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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This Is Not Your Government

This is not your government. Those who live in the United States do so out of convenience, it is where their house is, their apartment, etc., but they do not live under the authority of the United States Government, because that does not exist.  Those who reside within the borders of the United States live under a despotic rule of Supreme Court justices, regulators, random judges, presidential decree and Fed policy.

There is no politician in the land responsive to the people.  This is how Donald Trump gained the Republican nomination, because folks were fed up with calling their congressperson seeking redress only to be sold out as soon as the votes were counted.  US citizens are not constituents in the normal vernacular, they are simply voters, you know, those folks who come around every two to four years and validate all of the larceny that has taken place in the past two to four years. 

The trouble with voters is they don't have to be citizens (oh, technically yes, but realistically, NO).  They don't have to pay taxes.  They don't have to actually live in the United States, all they have to do is vote. If you do not vote the right way, the politicians can import other voters from, say, Mexico, Syria, etc and they will vote the way the politicians want.  Why don't Republicans put their political lives on the line to build the wall at the border?  Because if these Mexican voters vote for Hillary, they will be voting for the same sorts of things the Republican politicians want. What do you matter? You don't.  They don't even want your vote, it is too hard to get and there are expectations that come with it.  The new voters don't care.  They just want things and the government they are voting for will give it to them.  Of course, they will first have to take it from you, so as long as you work and pay taxes, you have done your part.  Move along.

At what point do Americans call BS on this system?  This is not your government.  You are nothing but an ATM.

Of course, it is all our fault.  The amount of people in this nation who can spell Constitution are few and far between.  Most have never read the Bill of Rights, or even understand what a "right" is.  A right, by the way, is something the rulers cannot take away from you.  Put the Bill of Rights up against that test and see where you come out. 

So, here we are: the government regularly and with specific intent violates the 4th Amendment.  What are you going to do about it?  They are listening to your phone calls, reading your emails, scanning your Facebook and other social media sites, all in the name of deterring terrorism, but they cannot even stop something like San Bernardino or Orlando.  We have traded liberty for security and every warning we have ever been given has been ignored and the consequences are being suffered.  It is common knowledge that the government is monitoring all of these aspects of our lives and it is met with a shrug.  "Terrorism, what can you do?"

I reject that. 

We, Americans, are about to be faced with this monstrosity head on.  This that what this is?  On one side is a criminal, guilty of numerous crimes...crimes, not misbehavior, not belligerence, crimes, felonies and on the other side who knows?  Some question mark, talking and talking and saying nothing.  While these campaigns take place, the president, the ruler, the king of his own mind brandishes a pen and makes law with startling arrogance. 

Who are we?  Just people paying tuition, making a paycheck, cleaning the garage, paying taxes, buying groceries all the while knowing it is out of control, that we are held hostage to a government run amok. 

Paying taxes?  To what?  For what?  Simply to stay out of jail and for no other reason.  How on earth can the 16th Amendment be binding when the 4th has been obliterated by the Patriot Act?  How on earth can the 16th Amendment be binding when the 1st Amendment is under constant assault by political correctness? 

We are Americans, are we not?  Does that mean anything?  Perhaps that is it, we are so segmented, categorized either voluntarily or involuntarily that our common bond has lost its adhesive. We are just random voters stumbling around until we get our chance to fulfill our purpose and vote.  So, go ahead, vote, let me know if it changes anything. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monsters of History

In response to the Quote of the Decade at WRSA, freedomistas (a term I picked up from WRSA) are notoriously independent, private and self-sufficient, all things that work against "outreach." But, let me be as blunt as "local, local, local": at some point those who survived and even put up some sort of resistance and right now, we don't even know against whom we might be resisting, will have to coalesce.  Wars are not won on the battlefield, they are won at the treaty table. One does not get a seat at the treaty table unless they have made such a nuisance of themselves that they are requested to sit at the treaty table.  No group of individuals, 20-30, will be asked to sit and have leverage to rise up from the table and continue the shenanigans.

There are no stronger groups than those who have developed Community Defense Teams (CDT), whatever they might be termed, but that only goes so far.  It might excel at defense and it might even reach out into a bit of offense, but it is nowhere near enough to being a nuisance. It is one drone-strike from oblivion.  So, outreach is crucial, but dangerous.  It is dangerous to the CDT, it is dangerous to security, it is susceptible to infiltration.

We are not Boy Scouts, we are not going to win a PR war, we are not going to be able to operate on a large scale, because our biggest limitation is also our greatest strength, security. If it didn't sound so ridiculous, it would be time to start a secret society with handshakes and initiations. A thing so many of us have avoided for all of the reasons endemic to such things.

Yes, do good deeds.  Roll that gratitude back to the movement, but people who have to accept help are rarely those who will be able to offer it.

Okay, we are getting a little too late in the game to be polite.  Here are the nightmare scenarios. 1) Hillary is elected, she names several justices to the Supreme Court who "legally" approve gun confiscation and we all have to live up to the decades of hyperbole we have been spewing and then, if we are willing to forget all of our societal obligations, we go off one flashbulb at a time and it has no effect. They are just sweeping up the nuts. 2) the economy tanks, banks fail worldwide and we are thrown into an economic collapse unseen in the annals of history and we wind up fighting for survival, but while we are busy keeping our kin alive, the "politicians" gather and agree to a new Constitution that helps politicians better control the populace, one measure of which is banning firearms, (see above). 3) That the 2016 election is indeterminate (no one gets 270 electoral votes) and the whole political establishment implodes with infighting and power grabs.  Banks fail and see #2 above, OR, our political establishment is in such disarray that Russia/China make their move and the US is divided along the Mississippi with the Atlantic side going to Russian control and the Pacific side going to China.

Do you really think Trump or Hillary would be able to push the nuclear button?  Do you think that either of them value the United States of America as being worth such devastation to defend?  Would Paul Ryan be able to do it?  Would Nancy Pelosi?  Really? Or, would they rather cave to the Bi-lateral powers and agree to become some significant province thereof? Think of the lives that would be saved by a mere negotiation and does America really mean so much? I mean, what does it have that is special? To them, nothing.  They hate the Constitution and those who know what it says and who insist on individual rights and use the Constitution as legitimization of those demands.

It would be racist to believe that WE are any better than THEM.

So, the question remains: What are we doing right now that would have any effect whatsoever on any of that? And, these are just a few possible futures for this corrupt and diseased system we still cling to calling a Republic.  Any decent republic would look at us as a discredit, as a retarded cousin.

Without a coalescing or at least an agreement to act at the same time across the nation, we never get a say in what this nation becomes beyond the power grab of the future.  They are planning to take control beyond the chaos.  We aren't.  Survive is our mantra.  The Russian Revolution ought to illustrate this as well as anything I could say.  The way in which Hitler came to power is instructive.

But, I know, we are too good for that.  We are better than that.  We are decent and honest and just want to help our fellow man.  My point is: you have to win that privilege first and you have to do that by being diabolical and Lord knows I wish it weren't true, but it is.  Now, the trick is, how do you flip that switch and go from being diabolical to being benevolent?  Most can't, that's how we got the monsters of history.  The monsters are coming regardless of whether they are ourselves or them.  

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Imposing Liberty

When I first introduced this concept, it was met with ridicule, I mean, how could one impose liberty on another?  Is that not a violation of liberty itself, to force it on someone else?

Well, we are accustomed to the imposition of laws against liberty.  That is our linear thought process.  It fits well with the mood of the day.  But the only way to enjoy liberty is to impose it.  Walk away from that responsibility and it is lost.  This is where we are today.  Too many of those who value liberty see it as something they obtain for themselves and who cares about everyone else, but eventually, they are surrounded by those who were left to gain more liberty for themselves by restricting the liberty of others.

We see this every day.  An IRS agent can basically do, say and attest to whatever they want and the people, the individuals, are left to pay whatever it is that the IRS agent came up with.  There is no retribution when they are wrong, no punishment for putting people through living hell.  Do you think he does not understand that his liberty is greatly advanced by the rules as they exist, by the regulations that have been drafted?

Have we learned nothing?  Being left alone is never what it seems.  Being able to enjoy liberty is only a temporary condition that has been well fought for and imposed on the rest of society, through denial of government programs.  The first thing a government has to do in order to supply someone else with benefits is to take it from another.  Eventually, those in government who supply the benefits through programs and those who receive those benefits outnumber and out power those who, out of a Christian sense of charity, agreed to help those less fortunate.  By then, it is all turned around on the one who just wanted to be left alone to do business and make a profit.  Suddenly, they are the detestable hoards who will not give MORE.  Maybe a visit by the IRS will improve their point of view.  Maybe, a few new regulations will alert them to their precarious position in this new parasitic society.

The one thing one might always count on is that those in need, of some kind, will always outnumber those who have what they need.  In the parasitic society, those who have diligently produced income, profit and capital are food. 

There will come a time, perhaps soon, when the parasites of all sorts, destroy this nation and leave it open to invaders, to internal enemies dedicated to the collectivist system, to gangs and other relatively organized mobs, who, like scavengers pick the bones clean.  Whatever voices of liberty remain, if any, must battle these odds to relight that torch.

I suggest, when we rebuild this society after the parasites have decimated everything within their reach, killed each other and submitted to our foreign enemies that we take this lesson and impose liberty on every single one of them.  It is the only way to defend our own.

Charity is rightfully the Christian way and should remain there.  It should be important to us as believers, it should be our driving force, but it should never be put in the hands of bureaucrats.

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Screaming of the Barbarians

There is no explaining the events of the past several years.  When one considers the impossibility of current events, it only makes sense when confronted with the fact that a hostile and aggressive form of totalitarianism is afoot.  It is intentionally confusing and contradictory, pushing rational thought into a blind alley.

One finds oneself asking impossible questions: Why would feminists remain silent while the promotion and importation of anti-feminists known for the most severe forms of oppression goes on at an accelerated pace?  Why would homosexuals support the administration's full-throated support of regimes that routinely imprison, burn and toss homosexuals off of buildings?  Why would a president encourage the division of the races, inflaming old hatreds and new resentments with the potential to cause massive civil slaughter otherwise only known to places like Rwanda?  Why would the media assail and seek the punishment of a lying Olympic swimmer, yet defend with screaming silence the multitude of lies told by a presidential candidate, knowing all the while that her lies are exponentially more dangerous to individuals and society? 

Why, why, why?

The only answer possible is that it is a multi-frontal assault on peace.  It is an attempt to do exactly what it is doing, keeping the public off balance with daily insults to rational thought.  The people start to understand the connection of the president to the jihadists and Black Lives Matter encourages the burning of the suburbs.  The people start to understand the Democratic strategy of importing illegal voters and the president demands that transsexuals use any restroom they want. 

The only option is to avoid taking the bait of trying to figure it out.  Since the answer is a coordinated strategy to destabilize the United States and prepare it for one final revelation, skip to that conclusion and avoid the brain damage.  In trying to make all of the connections from one corrupt and diseased foundation to a political figure and declaring it illegal, one is just doing the work of the totalitarians.  Using good brain cells to find the entrance to the hamster's exercise wheel is counter-productive.

Yes, they are evil and devious enough to foment a race war to destabilize American society.  Yes, they are evil and devious enough to expose our children to pedophiles lurking in bathrooms, pretending to be sexually indeterminate.  Yes, they are evil and devious enough to import terrorists under the guise of humanitarianism to randomly commit acts of terror to frighten and disrupt society.  Yes, they are evil and devious enough to encourage racial animosity on the southern border for all of the reasons above.

It does no good to spend valuable time and energy trying to expose these acts.  They are doing it, they know what they are doing and those remaining on their side of the argument are anxious to see them succeed.  Time and energy would much better be spent preparing to defend oneself and their kin from the final revelation.  Your outrage is useless unless it is turned inward and used to bolster resolve.  Stop fighting every skirmish and prepare for the war.

Do not allow yourself to see these individual assaults as the battle.  They are probing tactics.  They are diversionary tactics.  They are designed to keep the enemy (you) off balance and blasting away at every snap of a twig.  Yes, these tactics are revolting, disgusting and insulting.  They are playing on your patriotism and your sense of decency.  They, these forces of totalitarianism, are trying to keep you outraged and swinging at shadows.  What they do not want you to do is to dismiss all of this as the screaming of the barbarians designed to intimidate the opposing forces.

The idea is to mark each insult and repugnant violation of decency and rationality as yard markers on the battlefield.  They are getting closer and closer so the only rational reaction is to sharpen the blades and load the rifles and wait to see the whites of their eyes.

Monday, August 15, 2016

There Is A Line

There is a war being waged in America, but only one side is fighting.  The progressives, or Marxists, or outright Communists have been waging war against middle America, using every diabolical means available, for decades, perhaps a century, but middle America is too busy just trying to survive to bother with them.  Like the day when Barack Obama declared ISIS to be the Junior Varsity team, middle America considers this war being waged on them as insignificant to their lives, too distant and too petty.  Yes, some useless and pathetic residual guilt is responsible for some of their acquiescence.

Yet, the Marxists have taken ground steadily, pushing and shoving against the pillars of traditional American culture until they have begun to rattle the foundations.  Still, middle America shrugs at these advancements, hopefully ignoring them, waiting for something to cause the Marxists to give up.  But, they will never give up.  They are not stronger than middle America, but they are more persistent and right now, they are aided by every structure of government, the media, entertainment, sports figures, or so it seems.  We will never really know the truth, because we get information from the media and they are liars.

The media covers up for crimes, preferring the lies of omission to the truth of objective reporting.  That is all really up to them, but they have become nothing other than Baghdad Bob, who proclaimed to Iraqi television that there was nothing amiss in Baghdad while American tanks rolled in the street behind him.  That is our media today and like Baghdad Bob, they are covering for their leaders: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  They sound as ridiculous as he did and are as transparent.

In decades hence, the media will be forced to wear the shame they should feel today, but that is another post for another day.

The crowds in the streets of Milwaukee are not their own masters at it might seem to them.  They are foot soldiers in a bigger battle.  The Marxists came for Russia and China, what reason would they have to bypass America?  How?  Through convincing the discontented that they could get satisfaction by attacking the enemies of the masters.  Time after time, place after place, it was all the same.  Barack Obama, perhaps the most notable Marxist of our time, with the background to prove it, is pulling all the strings.  It was clear when his Attorney General made it clear that the Obama Administration would stand behind Black Lives Matter no matter what.  That was the signal, in front of the whole nation that the administration was with them. 

So, this is what the Marxists want: America.  They will use Muslim jihadists; they will use discontented minorities from the inner cities; they will use IRS agents; they will use the power of the United States government; they will use the media; they will use sports figures; they will use relatives within the family. 

We are about to see the masks come off.  That is what this is all about, all of this unrest, all of these riots.  It is time for them to show middle America what progress they have made over the past century.  Of course, they have to make a serious push to get our guns, first.  They have to disarm the populace they intend to enslave.  Then they will offer the chance to live our lives as before, watching television, texting, facebooking, etc, all under the new standards and rules of communication, you understand.

There is a line where middle America figures it out and begins to fight back.  I don't know where that is, but it is there.  We saw it on 9/12, however fleeting it might have been.  Perhaps it is when they realize that their children will be beaten and killed to satisfy the bloodlust of a tyrant.  All I know is, if they do not see the line by then, it is because they are on the wrong side of it. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Second Amendment Supporter's Response To Hillary

Hillary Clinton suggested that there was something inherently violent about Second Amendment activists. In response to Donald Trump's comments that the Second Amendment supporters might have something to say about Hillary's election as president, Hillary suggested that his remarks were a violent innuendo.

I take great offense to Hillary's remarks.  It shows her lack of sensitivity to the Constitution and supporters of the Second Amendment.  Her offhand stereotypical statement makes it clear that she, like many of her liberal supporters, have a preconceived notion (in other words: prejudice) against gun owners, despite the fact that gun owners might be liberal or conservative. After the Orlando massacre many from the LGBT community lined up to purchase weapons.  A gun does not choose it's owner, it is the other way around and many of those choosing to arm themselves in a more dangerous environment since the terrorist attacks that have taken place in America as a result of Obama's policies, are liberal.

Hillary's mistake is in believing that Second Amendment supporters look to their weapons as answers to political problems and yet that has NEVER happened, not in the long line of injustices and infringements endured by the Second Amendment crowd.  They do not protest.  They do not threaten violence as the liberals generally do.  They do not call for the murder of policemen, because they feel an injustice when a criminal is killed by police.  Not even when Philando Castile, an innocent man and a concealed carry permit holder, was shot down by police.

Today, in New Mexico, a bread truck driver who was being robbed of goods, informed the thief that he was a concealed carry weapons holder and to desist.  The thief continued to loot the vehicle and the driver fired his firearm, not killing the thief, but wounding him in the leg.  The thief was taken to the hospital and the driver was not charged.  This is how responsible gun owners help to stop crime and prevent millions of other crimes that would have been committed had the perpetrators not turned and left when being informed of the presence of the weapon. This is just one instance of such heroism on the very day I wrote this article.  I bet it happens several times a day all over America, but the press won't report this sort of logical and prudent use of a firearm, because they are dishonest and all too willing to commit LIES OF OMISSION.

The society Hillary Clinton prefers is one where all citizens are victims and the wanton crime calls for more police and bigger departments, who (thanks to George Bush and Barack Obama) fall ultimately under the control of the Department of Homeland Security.

But, what Hillary Should keep in mind is that infringing a right that "shall not be infringed" and eliminating that right are two entirely different things. It doesn't matter how many liberal justices she appoints to the Supreme Court, one does not need to be a lawyer to understand the violation of one's rights. 

There is a point, I suppose, when the ballot box has failed and the United States Government is in the hands of a known (if not convicted) felon and the lawlessness of the government has gone so far as to inspire the words of our founding fathers as a new rally cry to "alter or abolish" that we, Second Amendment supporters begin to see that the only option available is to do just that.

Mrs. Clinton, we are not the unorganized rabble that Black Lives Matter is (depending on what the definition of "is" is.  We are not the untrained and unprepared fools who feel they have to go out and pound their chests and scream horrible epithets at their opposition.  When it is time to push our political advantage (and it is a considerable advantage, including some police officers) you will know it and you will feel the heat of our political fire.  Whether that ever comes down to a full-blown revolution, is strictly up to you. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Serfs With Guns

This nation is the result of politicians being tolerated by the populace.  It is the result of economics being delegated to the bankers.  It is the result of bureaucrats (apparatchiks) running wild with regulations that amount to laws enforced at the point of a gun or the threat of prison.  It is the result of thinking that a fifteen minute investment (to vote) once every couple of years is enough to keep a handle on all of the children in government.  It is the equivalent of thinking one might raise a child with a weekend every couple of years.  Logically, we all know that won't work, but when it comes to government, we accept it, believe in it, consider it the most important thing we do and it means exactly nothing. 

In truth, we, the governed, are tolerated by the politicians.  In any other system, they would have just rounded up the trouble-makers and lined them up along a pit.  Don't think they wouldn't like to do just that, but they are biding their time.  A republic is too unwieldy, with serfs believing they are princes and princes believing they are kings.  To really have control, the politicians need a different system.

The new system is in the works.  That's what public education has been about since the 60's, it is what Black Lives Matter is all about and why the politicians support it.  It is what judicial activism is all about.  It is what political correctness is all about.  Political correctness is the language of genocide, it is the way to separate "good" people from "bad" people and to reduce humans to categories. From there, the pits can be dug and the defectives identified.

I have lately been promoting the idea of Patcons to help make the necessary links, to encourage the development of Community Defense Teams.  Some groups are ahead of others, but everyone I have contacted understand the need to coalesce, not just for survival, but like the group out in Wet Mountain Valley, CO, to push outward with the message of liberty.  The Appalachian Redoubt is on a par with Wet Mountain, but there are a lot of empty spaces. 

This push for Patcons and Community Defense Teams is in direct response to the insane politics of the day.  Barack Obama comes out and criticizes the Republicans for Donald Trump with all of the irony only a backer of Hillary Clinton could muster. 

I spoke with a person the other day about the nation as it stands, someone who was vested in the political system and he asked my position.  I told him that I simply didn't consider it relevant.  "We die fast, or we die slow." There is no option that offers salvation.  No election in my lifetime has so accurately defined the state of the nation as Trump v Clinton.

So, if this is where we are, what can possibly be next?  Bernie Sanders illuminated the otherwise darkened corner of the die-hard communists, who have receded into the shadows since the demise of the Soviet Union, but they were always there.  Black Lives Matter has illuminated the racist hatred of the collectivists in the black community.  Trump has put the lie to the Republican Party and exposed it as the slightly less collectivist party.

That leaves many of us as just serfs with guns, the one constituency no one really wants to take head-on.  So, they will come through the courts and through definitions to put the "bad" person tag on all of us.  The headline over at Western Rifle Shooters puts it perfectly: You Will Be Considered and Treated As A Felon: Act Accordingly.

It is a fight, now. When they finally destroy everything valuable in this nation, the finger pointing will start.  You have already seen how that plays out, they are responsible for nothing; we are responsible for everything.  They will hunt us down and kill us to hear the cheering rise from the throats of their sycophants.     

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