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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vote For Us, Or Else

In framing the 2016 Presidential Election, it is not so much a choice between individuals as it is a choice between incompetence and criminality. Which would you rather vote for?  The answer would seem to be incompetence, after all, isn't that what has been voted for during the past two election cycles? 

Liars? We're used to them sitting in the Oval Office, we shouldn't be, we should hold out for higher standards, but we don't.  Socialists? It's one of our favorites to vote for, the idea of all of that government cash drifting down to us is just too tempting. The promise of free stuff is always compelling to voters.

Maybe, while everyone is considering some changes in the way this nation conducts its business, the idea should be tossed out there that maybe only those who actually paid taxes should get a vote, or a weighted vote.  I know that isn't popular, but neither is allowing men into women's bathrooms, but it hasn't stopped anything.

As our nation is systematically torn down by the collectivists and Marxists in government and society; as the Constitution is being obliterated by the Patriot Act, maybe it is time to look past it all and develop something else all together. If individual rights mean nothing and oaths to the Constitution are laughed at; if the Supreme Court can be stacked by political ideologues unloosed from an understanding of what they are supposed to rule on and what guidelines they are supposed to use when making those rulings and our Senators can go so far as to suggest that any Supreme Court justice who intends to follow the Constitution will not be considered, what does any of it mean?

It means nothing.

It is time to stop trying to get politicians to obey the law, to follow the Constitution, or make laws that benefit the American public, because that is not what they do.  What they do is perform a sort of extortion on their own supporters.  Vote for us, or else. Donate to our campaign, or else.  Then, when all of the money is collected and all of the votes counted, well, they just do the opposite and what is a taxpayer/voter to do? Well, there's always another election.

But see, now it is different.  The politicians have been engaged in a sort of voter fraud, wherein they allow, without much protest, the admission of illegal voters.  They have even passed laws to make it increasingly easy for those who should not vote, to vote.  They have imported foreign citizens to vote in American elections.  This is a level of disenfranchisement of every legal vote that is without precedent.

Just to sum up, we have criminals and incompetents in office; we have candidates who have no connection to the Constitution and generally laugh off the oaths they take; we have laws passed by the congress and ruled Constitutional by judges who consider the Constitution an outdated and irrelevant document; we have a voting process that has been undermined and corrupted by those seeking votes. On the other hand, we have 100,000,000 gun owners with over 300,000,000 guns, whatever ever should we do with all of this information?

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