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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The True and Only Arbiter of Individual Rights

Everything you own is being divided up by banks and the government and you are not even in on the discussion. This is because you think it is your money, your property, your things.  They understand the power structure, so they know that all of these things are theirs.  Don't worry though, they will let you use them until they decide to take ownership. It will take some time.  First, they have to convince you that you have no right to these things and that is taking place at present.

People with rights are not concerned about the machinations of banks or governments, because they are in possession of their property and will defend such with their lives. They do not have "deeds of trust" they have titles to land.  There is a very simple concept of ownership.  If one buys a chain saw, let's say, it is theirs, they do not have to pay any more money in order to keep it.  When one holds a "deed of trust" they must continually pay taxes in order to maintain possession of the property.  That is not ownership, that is tenancy.

All of these assaults on religious rights, rights to speech, rights to own firearms, rights to privacy have been orchestrated to teach Americans one valuable lesson: you do not have any rights.  Once people understand that little fact, the elites can proceed to greater injustices and abuses.  The sector of the population that needs to learn this lesson more than any other is the white section.  Whites are the middle-class; they are the property owners; they are the gun owners and they must be convinced of their powerlessness and they must be ostracized so that they can look to no other sectors for support.

This is why white children are being convinced that they are born racist, therefore not on equal standing with other races and ethnicities.  They were born with a social demerit.  They are flawed and not deserving of compassion.  It doesn't seem to matter to the proponents of this tactic that racism is exactly what is being practiced against whites, or that the term "white" is not precise, it covers most of Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, but who cares, right? As long as the outcome is to drive home the message that you do not have any rights.

Granted, maybe none of us ever had any rights at all, that it was all an illusion to provide calm and order while the government and power players prosecuted the game.  It served them well to get people to work hard trying to build something, create industries, provide incomes to others who would use that money to drive an economy until it resulted in something to take, because initially there was just a wide open space where grass grew and buffalo roamed.

It doesn't matter whether we actually did have rights, or whether we never had rights.  The battleground is all in our minds.  If we believe we have rights and we are willing to die to protect them, we have them whether the law says we do or not.  These are natural rights, not government dispensed rights, or congress granted rights, or Supreme Court verified rights, they are rights even with all of these departments denying them.

Acceptance of the Supreme Court as an arbiter of rights is as bad as acceptance that congress is an arbiter of rights.  The Supreme Court has ruled erroneously almost consistently, otherwise, it would be logical to conclude that the Dred Scott decision was as valid as the Heller decision.  The Supreme Court did not even have jurisdiction to rule in Marbury v Madison, from which it draws its power to be the arbiter of the Constitution this is a fact admitted by John Marshall in his memoirs.

There is only one true arbiter of one's rights and that is oneself and it is enforced by oneself and the line is drawn by what one will do when those rights are threatened.  This is why the government has decided to become antagonistic toward these rights and to see how far they can go before those arbiters of their rights will enforce them.  The longer the people suffer in silence, the more the government will reinforce their message: You have no rights.

Happy Independence Day!  

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