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Monday, September 26, 2016

Southern Colorado Patcon

To be held in the beautiful mountains east of Westcliffe October 7-9th will be the Southern Colorado Patcon. Thanks to the generosity of two incredible people, we have secured some property on which to hold the Patcon.  Though secluded, there is a large open area, plenty of room to camp, some water available. I don't know that a fire will be allowed, given the burn restrictions often in effect in the Colorado mountains, so one should be prepared to cook via propane or sterno.

The midday meal on Saturday will be provided and at least one porta john available. There are accommodations available in Westcliffe for those who do not choose to camp out.

Friday:  Assemble in the evening and erect camps and meet up or secure accommodations
Saturday Morning: An overview of communications equipment, operation and uses
Saturday Afternoon: Medical supplies and emergency treatment of different ailments
Saturday Late Afternoon: Community Defense Teams--organization and lessons learned
Sunday: Morning prayer, residual or supplemental information, clean up, pack up

I recognize that this is a little quick for people to make plans to attend, but we are squeezed between winter, hunting season and now and it has taken longer to organize than I had intended.

October 7th, 8th and 9th

Please respond, if you plan to attend to 

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