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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Imposing Liberty

When I first introduced this concept, it was met with ridicule, I mean, how could one impose liberty on another?  Is that not a violation of liberty itself, to force it on someone else?

Well, we are accustomed to the imposition of laws against liberty.  That is our linear thought process.  It fits well with the mood of the day.  But the only way to enjoy liberty is to impose it.  Walk away from that responsibility and it is lost.  This is where we are today.  Too many of those who value liberty see it as something they obtain for themselves and who cares about everyone else, but eventually, they are surrounded by those who were left to gain more liberty for themselves by restricting the liberty of others.

We see this every day.  An IRS agent can basically do, say and attest to whatever they want and the people, the individuals, are left to pay whatever it is that the IRS agent came up with.  There is no retribution when they are wrong, no punishment for putting people through living hell.  Do you think he does not understand that his liberty is greatly advanced by the rules as they exist, by the regulations that have been drafted?

Have we learned nothing?  Being left alone is never what it seems.  Being able to enjoy liberty is only a temporary condition that has been well fought for and imposed on the rest of society, through denial of government programs.  The first thing a government has to do in order to supply someone else with benefits is to take it from another.  Eventually, those in government who supply the benefits through programs and those who receive those benefits outnumber and out power those who, out of a Christian sense of charity, agreed to help those less fortunate.  By then, it is all turned around on the one who just wanted to be left alone to do business and make a profit.  Suddenly, they are the detestable hoards who will not give MORE.  Maybe a visit by the IRS will improve their point of view.  Maybe, a few new regulations will alert them to their precarious position in this new parasitic society.

The one thing one might always count on is that those in need, of some kind, will always outnumber those who have what they need.  In the parasitic society, those who have diligently produced income, profit and capital are food. 

There will come a time, perhaps soon, when the parasites of all sorts, destroy this nation and leave it open to invaders, to internal enemies dedicated to the collectivist system, to gangs and other relatively organized mobs, who, like scavengers pick the bones clean.  Whatever voices of liberty remain, if any, must battle these odds to relight that torch.

I suggest, when we rebuild this society after the parasites have decimated everything within their reach, killed each other and submitted to our foreign enemies that we take this lesson and impose liberty on every single one of them.  It is the only way to defend our own.

Charity is rightfully the Christian way and should remain there.  It should be important to us as believers, it should be our driving force, but it should never be put in the hands of bureaucrats.

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