHORE of BABYLON", [Rev.17 - 18}; is not mentioned in relation to the END TIME...Ysra'el, Yeru-Salem; and the 3rd Temple ARE the CENTER of the END TIMES realities. {Matt.24:1 - 3; & 14 - 21; & 29 - 31}... (It is ALWAYS BEST to take Yeshuah's PERSONAL STATEMENTS [above "Church" doctrines, OR Commentaries], as the FINAL AUTHORITY)

      The reason why Edorgan (the "wannabe" Ottoman Calief") is sooooo dangerous, AND a potential "player" on the "END TIME STAGE"....AND, why Putin is worthy of monitoring, as well as the Muslim dynamic, (ISIS is a "shell game" -- utilized as a distraction), i because the Scriptures DEAL with the "END TIMES" events being PRIMARILY in the M.E.

      BUT! This is why MUSLIM hordes ARE a significant matter!

      MARK, it is SIGNIFICANT to grasp that your Malachi verses are NOT in reference to America, but RATHER, to Ysra'el, AND Yeru-Salem!

      For 140 Years, (maybe more legitimately 100 yrs,), America WAS the "GREATEST BEACON on a hill", of the "LIGHT" of freedom & Godliness...BUT! THAT designation is UTTERLY OVER...

      From here on in MARK, stick to keeping the "END TIME" in relation to M.E. and European events...You'll have a MUCH CLEARER & more correct focus that way.

      Sorry folks, but the Author of the above Article is correct..."America AWKI", ["As We Knew It"]; (as in "TEOTWAWKI"), is over...

      AND, for you & me, it's simply a matter of HOW THOROUGHLY it will be OVER...THAT IS WHY WE"LL NEED TO CLING TO YESHUAH {Jesus}, AND, His Holy Spirit's guidance! May the Lord, bless thee, and keep thee...Jn.14:13 - 18, 26; and Jn. 15:26, & 16:11 - 15,{esply. ver. 13}; TRUST THE "still small voice"!

  5. This collapse and descent into martial law is inevitable. Time to gun up and roll heavy.

  6. A leader and his government WILL arise for this time. Will he be heaven sent? Not likely. If God meant to tend this garden it would not be full of weeds, moles and rats.


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