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Monday, October 31, 2016

Don't Act Innocent With Me

CNN distancing themselves from Donna Brazile is an insult. Yes, it is good to see something happen as a consequence for bad actions, but this just stinks. It smells of CNN trying to convince us, now, after having slept with the Clinton's for 20 years, that they are still a virgin.

Which makes one wonder what is going on. There must be something pretty horrible in the winds with Hillary, something about the newly-found emails, that makes CNN want to now pretend to have just been a "news organization." Through lies of omission, CNN has been trying to rig elections longer than ACORN, so the bloom if off the rose already.

We know CNN is not trying to preserve their integrity, that boat has sailed. They must be trying to protect their future, so the question arises, how involved were certain CNN anchors and reporters in not only the Clinton campaign, but other, closer relationships that might be subject of future scrutiny, past the campaign and bigger than just smuggling questions to Hillary.

It is one thing to throw in with people with levels of integrity that dip into the negative territory, but once that is done, it is a very difficult thing to distance themselves the way CNN is trying to do. It is an issue in personal life and why so many of us in the patriot/III/Second Amendment group hesitate to swear fidelity to any single person or organization.

CNN must have gotten a heads-up on the 650,000 emails and it must be damaging enough that they can no longer support Hillary Clinton. They now want to be innocent of their constant campaign against conservatives and to reclaim "neutral" status. Well, I'm not buying the innocent act and neither should the Millennials they must be trying to convince, because anyone over 30 knows better.

As an addendum, if you are a Republican and you want to be mentioned favorably in the Washington Post, another bastion of news integrity that gave up the pretense long, long ago, all you have to do is criticize James Comey over the decision to release the information concerning the emails on Wiener's laptop and all of the Trump haters have unburdened themselves there. Because, it is not so much about Trump as it is anyone outside of the Republican/Democrat paradigm (read conspiracy).

Friday, October 28, 2016

Our Corruptocracy

This got by me when it actually happened, but I guess I was too busy working to pay taxes...

In the No-Laws-Apply-To-Us (NLATU) Obama Administration it is possible to see something otherwise unheard of, unimagined, unbelievable; you can have an Attorney General of the United States taking the FIFTH. Understand, the chief law enforcement officer only subordinate to the President of the United States utilizes the Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination in the Iran hostage ransom deal.

Does that mean that Loretta Lynch believes that she could be indicted for something that took place during the ransom negotiations? Is there any other reason to invoke the Fifth Amendment other than out of a fear of prosecution? Is it a legitimate use of the Fifth Amendment to just not want to say something? Isn't there a possible prosecution element to the Fifth that does not apply if it is just something embarrassing, or damaging to a third-party?

It's not like we don't already know that it was a ransom payment in violation of federal law against paying ransom to terrorists, but there is no investigation underway that I am aware of. This was a congressional hearing, but there is no possibility that Barack Obama will be arrested for the violation of this federal law. They can't even arrest a Secretary of State who engaged in trafficking of national secrets for donations to the Clinton Foundation. How on earth would they arrest Barack Obama?

So, if there is no anticipation of imprisonment for her participation in the ransom deal with terrorists, on what grounds is she allowed to claim the protections of the Fifth Amendment? If there are no grounds upon which to claim the protections of the Fifth, then it is simply contempt of Congress, which might carry some repercussions if there were a Congress in session that sought to hold the illegal acts of the Obama Administration accountable in the same way the Congress was determined to hold the Nixon Administration accountable in the 1970's. But, the Republican Congress has long been exposed as the most gutless, lawless and unrepentant Congress in American History and its cowardice has brought the nation to the brink of political collapse that it finds itself.

When there is no political will to enforce the laws of the United States by the Executive Branch, it is the obligation of the Legislative Branch to ensure that the laws passed by the legislature be adhered to. It is why there is the machinery by which a president can be impeached. I'm no fan of Nixon, but I have to give him and the congress credit for holding even the President accountable for the actions taken to violate federal law. At least Nixon resigned rather than be the subject of impeachment, something no Democrat would do, because they could always count on allies in the Congress to stand behind them no matter what sort of crime they had committed, no matter how clear the guilt of the President might be.

What this Congress doesn't understand, or refuses to accept is that by not pursuing impeachment against such obvious illegalities of the Obama Administration, they reveal themselves as racist, because there is no doubt that if Barack Obama was white, he would have been subject of impeachment, which demonstrates that race has played a huge part in their actions. But, they have always taken the coward's way out and be damned the damage done to the union. Their actions, or inaction, have made them complicit in the crimes committed by the Obama Administration from the fraud of Obamacare, to failure to enforce federal immigration laws, to the Clinton emails and the perjury committed by Hillary Clinton and the crimes emanating from Comey's refusal to indict.

It is all one combined demonstration of a government incapable of proper dispensation of justice. Any government incapable of administering the laws of the nation over which they preside is unworthy of obedience on any level. It is a rogue government to be ousted at the pleasure of the people, who suffer the indignity of a corruptocracy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Victors and the Vanquished

For many years the nation has been building up to this election. The arrogance of Washington politicians have brought both candidates to the ballot. Trump as a protest vote and Clinton as a validation vote. If Trump wins, most people understand it as a stop command. If Clinton wins, it will be understood as a concession to The System.

But, that doesn't mean that it will solve anything. Far from it. It is like a Supreme Court decision with a 5-4 split. The decision does not validate the position of the five anymore than it invalidates the position of the four. It merely establishes a dividing line and those on the losing side wait until another justice can be installed so that the position of the four can be revisited and overturn the decision in their favor.

Whatever the outcome of this election it will represent a 5-4 decision of the people and more than any other election it will simply galvanize the opposition. Antagonizing the issue is the fact of voter fraud, a long-standing thorn in the side of conservatives who have known it was going on for a long time, but had no concrete evidence. Thanks to Wikileaks and O'keefe, they now have that concrete evidence. They have admission of the fact by the very actors themselves. It is equal to a confession in court. Added to this is the spotlight on state registrations and proof of ballot-stuffing, cross-county double votes and outdated registrations that Democrats have long fought to maintain, despite pleas to rectify the records from individual Secretaries of State needing the cooperation of other states. When one political party resists validation of voter registration rolls, it must be benefitting from the errors.

The press is making a big deal of Trump refusing to accept the outcome of the vote, but Hillary is standing at the ready with lawyers and accusations of vote-tampering by the Russians. This election might very well be the one that tips over the applecart.

It is not irrational or hysterical to understand that if Trump loses, there is a case to be made for an illegitimate election. This is what our elected politicians have led us to, we did not come to this understanding on our own. While the Democrats have been involved in vote-rigging for decades (by the admission of a Democrat operative) it is the Republican Party that has not vigorously demanded the verification of the voting process. It is the Democrat Party that has been instrumental in shipping in millions of illegal immigrants largely with the idea of getting them to the ballot box. Legality has long since lost its appeal to politicians in general and Democrats in specific. But, Republicans are not innocent either, they are hoping to syphon off some of those illegal votes for their own purposes.

So, if this is how we conduct elections in the United States of America, through abuse of the election system, shipping in votes from another country, how are we different from any other banana republic? We aren't and if we aren't, it is time for a rectification of the System. It is corrupt and we, the people, are the only ones responsible for setting it right. We are not obligated to ratify a corrupt election with our acceptance.

But, We, the people, are not the same people. A good 45% of the American public is completely supportive of the corruption. They encourage it and participate in it. They benefit from it. That is a lot of support, so the corruption has little chance of being vanquished by a mere vote. It is an ideological rift, it is a societal rift unaffected by a tilt of a few hundred thousand one way or another. This election is pushing the concept of solving political issues with votes to the side. That, is a very dangerous fact. But, one can only corrupt a vote so far before it becomes irrelevant, before it is discarded in favor of direct action.

Now, I would prefer that this country was not at this particular crossroads between legitimacy and illegitimacy, but it is. There is no denying that at this point. There is no question that foreign governments have had a large influence on this election through donating millions via crooked foundations or encouraging the migration of millions of illegals. There is no denying that votes have been cast illegally. There is no question that violations of law have taken place. We are not talking about casual violations of laws, we are talking about conspiracies to overturn the legitimate authority of the people. Once a government becomes complicit in that the mask has slipped far enough to reveal the evil beneath.

We do not have a nation with all of these violations, we have simple victors and the vanquished and civil wars are started on less than that. And, sometimes the roles are reversed as a result. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Under The Gun- A Lie of Omission

Earlier this year Katie Couric unveiled her documentary "Under The Gun" at the Sundance Film Festival. This documentary was made, financed, promoted and distributed by the powerful media establishment. It was their view of gun owners and the Second Amendment. It was a horrible film edited to make gun owners appear ignorant and without answers to tough questions. It was edited to present that impression to young minds with no counter. It was so bad that ultimately Katie Couric had to issue an apology for the misleading editing of the footage where she simply omitted the answers the gun owners gave her. It was, in total, a lie of omission.

People watch films like Under The Gun and they know that it is wrong and full of misleading information and statistics. They know that there are better people to carry the message of gun owners and liberty activists. But no one is making documentaries like that. WE ARE, we are bringing some of the best voices of the liberty community to film, like Mike Vanderboegh, David Codrea, Matt Bracken, Claire Wolfe, Bill Buppert and others, perhaps Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, but we need help. We have already invested a great deal of money, energy and time to Lies of Omission in order to bring to the public those exact voices that make the best case for freedom.

The way the media is corrupt is that there is no traditional form of funding open to documentaries like Lies of Omission. It is just not there. One has to do a great deal of investigation and research to find even one film funding source that will consider a film like Lies of Omission. Now, if we were making a film about "social justice" "civil rights" or LGBT issues, we could have been funded in about five minutes.

This is why we need the millions of gun owners and like-minded liberty folks to link this post and help us bring as many as we can together to counter the misleading documentaries, news stories, television shows and opinion pieces being distributed daily.

Now, we have begun filming a documentary LIES OF OMISSION, that counters that misleading vision and brings the true voices of freedom to the public, but we (T.L. Davis and WRSA's Peter White-the producers) do not have access to the massive amounts of network funds that Katie Couric has. We do not have friends in the media to promote it and to drive audiences to it. We can only rely on these blogs and word of mouth to help us fund this film.

The Numbers

When one arrives at the Lies of Omission Indiegogo site, they see that we need $200,000 to finish the film, but have only raised $2,500 and one might conclude that we will not reach our goal. That is not true, whatever we raise we get to use on the film, so no amount of money is wasted. Any $5, 10 or 25 donation can have a big effect. Each donation signifies interested parties and that helps us reach out to other organizations to help fund the balance needed to finish the film. But, we really only need about $25,000 to get back into the field and finish the interviews.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Nasty, Bloody Business

With all of the focus being on the impending election; the crimes committed by Clinton and the faux pas committed by Trump, few are thinking past the call. Having passed through the looking glass into a third world society where dictators make laws with a pen and a phone and elections are manipulated by close friends of a particular candidate, all neatly covered up by a press corps obsessed with hobnobbing with the political elite, how is one to look past November 8th with anything other than trepidation?

It is no longer a question of "if" the election will be rigged in favor of the Democrat, that has been admitted to with pride by Scott Foval, describing in detail that they have been successfully rigging elections as far back as the Kennedy Administration. How close was the election of 1960 anyway? A squeaker, if I recall. Hmmm. It has been admitted, albeit through hidden camera, that the ruckus caused in Chicago between Trump supporters and Trump protestors was a product of Foval's method of election tampering.

Prosecutions for election tampering? Not in the Obama Administration, not with this Attorney General, not with this FBI.

Does it really matter who wins now? If it is Trump, we know what we can look forward to: Democrat operatives instigating riots in the inner cities to destroy as many lives and as much property as possible as a warning to America that the Democrat Party will not be denied the power structure it has spent eight years developing. None of these vandals will be prosecuted and, in fact, they will be given a great deal of leeway because it can only damage the image of the Republican Party. It will be, as Obama sees it: a perfectly understandable reaction to the election of a racist Republican.

If it is Hillary? Well, someone had to take the next step toward absolute tyranny. How is the nation expected to move to a Marxist model without a good purge? Hillary is probably taking a little bit of time away from debate prep to amend her hit list. Perhaps the New York Times will help her with some research on the addresses of deplorables. Unlike the British satire "The Revolution Will Be Televised" this one may not even be mentioned given who will be in charge of the death squads and the undesirable nature of those being purged.

That may be a bit exaggerated, but then what are we to expect from someone who has encouraged the FBI to scrub evidence of a felony in exchange for increased personnel in desirable locales? What are we to expect of someone, guilty of multitudes of felonies involving the very security of this nation, suddenly in charge of every law enforcement agency in the country? Are we to expect her to respect the Posse Comitatus Act? Oh, that's right, Obama effectively repealed that act when he signed the NDAA. So much for any limitation whatsoever.

The danger of this unholy alliance between Marxist politicians and a deaf, dumb and blind press corps is immeasurable. These are the ingredients of genocide, all they need is a little stir. This existential threat to the American people (or just the deplorables) is the accumulation of so many little abuses and usurpations that have taken place over the past few decades, congealed by the 9/11 attacks. The Department of Homeland Security being the last, necessary piece of the puzzle to allow some president, some dictator, callous enough to wield that enormous power, to do so against their fellow citizens all with the approval and perhaps cheering of those who put them in power through nefarious means.

Either way, no matter how this election turns out, America will never be the same. It will be an ugly place, out of control of the usual methods of maintaining order. Either there will be non-stop riots and destruction in the inner cities, or it will be a systematic elimination of opponents, a smothering of all free thought and action; a vilification and demonization of detractors to the point that they will be viewed as insane and better off isolated from society either through detention or execution.

This election, with all we know about the candidates and the methods of manipulation, has been the end of elections, because this nation can only function on trust; trust in elections; trust in the press; trust in the law; trust in a sense of duty; trust in the courts; trust in each other. What we have discovered is that our trust has been misplaced so long that we have lost our nation, because now we have lost faith in all of those institutions.

The only possible means of countering either outcome will be the people themselves. They will have to take up the reins they have so long neglected. They will have to be the ones to deny the chaos of the inner cities or the abuses of the government. No police force will do it; it will come down to the individual cop. No military force will do it; it will have to come down to the individual soldier. It will come down to neighbors and communities. It will come down to the sheriff.

But, it will be a nasty, bloody business to arrive at that inevitable conclusion and the sad truth is, they all know it. To the Marxist, blood is a method of cleansing, a necessary step in the establishment of control. Once past that point, they are comforted that there will be peace. And, why not? All the trouble-makers will have been dealt with and subsequent generations will be neutered.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

To Alter or Abolish

I have been involved in the struggle for liberty since at least 1987. In that time I have seen a lot of things and done a lot of things, all in the effort to forestall the enemies of liberty and to protect what little freedoms are left. Obviously, I have not been too successful, but I keep trying. Lies of Omission is just another attempt to do that.

Back in August of 2009, when Barack Obama came to Grand Junction, CO to "sell" the idea of Obamacare, I witnessed the dark heart of the Marxist and it foreshadowed recent events taking place in North Carolina and with a "Trump Car" in an unknown city in a black neighborhood.

On the long drive over from Fort Collins, CO to Grand Junction, where I intended to protest Obamacare, I increasingly saw vehicles carrying like-minded protestors and felt pretty comfortable that there would be a good-sized crowd at the protest. At Glenwood Springs, myself and my daughter stopped for a burger. That is when I started to see cars with SEIU stickers on the bumpers. They seemed, like us, to be charged up for some protest, but I had no idea they were headed to the same one.

When I arrived in Grand Junction there was indeed a huge amount of cars lining one of the main roads. Off to the side was the protest area, far from the school, where Obama would speak. Across from "our area" was "their area" and it was full of SEIU folks, proudly wearing their purple shirts. A counter-protest? Really? I had never encountered a counter protest. What were they protesting? Us? It made no sense until the buses started to arrive with more SEIU folks, who descended the steps, stopped at a table and signed their names. At first, I thought it was some sort of petition they were signing. It took a few more minutes for me to realize they were signing in so they would get PAID. Paid counter-protestors; another first for me.

Keep in mind this was when the Tea Party was in its infancy, in fact, I didn't even really know who they were when they finally showed up.

But, here is where all of these things tie into today.

Parked right in the middle of our crowd was an "Obama Car" just like the "Trump Car" that got trashed in the unknown city on the video showing on Drudge Report as I write this. Obama stickers were all over it. And, there it sat, hour after hour. No one touched it. A few whispered to the person next to them and both looked at the "Obama Car" that I, at the time called a "Bait Car" because that is what it was, bait to get people on our side arrested for vandalism, but I knew that wouldn't happen, because WE are not that sort of people. But, a visit to Drudge will reveal what the liberal reaction to such a "Bait Car" is likely to be.

The arson that took place in North Carolina was not done by the type of people who ignored the "Bait Car" in Grand Junction seven years earlier. It was very likely done by the same SEIU mindset that anything they dislike must be destroyed. Ship them in, pay them, inspire them to vandalize with legal protections from the Attorney General of the United States. As we have seen with Black Lives Matter, there is no limit to the destruction the federal government will not defend in a Marxist-led nation as long as it is aimed at Republicans, conservatives or small business owners.

Ultimately, that is the difference in society today. Marxist liberals are all too willing to destroy images they dislike. They are exactly the type of intolerant bigots they always claim WE are. Trust me, it is now a battle between US and THEM. This election will reveal that there is no way to win against the forces they have assembled. They have the schools to indoctrinate, the IRS to intimidate, the labor unions as enforcers, the media to deny and obfuscate the truth; to propagandize the lies and demonize the whistle-blowers. Elections run in this manner are not elections at all and the final tool of the citizen to have a say in government will be lost.

The Republicans have aided this effort at every turn. When they should have stood, they sat. When they should have sacrificed, they became gluttonous. So, there is no real opposition party. What is left? This is what it must have felt like in 1776, abandoned by politicians with no recourse but to alter or abolish.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Vote of Treason

It has taken several months and a number of email dumps from Wikileaks to finally figure out what this presidential election is all about. There are only two ways to vote, for Donald Trump or for Hillary Clinton. But neither of those are what one would be voting for.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to resist the massive corruption of government, a vote against globalism, against "global warming" or "climate change" theology; it is a vote against media collusion and interference in politics. A vote for Donald Trump is not a vote for the person at all, that is why despite the media onslaught of negative stories about him as a person carries no weight with those who support him, because they don't support him at all, they support what he represents, which is a chance to hold Hillary Clinton responsible for her crimes and therefore all of the crooked politicians of 2012 who coerced votes out of their Republican base only to turn on them the next day.

Likewise, a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for a transformed America, a quasi-police state where the government intervenes in business and forces some out of business while subsidizing other businesses that could not possibly sustain themselves without massive graft and media brainwashing. All of those businesses would be held hostage to a criminal organization originating from the White House. It would be a vote to end forever the concept of individual rights. Hillary Clinton would do no less than continue the work of the Obama Administration to destroy individual rights and nearly half of the nation is in favor of just that. It would be a continued replacement of the voters who value the principles of the founding of this nation with those who have no like expectation. It is a vote for the sudden disappearance of websites like this one.

The outcome is bigger than that. The next president will likely be a true war-time president. As Vladimir Zhirinovsky claimed a vote for Hillary Clinton would be a vote for war. War with Russia may be inevitable and irrespective of the election as it seems likely that war will begin before the next president can take office. But, there is the question of who would be more likely to effectively fight that war. More than that, would our military leaders be willing to follow the orders of a criminal like Hillary Clinton running a crime organization out of Washington? Would they put their lives in jeopardy knowing the cold-blooded actions she demonstrated in Benghazi? Or, would they likely recognize that their lives meant nothing to the Commander in Chief?

So many things are now known about the media establishment and the collusion it shares with the Clinton campaign. More things are being found out every day as Wikileaks provides proof of the public perception. The people were right, there is a conspiracy to keep them uninformed and misinformed to protect Democrat politicians from facing scandals. It is clear now that there will never be a Democrat held accountable for their actions and therefore the only time Americans can expect to get anything other than abusive and criminal officeholders is if they elect a Republican.

This is where we get back to a vote for Donald Trump is nothing other than a vote for accountable leadership. A vote for Hillary Clinton is giving up on that ideal. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to abolish the very principles of elected officials, because if their misdeeds can never be told and their abuses never aired, what have we? That we have so many in this nation willing to vote for Hillary tells us all we need to know about the other side, that they have already given up, that they would rather have a totalitarian system. A vote for Hillary is, in effect an act of treason.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lies of Omission

Lies of Omission to the right in the poorly designed clickable image is a labor of necessity of those of us in the patriot/liberty/III/2nd Amendment/freedomista community. Basically, if you care about freedom or liberty or understand the difference and/or you recognize the value of the Second Amendment as it struggles to survive the liberal assaults from day to day, then you realize the necessity of reaching out to the succeeding generations who have not been taught the value of liberty and, in fact, have been taught the value of collectivization over liberty, then you should recognize the value of the documentary in the making called Lies of Omission.

People, this is not a scheme or business model. The amount of money put into this project has already been extensive from the few people involved and the $200,000 budget is legit and not out of reach for this community, though our intent is to seek outside funding, we have to show a significant interest before anyone will talk to us. Even subscribing to our Twitter feed means something in the end, so even if you do not want to contribute at least subscribe to the Twitter feed as a sign of the amount of people who want to see this project completed.

The price of a DVD is roughly that of a pizza.

But, let me appeal to you in a way more comfortable to my nature. The fact is the largest demographic in the liberty community is over 50 and we are not going to live forever. The younger generation needs to have something they can look to for encouragement, for answers, for inspiration and we have compiled an impressive lineup of people in the community in this film. Most notably, Mike Vanderboegh who, regardless of whether you always agreed with his methods, was out there for you. He did the hard work and developed a reputation as a DOER. There never would have been a Fast and Furious scandal without Mike and David Codrea, both of whom have agreed to appear in this documentary.

But, we have a long way to go. There is no way to do this documentary without a lot of money and a lot of effort. I have no problem doing the hard work and sacrificing the thousands of dollars I have already sacrificed for this effort, but I did so believing in those who come to this website and that of Western Rifle Shooters Association and Sipsey Street Irregulars to support something this important to the next generation.

No one will hear the voices of Mike Vanderboegh, Claire Wolfe, Matt Bracken, David Codrea, or Bill Buppert if not for this documentary, because no one else is working on something like this, who recognize the importance and intelligence of these people and the valuable point of view they will offer the next generation. Should something horrible take place after the election and there is nothing there to extol the virtues of freedom what do we point to for our children that speaks to those values if not this DVD? If the internet goes dark, how much knowledge and information will be lost? Should we not do everything we can to preserve these voices, these points of view for future generations?

Anyone who has followed my efforts over the past 10 years knows that I have never been out for myself, but for my nation, for my fellow patriots to support and defend the ideals delineated in the Constitution. But, if none of that has impressed you, then criticize me all you want, but do not leave the hours of effort those who we have interviewed to die on the cutting room floor. Let us bring you their message by helping us to complete this documentary.

Mike Vanderboegh is gone. No matter how much you may have disliked him, he was a valuable voice in the community and deserves to be heard. If you supported Mike, that is all the more reason to help us get his advice and point of view before the public.

Lies of Omission is not just a community funded film, this is designed to be distributed and entered into film festivals. It can be shown on the big screen without loss of quality. This film was directed by my daughter Sammi Lee Davis, who brings her valuable "millennial" point of view to the project, especially as she is a talented director who works with her church group to produce the sermons for broadcast, conducts interviews of people important to the church and on the side produces music videos in the LA scene. Her talent is in demand and part of the reason it took so long to get this documentary produced.

Above all, knowing the media bias that is out there, do not expect this sort of documentary to ever come from the media. It will only come from us, by us and it will only happen with your help.

Given all of that, I will do anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone to get the message of this documentary out to the public. At this particular time in history, when the nation is likely to implode after the election, the idea of this sort of film being out in the public is probably a short-term prospect. Soon, the government will have control of the internet and even blogs like this might not last past November 8th.

If you have any compassion for liberty, please support Lies of Omission.

If you do not want to submit information to Indiegogo, you can make a donation directly to us at:

12 Round Productions
Box 153
1414 Hawk Parkway, H2
Montrose, CO 81401

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Suddenly Prudish Press

Perhaps one needed to be alive and cognizant of the political world in the 1990's in order to understand the absolute ridiculousness of the media's proclaimed prudishness when it comes to Trump's off-color remarks. They had no such blushing revulsion when they discussed presidential semen on a blue dress. Back then, it was "just sex" as if it was common for men in power to entice, seduce and engage in extra-marital sex with 20-year-old interns.

Even when Bill Clinton lied before a federal grand jury denying that sex took place between himself and Monica Lewinsky, the prudes in the media championed his excuse that everyone lies about sex. That it was common for men in power (though don't be a Republican and try it) to engage in sex and then lie about it to their wives and even the public when caught. It was natural. Which was news to men like myself, who were married and would consider such behavior a complete violation of trust and betrayal of the one steadfast partner I had in life.

But, this is the media today, openly advocating for one candidate for the presidency. Willing members of the campaign, rather than objective observers put there and given special access, even in the Constitution, to be the eyes and ears of a public much too numerous and raucous to do so themselves. Instead they offer us a half-blind and deaf version of the truth as dictated by Hillary Clinton without a shred of decency or moral obligation to bring forth the indictable charges that have been made and only the cowardice and corruption of the FBI kept from being pursued.

And yet, all of this pales against the cowardice of the Republican Party. Paul Ryan calls a meeting of the House Republican membership to do what? To distance himself from the Party's duly nominated candidate over some locker room type banter? He would rather stand with the Democratic Party's duly nominated candidate, because some rough man-talk bothers his sensibilities? It is this sort of cowardice that has, but for Trump, ended the GOP.

Paul Ryan wants to think that Donald Trump is a threat to the Republican Party, perhaps as a means of distancing himself from his own efforts at the same achievement. The betrayal after the 2012 election (where the Republican Party was handed the Senate as a means of countering the efforts of Barack Obama to do severe and permanent damage to the nation served only to give Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell the stage upon which to come out and announce that they would do none of the things promised before the election) effectively killed the Republican Party.

Trump is the duly nominated Republican candidate for president precisely because he is not one of the backstabbing cowards that fills the ranks of the Republican House and Senate. My only exception to this description is Steve King of Iowa.

Why is it that we have been subjected to the Marxist policies of the Democratic Party for so long? Because there are no backbones in congress. Given all the power in the world, they would do just as the Democrats have done. Paul Ryan's defection from sanity is just another example of the fact that the leadership of the Republican Party have no intent to serve their constituency but to serve some globalist view that they routinely deny they support.

If the Republican Party will not stand to demand that Congress use it's powers to deny obviously unconstitutional legislation and unconstitutional actions of the President; if it will not stand to demand its sole right to make law; if it will not stand to be a stalwart against unpopular, dysfunctional and illegal actions of the Executive Branch, but it will stand united against the people's choice of a presidential candidate because he has a potty-mouth, I am at a loss to understand its principles or its value.

Paul Ryan should be down on his knees begging forgiveness of Donald Trump, because if it were not for his candidacy, I doubt anyone would have been inspired to vote Republican at all. Paul Ryan and his ilk have already destroyed the Republican Party, because they stand for nothing. It is Donald Trump's actions against the Democrats and especially the Clintons, the rapists and criminals that they are, that move feet to the ballot box. Paul Ryan might benefit from it much, much more than his devious little mind will be able to grasp. But, what's new?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Hearts Of Patriots

I had suggested that the Russians and the Chinese might make a move on a weakened America. I heard a lot about how that would never happen, how it would make no sense for the Russians or the Chinese to do so. Well, it is starting to look like that is a possibility and why not do it while Barack Obama is in office?

I would not expect this to be a nuclear war. Not that it couldn't escalate to that, but that would leave no winners and there is no political will in the United States to push the button. We don't value our system enough to defend it at all costs the way we used to.

I will again throw something out there that was also largely discredited when first suggested. The Russians and Chinese threaten war, actually engage in some conventional warfare enough to weaken the US defenses to a point where Obama capitulates, surrenders with the caveat that he remain in power as a governor of sorts of the American province of the Russia/Chinese coalition. They can remove him later, when it suits their purposes.

The point is, I don't trust Obama to fight the war when he can surrender. I don't trust Hillary to fight the war when she can surrender. I don't trust Trump to fight the war when he can negotiate a surrender. I just don't and it is my expectation that the Russians and Chinese feel the same way. There are not the stalwarts for freedom that there used to be. There are not the patriots to our system that there used to be.

We are all just serfs to them all. What matters is that they get their futures secured and the elite are allowed to live in the same standards that they have become accustomed.

Now, I am not suggesting that this is all about to take place. However, there are a number of disturbing actions being taken by the Russians and our own government that suggest it is possible, that's all. What I am suggesting is that this is a good thought exercise for the community. At what point during this process do we finally recognize the level of traitorous actions undertaken by our own government officials? When do we drop the pretense that they actually stand for anything? They don't; not now and not in the future, but it is our lives that are going to be affected; it is our freedoms that will be erased and we, those who actually believe in this system when functioning properly, will be left to throw our lives onto the ash heap of history trying to defend something on which everyone else has turned their backs.

How many of our fellow countrymen are we going to have to engage? With the Department of Homeland Security it is very easy for the government to simply ad a patch to the uniform of every cop in the land and put them under the NEW authority. Don't you recall how easily and effectively they all suddenly became under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security?

If you find this difficult to imagine, you are on the wrong side of the mental preps you should have been doing. Do you trust your local law enforcement officials to put up a fuss, knowing that the president has surrendered? Or, do you think they will simply try to salvage what is left of their lives by going along, convinced by the traitors in our government that to resist is to endanger the lives of our countrymen, but to let it go and everyone will be okay?

What alarms me the most is that it is too easy to imagine all of the little dominoes falling into place. The trouble is, as long as people can see their lives continuing in relatively the same manner for a period of time, they will opt to do nothing.

We are in dangerous times and have been for some time. It is not the possibility of war with Russia that makes it dangerous, it is the fact that there is no one in public office who values our founding, who has a proper reverence for the Constitution, or who views the people of this nation as anything other than peasants. The loss of those values brings us to the point where it doesn't matter to anyone enough to defend them. As long as there is that promise of uninterrupted television service or WiFi, we'll go along with anything.

Now, before the reader responds back that their representative does believe in America and the Constitution, I will suggest that if any of them really held those values dear, they could not go along with the fraud that is daily perpetrated in the congress. They would not have been able to let Comey walk out of that chamber in anything other than handcuffs for obstruction of justice.

I suggest that if you do see the values of liberty worth fighting for that you divorce yourself from your stuff, at least mentally. Take a higher view, one of a patriot, where life is not worth living if not in liberty. That was the mindset that inflamed the hearts of patriots past to bring forth a nation against the worst odds imaginable. They did this knowing that they would surely die as traitors. I believe it is only the grace of God that saved them the first time. We won't have that benefit this time around.

But, even if these possibilities pass without war, we are nonetheless abandoned by our officials, our business leaders and our countrymen. Any crisis, domestic upheaval, natural disaster on a large scale, or a fraudulent election leading to chaos will lead us all to the same point. It will all be ugly. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

An American Rwanda

We are living on the edge of social destruction, a long-planned move of the leftists/Marxists, aided most deftly by the Obama Administration. The arrangements are unmistakable to the critical eye: the silence of the President during periods of race inspired riots as if to lend credibility to the cause; the open statements of the Attorney General supporting the prime actors in the riots; the invitation to the White House of those same actors.

The cause, by the way, is undefined and the actions taken irrational. Theoretically, the cause is the death of a black person, any black person, especially criminals, at the hands of police. So, is this meant to communicate to the rest of the nation that police should not shoot armed criminals based on race?  If they should not shoot criminals, what need do they have of weapons? Are those weapons needed just for white people, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans?

The actions taken are to riot and destroy private property, not government property. The rioters, who are incensed by the actions of the police, do not march to the seat of the government; they do not descend on the police station, or the Mayor's Office. These protests are not aimed at the government officials supposedly responsible for the policy of shooting armed criminals. Instead, the rioters loot local stores, destroy cars and attack white people on the streets.

In the light of all of this, Google decides unilaterally (as if they had the right) to declare that blacks cannot be racist against whites. So,, not "some" only one race cannot be racist against a particular race. This is a statement so obviously meant to cover the aggressive and criminal actions of the Black Lives Matter group that one wonders if there has been some extortion worked against Google, or if they are willing to so openly embrace the language of genocide. Because that is what they have done.

Societies are built on a set of common rules that all may embrace. Of course, there are the outliers, the rebels, who challenge those rules and readily accept the social alienation caused by those opinions, but we are involved in something much darker, much more significant than that. These rebels, these neo-racists, have been embraced by every government agency, every media outlet, every corporation out of pure, bone-rattling fear. It is a sort of emotional extortion, they are left to feel good about themselves while they denigrate and destroy the very society they believe they are helping to evolve.

Societies are remarkably fragile things. Undermine the rule of law, destroy a few traditions and focus the ills of a society on a particular race and you have all the makings of a good genocide. Set up a special class of people, in this case Democrats/liberals/leftists, who can do no wrong, cannot be tarnished with the ills of their race, are protected from illegal actions by the government and the media and you have the makings of a good genocide on anyone who is not "them." This is what is in the making. This is why our language must change, why we are not allowed to refer to someone in the traditional manner of Mr or Miss, that is a pillar of the society they want to destroy.

All of the changes we are experiencing are leading up to something. The banking debacle being brewed by Deutsche Bank is just the catalyst that gets the genocide going. I wouldn't imagine anything quite as orderly as the genocide of the Jews in Nazi Germany, I imagine it will be a little more like an American version of Rwanda, where the police and government officials merely take a step back while the slaughter engulfs the nation.   

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