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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This Is Not Your Government

This is not your government. Those who live in the United States do so out of convenience, it is where their house is, their apartment, etc., but they do not live under the authority of the United States Government, because that does not exist.  Those who reside within the borders of the United States live under a despotic rule of Supreme Court justices, regulators, random judges, presidential decree and Fed policy.

There is no politician in the land responsive to the people.  This is how Donald Trump gained the Republican nomination, because folks were fed up with calling their congressperson seeking redress only to be sold out as soon as the votes were counted.  US citizens are not constituents in the normal vernacular, they are simply voters, you know, those folks who come around every two to four years and validate all of the larceny that has taken place in the past two to four years. 

The trouble with voters is they don't have to be citizens (oh, technically yes, but realistically, NO).  They don't have to pay taxes.  They don't have to actually live in the United States, all they have to do is vote. If you do not vote the right way, the politicians can import other voters from, say, Mexico, Syria, etc and they will vote the way the politicians want.  Why don't Republicans put their political lives on the line to build the wall at the border?  Because if these Mexican voters vote for Hillary, they will be voting for the same sorts of things the Republican politicians want. What do you matter? You don't.  They don't even want your vote, it is too hard to get and there are expectations that come with it.  The new voters don't care.  They just want things and the government they are voting for will give it to them.  Of course, they will first have to take it from you, so as long as you work and pay taxes, you have done your part.  Move along.

At what point do Americans call BS on this system?  This is not your government.  You are nothing but an ATM.

Of course, it is all our fault.  The amount of people in this nation who can spell Constitution are few and far between.  Most have never read the Bill of Rights, or even understand what a "right" is.  A right, by the way, is something the rulers cannot take away from you.  Put the Bill of Rights up against that test and see where you come out. 

So, here we are: the government regularly and with specific intent violates the 4th Amendment.  What are you going to do about it?  They are listening to your phone calls, reading your emails, scanning your Facebook and other social media sites, all in the name of deterring terrorism, but they cannot even stop something like San Bernardino or Orlando.  We have traded liberty for security and every warning we have ever been given has been ignored and the consequences are being suffered.  It is common knowledge that the government is monitoring all of these aspects of our lives and it is met with a shrug.  "Terrorism, what can you do?"

I reject that. 

We, Americans, are about to be faced with this monstrosity head on.  This that what this is?  On one side is a criminal, guilty of numerous crimes...crimes, not misbehavior, not belligerence, crimes, felonies and on the other side who knows?  Some question mark, talking and talking and saying nothing.  While these campaigns take place, the president, the ruler, the king of his own mind brandishes a pen and makes law with startling arrogance. 

Who are we?  Just people paying tuition, making a paycheck, cleaning the garage, paying taxes, buying groceries all the while knowing it is out of control, that we are held hostage to a government run amok. 

Paying taxes?  To what?  For what?  Simply to stay out of jail and for no other reason.  How on earth can the 16th Amendment be binding when the 4th has been obliterated by the Patriot Act?  How on earth can the 16th Amendment be binding when the 1st Amendment is under constant assault by political correctness? 

We are Americans, are we not?  Does that mean anything?  Perhaps that is it, we are so segmented, categorized either voluntarily or involuntarily that our common bond has lost its adhesive. We are just random voters stumbling around until we get our chance to fulfill our purpose and vote.  So, go ahead, vote, let me know if it changes anything. 


  1. "This is how Donald Trump gained the Republican nomination, because folks were fed up with calling their congressperson seeking redress only to be sold out as soon as the votes were counted."

    If folks were so fed up,they would be voting out a good number of incumbents.Instead,Ryan,McCain,Rubio,etc skate thru their primaries,and "we" will re-elect 90% of the House and Senate as usual........

    The vast majority that have been complicit in bringing us to this point.

    1. The primary opponents of Rubio, Ryan and McCain are not sitting on a few billion dollars.

      They have to beg for the scraps from the GOP's table and generally get shafted.

      And if they do manage to win anyway, well, ask Ken Cuccinelli and Chris McDaniel how that works.

    2. We The People Are Not Putting Anyone In Office - The Corrupt & Easily Hackable Electronic Voting Machines Are Controlled By The Too Big Too Jail Corporations, CEO's, Wall Street & The Banksters.

    3. I thinkk (along with friends) this country is beyond hope. The globalist clique will pull some crap to get Hillary in or have Obama stay in office as a dictator. Get house in order and prepare for the take down. Read: thecommonsenseshow articles for daily updates(cutting edge)

    4. Sure money plays a part,BUT,if people were really fed up,they would vote all the incumbents (the ones that have been screwing us) out of office.Or at least more than 10% of them.

      I don't think fraud and corruption play that big of a part either.People are stupid and just keep voting the same shit right back in no matter what they do to us.

      And many people think Trump will get a whole bunch accomplished,even though he will be working with the vast majority of people that brought us here (huge federal government with all it's laws/rules/regulations/etc..,and our huge spending problem,along with illegal immigration and all the other problems facing us.

    5. The Tea Party changed a lot of faces in congress and the new faces are now the old rotten faces. They have tried the political solution and it didn't work, because Washington corrupts absolutely. That doesn't mean Trump didn't tap into something along the same lines as the Tea Party.

  2. Uhh, without question, those
    incumbents are being retained
    as a result of wholesale election fraud
    and corruption.
    Nothing more.

    1. I agree. Soon registration of all Christians will be required pending their eventual round up and incarceration. After that, anything could happen to them. Expect disease induced mass vaccination to cull the Christian herd, even if many are ultimately released from the FEMA camps holding them.

    2. Upsets can still take place, especially where the fat cats think they have nothing to fear so don't monitor and poll their districts and basically ignore any challengerS. My district in Virginis blind-sided Eric Cantor (who talked a good game but didn't produce) during the Republican PRIMARY. Boy! Was he ever surprised!!

  3. And this IS our government -
    CDC Gives Itself The Power to Indefinitely Detain Healthy People En Masse Without Appeal

  4. Problems without pragmatic solutions. Complaints without any resolve to action. Petitions, bumper stickers, egomaniacal "pundits", blogs and internet boards like this one with rants, raves, insults and ad hominems. For what? Venting?? Unless/until people with guts and brains actually take real, demonstrative action, it's nothing but bits, bytes and bullsh*t.

    1. Well, Anonymous, courageous stance in remaining anonymous, by the way. You obviously don't know how much I have DONE, while writing this blog. I take action every day. But, as long as YOU remain commenting on BS blogs like this one, you are not part of the solution, but I am.

    2. TD Davis: I have informed since the late 70's, others longer. All we ever did was in vain-useless and many of us quit the fight because patriots have utterly failed over 60 years, first trying to inform others on the U.N. agenda, foreign entanglements, gov. education, etc. Get house in order, form bartering groups, get needed supplies; the good guys don't "always win" either, history shows. Yes we need to take action but it must come as a civil war with little chance of a good outcome. We have failed miserably because our parents didn't do enough to matter. I'm a retiree. Glad we never raised kids as America is without hope.

  5. Council of Foreign Relations is not pro AMERICA. Trump and Pence are not members.

  6. the Romanian solution is the only solution

  7. "Unless/until people with guts and brains actually take real, demonstrative action, it's nothing but bits, bytes and bullsh*t."

    THAT'S why Mahleur was the first defeat. When those folk did exactly that, everyone was busy analyzing how supposedly foolish it was...when it was really just about those folk, their property and what they chose to do about it.

    The response to someone doing that shouldn't be yapping about how poorly they did it. It should be about doing it better. But that takes looking inward instead of outward.


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