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Monday, August 29, 2016

Monsters of History

In response to the Quote of the Decade at WRSA, freedomistas (a term I picked up from WRSA) are notoriously independent, private and self-sufficient, all things that work against "outreach." But, let me be as blunt as "local, local, local": at some point those who survived and even put up some sort of resistance and right now, we don't even know against whom we might be resisting, will have to coalesce.  Wars are not won on the battlefield, they are won at the treaty table. One does not get a seat at the treaty table unless they have made such a nuisance of themselves that they are requested to sit at the treaty table.  No group of individuals, 20-30, will be asked to sit and have leverage to rise up from the table and continue the shenanigans.

There are no stronger groups than those who have developed Community Defense Teams (CDT), whatever they might be termed, but that only goes so far.  It might excel at defense and it might even reach out into a bit of offense, but it is nowhere near enough to being a nuisance. It is one drone-strike from oblivion.  So, outreach is crucial, but dangerous.  It is dangerous to the CDT, it is dangerous to security, it is susceptible to infiltration.

We are not Boy Scouts, we are not going to win a PR war, we are not going to be able to operate on a large scale, because our biggest limitation is also our greatest strength, security. If it didn't sound so ridiculous, it would be time to start a secret society with handshakes and initiations. A thing so many of us have avoided for all of the reasons endemic to such things.

Yes, do good deeds.  Roll that gratitude back to the movement, but people who have to accept help are rarely those who will be able to offer it.

Okay, we are getting a little too late in the game to be polite.  Here are the nightmare scenarios. 1) Hillary is elected, she names several justices to the Supreme Court who "legally" approve gun confiscation and we all have to live up to the decades of hyperbole we have been spewing and then, if we are willing to forget all of our societal obligations, we go off one flashbulb at a time and it has no effect. They are just sweeping up the nuts. 2) the economy tanks, banks fail worldwide and we are thrown into an economic collapse unseen in the annals of history and we wind up fighting for survival, but while we are busy keeping our kin alive, the "politicians" gather and agree to a new Constitution that helps politicians better control the populace, one measure of which is banning firearms, (see above). 3) That the 2016 election is indeterminate (no one gets 270 electoral votes) and the whole political establishment implodes with infighting and power grabs.  Banks fail and see #2 above, OR, our political establishment is in such disarray that Russia/China make their move and the US is divided along the Mississippi with the Atlantic side going to Russian control and the Pacific side going to China.

Do you really think Trump or Hillary would be able to push the nuclear button?  Do you think that either of them value the United States of America as being worth such devastation to defend?  Would Paul Ryan be able to do it?  Would Nancy Pelosi?  Really? Or, would they rather cave to the Bi-lateral powers and agree to become some significant province thereof? Think of the lives that would be saved by a mere negotiation and does America really mean so much? I mean, what does it have that is special? To them, nothing.  They hate the Constitution and those who know what it says and who insist on individual rights and use the Constitution as legitimization of those demands.

It would be racist to believe that WE are any better than THEM.

So, the question remains: What are we doing right now that would have any effect whatsoever on any of that? And, these are just a few possible futures for this corrupt and diseased system we still cling to calling a Republic.  Any decent republic would look at us as a discredit, as a retarded cousin.

Without a coalescing or at least an agreement to act at the same time across the nation, we never get a say in what this nation becomes beyond the power grab of the future.  They are planning to take control beyond the chaos.  We aren't.  Survive is our mantra.  The Russian Revolution ought to illustrate this as well as anything I could say.  The way in which Hitler came to power is instructive.

But, I know, we are too good for that.  We are better than that.  We are decent and honest and just want to help our fellow man.  My point is: you have to win that privilege first and you have to do that by being diabolical and Lord knows I wish it weren't true, but it is.  Now, the trick is, how do you flip that switch and go from being diabolical to being benevolent?  Most can't, that's how we got the monsters of history.  The monsters are coming regardless of whether they are ourselves or them.  

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