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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vote For Us, Or Else

In framing the 2016 Presidential Election, it is not so much a choice between individuals as it is a choice between incompetence and criminality. Which would you rather vote for?  The answer would seem to be incompetence, after all, isn't that what has been voted for during the past two election cycles? 

Liars? We're used to them sitting in the Oval Office, we shouldn't be, we should hold out for higher standards, but we don't.  Socialists? It's one of our favorites to vote for, the idea of all of that government cash drifting down to us is just too tempting. The promise of free stuff is always compelling to voters.

Maybe, while everyone is considering some changes in the way this nation conducts its business, the idea should be tossed out there that maybe only those who actually paid taxes should get a vote, or a weighted vote.  I know that isn't popular, but neither is allowing men into women's bathrooms, but it hasn't stopped anything.

As our nation is systematically torn down by the collectivists and Marxists in government and society; as the Constitution is being obliterated by the Patriot Act, maybe it is time to look past it all and develop something else all together. If individual rights mean nothing and oaths to the Constitution are laughed at; if the Supreme Court can be stacked by political ideologues unloosed from an understanding of what they are supposed to rule on and what guidelines they are supposed to use when making those rulings and our Senators can go so far as to suggest that any Supreme Court justice who intends to follow the Constitution will not be considered, what does any of it mean?

It means nothing.

It is time to stop trying to get politicians to obey the law, to follow the Constitution, or make laws that benefit the American public, because that is not what they do.  What they do is perform a sort of extortion on their own supporters.  Vote for us, or else. Donate to our campaign, or else.  Then, when all of the money is collected and all of the votes counted, well, they just do the opposite and what is a taxpayer/voter to do? Well, there's always another election.

But see, now it is different.  The politicians have been engaged in a sort of voter fraud, wherein they allow, without much protest, the admission of illegal voters.  They have even passed laws to make it increasingly easy for those who should not vote, to vote.  They have imported foreign citizens to vote in American elections.  This is a level of disenfranchisement of every legal vote that is without precedent.

Just to sum up, we have criminals and incompetents in office; we have candidates who have no connection to the Constitution and generally laugh off the oaths they take; we have laws passed by the congress and ruled Constitutional by judges who consider the Constitution an outdated and irrelevant document; we have a voting process that has been undermined and corrupted by those seeking votes. On the other hand, we have 100,000,000 gun owners with over 300,000,000 guns, whatever ever should we do with all of this information?


  1. Your cynicism and fatalism only aid and abet the election of Hillary, as Donald Trump is the only one who can stop her.

    Pick up your gun and practice what you preach, or just grow up and shut up.

    1. You came to my house, I did not drag you into it. Most of my readers have more tact, decency and respect, because they know what I DO. You, on the other hand, are anonymous. How courageous.

    2. Any progress on a southwest PatCon TL?

    3. I have to go look at the locale and speak with one other person, but it looks like Southern Colorado about mid Oct.

    4. Sounds good..Is it invitation only or anyone can come?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Anonymous@0753,

      T.L. Davis is one of the most righteous and honorable men one could ever meet. I had the honor of meeting him at Mercer, PA several years ago.

      While you challenge Mr. Davis to pick up a weapon and be the Lone Ranger you yourself don't even have the courage to offer a screen name by which your remarks can be attributed to.

      When the time comes Mr. Davis will be in the forefront with other nationalists. Folks such as yourself will be cowering with other keyboard kommandos.

    7. Anon:

      Who ties your shoelaces?

    8. Thank you Dan. I know you will be beside me.

      Lineman, it is open invitation, but it seems pretty popular, so we might have to limit it somehow, I will see how the responses go when I go public with it.

  2. It has been a long and arduous fight for some of us. Some of us actually take this seriously and have a lot of blood and treasure into it. On the other hand someone with no skin in the game whatsoever can find time to make trite and childish comments. Keep it classy Anon.

  3. "maybe only those who actually paid taxes should get a vote"

    A nice dream, and might even have been implemented back in 1830 or so - but not now.

    This country is the USSA Titanic, and that iceberg is dead ahead. The only real choices left are revolution and/or secession, and they are not individual choices either. Most of us are just along for the ride, and survival will be all we have time for.

    Oh, well, at least some things will improve. Gun control will disappear, and the large population of idiots should be reduced.

    1. Actually it was implemented at the State level in a concept called the Freeman. You only were allowed to vote IF you had RE property and that property was free of any debts or liens.

      The Feds are supposed to do something like this with sponsors who have immigrants that acquire public assistance. The Federals are supposed to claw back from the sponsor dollar for dollar the public assistance.

  4. Rebellion comes in many forms, most of it lonely and quiet. Sadly, our country is headed for one that is neither; it will, at least initially, be crowded and quite loud. Mid October will likely find me heading north, so a stop in south Colorado fits right in... Stay safe my brothers. - Grandpa

  5. "whatever ever should we do with all of this information?"

    I know, ... let's have an election. We'll all vote for who we think would be the best (i.e., least bad) King of Atlantis. Then, whoever is elected King of Atlantis, we'll blame those who didn't vote our way for the sorry state of affairs in Atlantis. Mostly, though, we'll castigate and ridicule anyone who points out that Atlantis does not exist.

  6. Keep preparing. Keep buying food,silver,ammo etc. Keep learning skills everything you can or have an interest in from fire and maneuver to raising chickens it will be usefully. Keep getting your body in shape it will pay handsome dividends to be in excellent physical condition. Most of all get your mind ready. Spend time with the one who made you. If you can be at ease knowing you are ready to stand in front of Him then you will not lose.its not about winning or losing its about standing for what's right and I know there are many out there who will make that stand so in a way we have already won

    1. Miner,

      I have a bit of silver, not much. I'm not so certain it will have much use (value) in a truly desperate SHTF scenario. Bullets, beans and butt-wipe are my top three acquisitions today.

    2. Well I understand where you are coming from. Silver won't go bad a fire may melt it but not destroy it.if you have a lot of excess wealth you would probably rather have silver than paper dollars. I don't think it could hurt to have some amount of silver.none of us no exactly how this will play out. You are definitely on the right track do some thinking on it and make your own on your side. GOD BLESS

    3. Well I understand where you are coming from. Silver won't go bad a fire may melt it but not destroy it.if you have a lot of excess wealth you would probably rather have silver than paper dollars. I don't think it could hurt to have some amount of silver.none of us no exactly how this will play out. You are definitely on the right track do some thinking on it and make your own on your side. GOD BLESS

  7. Heinlein's book(not the movie)STARSHIPTROOPERS,after the revolution,the priveledge of voting goes only to those that have served their country(no one denied entering service)though all have the rights of a citizen except they cannot vote,they haven't earned the voting priveledge

    1. In today's military of the fUSA there are many foreigners. soetoro-obama is wanting foreign invaders to have access to armed forces enlistment. Military employment is not service to the country. It is self-service as it is one of the few decent paying jobs an 18 year old can find.

      I don't consider your idea a good one.

  8. I used to think like most people Patriots going toe to toe against the military would just be suicide. The more I think about the more I’m not so sure.
    White men have access to more resources than any common man in history. Not talking about just guns and ammo either. Think about the farmer or small business owner who have access to a huge caterpillar bulldozer or backhoe. Not just physical resources either also human resources.i mean who are the chemists, machinist etc in our country.
    If they actually became organized? I wouldn’t want to be on their bad side

  9. Off course this just a hypothetical thought exercise. Imagine if in the Dallas attack on police officers.if instead of some low life,low iq human trash that would have been say 12 white men with even a small amount of tactical combat training. What are some of the outcomes some of you out there can come up with?

  10. I got a donation letter from the Trump campaign a couple of days ago. Hey, weren't the Trump supporters saying just a couple of months ago that Trump was self funding his campaign so he would be beholden to nobody? The Trump letter had a self addressed stamped USPS Priority Mail return envelope. I scrawled a brief note on the letter stating that the old Lesser Of Two Evils voting game had finally gotten too evil for me and I can't play this year. I guess that means my non-vote for Trump is the same thing as a vote for Hillary Clinton.

    I plugged the last 20 years of presidential candidates into a spreadsheet and ran a multivariate linear regression. It predicted we'd have a choice in 2020 of the rotting corpse of Saddam Hussein or cloned Hitler. This is the most important election of our lives! If you don't vote for Saddam, it's the same thing as voting for Hitler!

    I have a list of reasons not to vote for Trump as long as my arm. The Trump supporters ignore all of that and pick and choose what they want to hear. Trump is the GOP version of Hope & Change.

    Is it wrong to pray for Hillary Clinton to have a stroke? It feels wrong, but oddly, when I engage the rational part of my brain and think about all the possibilities, it doesn't seem so wrong anymore.

  11. “Incompetence”?!?
    Oh, puh-LEASE!

    Who, among the Founding Fathers, was an experienced POLITICIAN?!?

    THAT seems to be your “standard”…when in fact it is THE PROBLEM.

    In spite of those “waaah! Waaaah!” conservatives who whine and moan that Trump doesn’t *talk* enough about the Constitution, Trump is trying to do something fundamental to the Constitution: RETURN THE POWER OF GOVERNANCE TO THE PEOPLE.

    I’ve HAD IT with DECADES of “talk talk talk.”
    In fact…YA KNOW what “virtue signaling” is?
    Look it up, if you don’t.
    As far as I’m concerned, all the cr*p the GOPe, and yes Ted Cruz, have been doing is “virtue signaling” on the Right insofar as DOING NOTHING but meaningless blabber that makes folks on the Right FEEL GOOD (while accomplishing NOTHING).


    Please STOP trashing him!

    What LIBERTIES do you think you will be allowed to exercise after 4-8 years of a Hillary Administration?

    “What PRINCIPLES will you be allowed to stand on after 4-8 years of a Hillary Administration?”

    Only the MOST delusional/in denial will NOT comprehend the implications.

  12. Well as Trump say's to the black population "What do you have to loose?" Nothing really if you think about it. I don't see much difference with the rest of the country. Will Trump save this nation? Probably not. Economic crash is coming regardless, can't see race relations getting better in the short run.But immigration is a real issue,regulations are as well. Think the Hilder-bitch will fix it? They say that Hillary is like playing Russian roulette with a semi-auto vs Trump still allows one bullet and you get to spin the cylinder.


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