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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Moment of Legend

There are moments of legend and those legends produce a cause around which to rally.  These are things that create political leverage at the higher levels of society, where rulers reign. One of these legends in our past is the victory at Yorktown by General Washington and French allies.  But, this is all being erased by indoctrination in public schools.  In fact, everything admirable about the current system is being undermined with the intent to set the minds right of the populace in order to introduce a "new" system that, like Obamacare, promises everything, but delivers only control.  The Patriot Act was nothing less than the same thing, so there is no political party to which the citizens can turn to reverse these advances.

In effect, the government at all levels is in the process of turning the people against themselves in order to prepare them for the reinvention they plan.  But, plans are always better on paper than they are in practice and this is the case here.  By attacking their own institutions, they have alerted those willing to consider that their professed intent of "fairness" and "inclusion" are but ruses to distract the masses from their true intent of revolution, not evolution.

The people are being sold the idea of evolution, of becoming more sophisticated, more advanced, more "human" while the real intent is to revert back to ancient concepts of dictatorial government, with the resources of the United States as fuel for their vision.  Once they achieve their goal of total control, the mask can come off.  They, the rulers, need this control for the coming days of economic meltdown.  They need to be able to exterminate anyone who might stand against them, because there is only room for a few at the top and those not "sold" on the vision must be sacrificed in a way that does not alarm the other sheep to a point of panic.

They are completely comfortable with a period of chaos where even millions are eliminated at the hands of their neighbors.  Population reduction is part of the plan and the more that the people take care of themselves reduces the number of tribunals they must conduct to arrive at the same goal. 

The fact is, there is a massive transformation scheduled for whenever the inevitable crisis occurs.  There are ideas that the rulers will try to jumpstart the process through social riots and revolts caused by the government itself during this election season, but it will probably be able to let the chips already precariously balanced, fall when gravity takes over.

The important information to be gleaned from the extensive verbiage above is that they already have a plan.  Do you?  Do you care about the America you have been raised in, or are you willing to chuck it all for the inclusiveness of a transgendered army?  Is it of vital national interest that those defending our nation are liberated to enjoy their own definition of gender identity, or that they are the best trained, best equipped and best prepared to tackle the challenges of a prolonged battle against a foe through asymmetrical warfare?  I am not saying that these two options are mutually exclusive, but the truth is by focusing our military on issues other than the narrow focus of being efficient and destructive killers of our enemies, is detrimental to the mission.

It is time, finally, to recognize the necessity of making the choice for the traditional America, or the new one.  It is time to define those dedicated to the old or the new.  It is time to make the distinction so that the focus of the forces aligned against this new and radical regime become known as such; identifiable to each other.

That distinction is already being made in the political arena in Trump vs Clinton and while these are not exact representations of the ideals in question, they are close enough to make the point, because they define the issue, "Make America great again" or "Transform America into a Sharia-compliant nation." Now, these are not the representatives one might choose around which to rally, but one does not go to battle with the army they wish they had, but rather with the army they actually have. This, Trump, is the general we actually have, not as a presidential candidate so much as an identifiable representative of the ideological ground on which we stand however inaccurate that representation may be.

Understanding that we do not have to even agree with Trump, our purpose is greater than Trump.  He can be and is an unwilling representative of our point of view.  We, if we are smart and not too devoted to our own narrow perspective, are capable of commandeering the message of Trump and making it our own, making it stand for something we understand, but he does not.  Since all of politics at this point is an exercise in manipulation and subterfuge, we should be smart enough to use the Trump campaign to our own advantage, because the alternative is to be overwhelmed by those dedicated to our destruction.

This is the moment of legend.  Do we grasp onto this plan, integrate ourselves into the Trump campaign, confront the enemy on the battlefield of Cleveland, risk it all for one stand against the forces dedicated to the destruction of the Constitutional United States, or do we play it safe and hold out for some miracle that precisely represents our goals?

Consider it, discuss it, understand it, before you reject it out of some party politics nonsense.  That world is gone.  There is no voting our way out of our situation, but there is a means of political influence we might exert, if we are clever, if we know what we are doing and are not afraid to be identified as a "Trumpster" if it suits our goal of disrupting the Marxist steamroller. 

Again, before you go off "half-cocked" I am not suggesting voting for Trump or electing Trump.  I am suggesting using political events as proxies so as to deny the anti-Trump forces their optics of superior numbers.  I am stepping into a leadership role I have long denied in order to encourage those of us who understand the war to engage in a numbers battle, nothing more.  I am suggesting using their weapons against them and using everything possible to our advantage. They want the anti-White, anti-gun, anti-liberty forces to be the dominant optic for their news story, we do not.  It's that simple. 

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