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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Serfs With Guns

This nation is the result of politicians being tolerated by the populace.  It is the result of economics being delegated to the bankers.  It is the result of bureaucrats (apparatchiks) running wild with regulations that amount to laws enforced at the point of a gun or the threat of prison.  It is the result of thinking that a fifteen minute investment (to vote) once every couple of years is enough to keep a handle on all of the children in government.  It is the equivalent of thinking one might raise a child with a weekend every couple of years.  Logically, we all know that won't work, but when it comes to government, we accept it, believe in it, consider it the most important thing we do and it means exactly nothing. 

In truth, we, the governed, are tolerated by the politicians.  In any other system, they would have just rounded up the trouble-makers and lined them up along a pit.  Don't think they wouldn't like to do just that, but they are biding their time.  A republic is too unwieldy, with serfs believing they are princes and princes believing they are kings.  To really have control, the politicians need a different system.

The new system is in the works.  That's what public education has been about since the 60's, it is what Black Lives Matter is all about and why the politicians support it.  It is what judicial activism is all about.  It is what political correctness is all about.  Political correctness is the language of genocide, it is the way to separate "good" people from "bad" people and to reduce humans to categories. From there, the pits can be dug and the defectives identified.

I have lately been promoting the idea of Patcons to help make the necessary links, to encourage the development of Community Defense Teams.  Some groups are ahead of others, but everyone I have contacted understand the need to coalesce, not just for survival, but like the group out in Wet Mountain Valley, CO, to push outward with the message of liberty.  The Appalachian Redoubt is on a par with Wet Mountain, but there are a lot of empty spaces. 

This push for Patcons and Community Defense Teams is in direct response to the insane politics of the day.  Barack Obama comes out and criticizes the Republicans for Donald Trump with all of the irony only a backer of Hillary Clinton could muster. 

I spoke with a person the other day about the nation as it stands, someone who was vested in the political system and he asked my position.  I told him that I simply didn't consider it relevant.  "We die fast, or we die slow." There is no option that offers salvation.  No election in my lifetime has so accurately defined the state of the nation as Trump v Clinton.

So, if this is where we are, what can possibly be next?  Bernie Sanders illuminated the otherwise darkened corner of the die-hard communists, who have receded into the shadows since the demise of the Soviet Union, but they were always there.  Black Lives Matter has illuminated the racist hatred of the collectivists in the black community.  Trump has put the lie to the Republican Party and exposed it as the slightly less collectivist party.

That leaves many of us as just serfs with guns, the one constituency no one really wants to take head-on.  So, they will come through the courts and through definitions to put the "bad" person tag on all of us.  The headline over at Western Rifle Shooters puts it perfectly: You Will Be Considered and Treated As A Felon: Act Accordingly.

It is a fight, now. When they finally destroy everything valuable in this nation, the finger pointing will start.  You have already seen how that plays out, they are responsible for nothing; we are responsible for everything.  They will hunt us down and kill us to hear the cheering rise from the throats of their sycophants.     

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