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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10th NC Patcon

Brock is holding his 10th North Carolina Patcon. If you are in the area and can make it, it is something that I would not miss.  I had the great honor of being able to attend one of Brock's Patcons and it was very instructive and enjoyable.

Go here to find out more: 10th NC Patcon

Monday, September 26, 2016

Southern Colorado Patcon

To be held in the beautiful mountains east of Westcliffe October 7-9th will be the Southern Colorado Patcon. Thanks to the generosity of two incredible people, we have secured some property on which to hold the Patcon.  Though secluded, there is a large open area, plenty of room to camp, some water available. I don't know that a fire will be allowed, given the burn restrictions often in effect in the Colorado mountains, so one should be prepared to cook via propane or sterno.

The midday meal on Saturday will be provided and at least one porta john available. There are accommodations available in Westcliffe for those who do not choose to camp out.

Friday:  Assemble in the evening and erect camps and meet up or secure accommodations
Saturday Morning: An overview of communications equipment, operation and uses
Saturday Afternoon: Medical supplies and emergency treatment of different ailments
Saturday Late Afternoon: Community Defense Teams--organization and lessons learned
Sunday: Morning prayer, residual or supplemental information, clean up, pack up

I recognize that this is a little quick for people to make plans to attend, but we are squeezed between winter, hunting season and now and it has taken longer to organize than I had intended.

October 7th, 8th and 9th

Please respond, if you plan to attend to 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vote For Us, Or Else

In framing the 2016 Presidential Election, it is not so much a choice between individuals as it is a choice between incompetence and criminality. Which would you rather vote for?  The answer would seem to be incompetence, after all, isn't that what has been voted for during the past two election cycles? 

Liars? We're used to them sitting in the Oval Office, we shouldn't be, we should hold out for higher standards, but we don't.  Socialists? It's one of our favorites to vote for, the idea of all of that government cash drifting down to us is just too tempting. The promise of free stuff is always compelling to voters.

Maybe, while everyone is considering some changes in the way this nation conducts its business, the idea should be tossed out there that maybe only those who actually paid taxes should get a vote, or a weighted vote.  I know that isn't popular, but neither is allowing men into women's bathrooms, but it hasn't stopped anything.

As our nation is systematically torn down by the collectivists and Marxists in government and society; as the Constitution is being obliterated by the Patriot Act, maybe it is time to look past it all and develop something else all together. If individual rights mean nothing and oaths to the Constitution are laughed at; if the Supreme Court can be stacked by political ideologues unloosed from an understanding of what they are supposed to rule on and what guidelines they are supposed to use when making those rulings and our Senators can go so far as to suggest that any Supreme Court justice who intends to follow the Constitution will not be considered, what does any of it mean?

It means nothing.

It is time to stop trying to get politicians to obey the law, to follow the Constitution, or make laws that benefit the American public, because that is not what they do.  What they do is perform a sort of extortion on their own supporters.  Vote for us, or else. Donate to our campaign, or else.  Then, when all of the money is collected and all of the votes counted, well, they just do the opposite and what is a taxpayer/voter to do? Well, there's always another election.

But see, now it is different.  The politicians have been engaged in a sort of voter fraud, wherein they allow, without much protest, the admission of illegal voters.  They have even passed laws to make it increasingly easy for those who should not vote, to vote.  They have imported foreign citizens to vote in American elections.  This is a level of disenfranchisement of every legal vote that is without precedent.

Just to sum up, we have criminals and incompetents in office; we have candidates who have no connection to the Constitution and generally laugh off the oaths they take; we have laws passed by the congress and ruled Constitutional by judges who consider the Constitution an outdated and irrelevant document; we have a voting process that has been undermined and corrupted by those seeking votes. On the other hand, we have 100,000,000 gun owners with over 300,000,000 guns, whatever ever should we do with all of this information?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

More Akin To Goebbles

The best thing that could happen during this presidential election is happening.  Once and for all, the press is being outed as the traitorous bunch of clowns we have always known they were.  Their absolute devotion to anyone not named Trump is driving them into increasingly ridiculous and contemptible positions concerning Hillary Clinton, her crimes and her rapidly declining health.  Their only hope is to push the corpse across the finish line of the election and rally around Tim Kaine.

But, millenials are, for all of the bad press about their addiction to video games and their devotion to smoking dope, are growing concerned that the emperoress has no clothes, despite the fawning description of the beautiful attire. Never before has reality so closely reflected a fairy tale as the blind, deaf and dumb press corps accommodatingly ignoring the obvious flaws of a pre-ordained head of state.  There is always an excuse for a Clinton, always a nuanced explanation that is offered and eagerly consumed by the press.

It depends on what the definition of "heat" is.

The crux of the issue is that the "press" has been given special privileges through our Constitution to allow it to say anything, to print anything they believe is true.  Unfortunately, it does not bind them to reporting what they believe is a lie. This goes to the heart of our Republic and their willing cooperation with a given political party is nothing other than traitorous. Information that they are Constitutionally protected to reveal is being withheld, shielded from the public, information that is necessary for the Republic to function.

They either do not realize, or care (either is just as damning as the other) that their political affiliation is being exposed and that they are willing to submit the nation to any degree of poor judgment, criminal activity, or outright corruption in order to secure the election of "one of their own."

This is not being lost on the Millennials, who do not remember the clout with which Cronkite made his nightly propaganda pitches.  They do not remember the reverence with which Edward R. Murrow broadcast his missives. They are the product of internet information and hold most of our most honored traditions in contempt.  This is the first time they have been able to view the clannish behavior of an outdated "press corps" that does not seem to have a valid function in their eyes.  A tweet is more important than a network broadcast. The media has just dropped trou in front of them and they are taking notice.

Unfortunately, they do not understand or appreciate that there is a Constitutional question here.  Given the extraordinary access a "free press" has been given to the president, members of congress and the judiciary, it is all designed to allow the people, the voters, the ones who actually decide who the office holders will be, information that could not be gained individually.  It is their duty to provide the voters with information that might make a candidate unsuitable to hold office; to expose lies and report the truth, regardless of who the other contender for the office might be.  The press is, right now, acting as voters, as imposing themselves into the election and making a determination for the rest of society.  That is not their Constitutional role and despite the great contempt the Constitution seems to evoke among these "elites," it is still a duty, a responsibility, to reveal the flaws and inadequacies of any given candidate for any given office from dog catcher to president and while they fully understand their responsibility when it comes to Trump, they seem at a complete loss when it comes to Hillary Clinton.

I personally am not all that interested in this election; it is a disgrace, a disappointment to consider either candidate as the best we have to offer; as serious representatives of the American people, but that is not my call and I recognize it. I believe the American people are as disserved by these candidates as they are disserved by the people reporting on the election.

If there is anything to be said about any of it, it is that we always get what we deserve and our lack of principle, our lack of interest in the political process has led to this debacle.  We are the laughing stock of the world and deservedly so.

The only part of it that I do care about is that our Constitution was written with the intellectual understanding of this possibility: that clowns and criminals might be foisted upon us in the dark of political maneuvers and that the founders, the drafters of the document that brought forth this nation, saw only the "free press" as an antidote to this particular governmental ill and that those entrusted with that responsibility have obliterated their own credibility, voluntarily suspended critical thinking in order to produce a political outcome more suited to their political beliefs.

What is worse, is that they, with all of their supposed political understanding and knowledge of world history either do not realize, or care, that their actions are identical to those of cheap propagandists more akin to Joseph Goebbles than Edward R. Murrow.     

Saturday, September 3, 2016

When Black Lives Don't Matter

Black lives don't matter when Planned Parenthood is involved.  Most do not realize that Planned Parenthood was the outgrowth of Margaret Sanger's attempt to cleanse the American population of undesirables, especially blacks, whom she considered incapable of the type of "elevated" behavior  of educated whites.  But, Margaret wanted to rid society of all manner of undesirables, not just blacks.  To her, the mentally disabled, the weak, the unmanageable hordes must also be cleansed.  This is why Planned Parenthood started in the inner cities, where the poor, disabled and minorities were most often encountered.  Yet, Hillary Clinton is still proud to accept the Margaret Sanger Award.  And, she accuses Trump of being a racist.

Black lives don't matter on the streets.  Where 40% of gang members are under the age of 18, too young to legally own a gun, but the most likely to use a gun to kill another child. 31% of these gang members are black. This places two black lives at risk, the one who uses the gun and is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison and the one on whom the gun was used, who will likely die from the encounter.  But, there is no push from Black Lives Matter to remove black children from the ranks of gangs.  There is no protest from Colin Kaepernick to recognize, or criticize the involvement of blacks in gangs. Those black lives do not matter to either Black Lives Matter or Colin Kaepernick or they would protest, these gangs, criticize these gangs for putting at risk those black lives.

Black lives don't matter when it comes to education, where black males graduated high school only 59% of the time while white males graduated 80% of the time and the gap is widening, not shrinking. Where is the Black Lives Matter when it comes to education?  Should they not be acting like black lives really matter to something other than a reason to protest and call for the death of police officers? Aren't they, in fact, encouraging blacks to commit crime and therefore place themselves at risk of imprisonment where they are almost certain to become gang members and return to society not rehabilitated, but trained?

Black lives don't matter when it comes to jobs.  The figures on this statistic are hard to decipher, since the true unemployment rate is unknown due to its political implications.  Once a person loses unemployment benefits they are not counted as being unemployed, even though they are still unemployed.  This is how the unemployment rate has dropped while true employment has remained largely static. But, when wading through the disinformation of the Department of Labor we do discover that blacks are unemployed (their figures) at a rate of 13% compared to whites at 7.9 %.  Part of that is because black entrepreneurship is not championed and supported with only 3% of blacks being self-employed, but are over represented in government jobs.

Black lives don't matter when they are conservatives.  Black lives matter to me and I would like to see some of the successes of blacks who have become Supreme Court justices and Republican presidential candidates and CEO's championed and heralded by Black Lives Matter, but black lives don't matter to them when they are conservative blacks.

Black Lives Matter could be doing a whole lot more for black lives, if they were willing to embrace the success stories all around them, instead, they focus on the interaction between cops and criminals. To be sure, not all blacks who have been killed by cops were criminals.  Sometimes the cops kill innocent people, it is a fact that the white community understands better than anyone else since an innocent white person is more likely to be killed by cops than blacks.  Just ask Vickie Weaver, David Koresh and anyone in the Waco compound, LaVoy Finicum and Jack Yantis.  Oh, that's right, those innocent white people are dead at the hands of cops.

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