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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Nasty, Bloody Business

With all of the focus being on the impending election; the crimes committed by Clinton and the faux pas committed by Trump, few are thinking past the call. Having passed through the looking glass into a third world society where dictators make laws with a pen and a phone and elections are manipulated by close friends of a particular candidate, all neatly covered up by a press corps obsessed with hobnobbing with the political elite, how is one to look past November 8th with anything other than trepidation?

It is no longer a question of "if" the election will be rigged in favor of the Democrat, that has been admitted to with pride by Scott Foval, describing in detail that they have been successfully rigging elections as far back as the Kennedy Administration. How close was the election of 1960 anyway? A squeaker, if I recall. Hmmm. It has been admitted, albeit through hidden camera, that the ruckus caused in Chicago between Trump supporters and Trump protestors was a product of Foval's method of election tampering.

Prosecutions for election tampering? Not in the Obama Administration, not with this Attorney General, not with this FBI.

Does it really matter who wins now? If it is Trump, we know what we can look forward to: Democrat operatives instigating riots in the inner cities to destroy as many lives and as much property as possible as a warning to America that the Democrat Party will not be denied the power structure it has spent eight years developing. None of these vandals will be prosecuted and, in fact, they will be given a great deal of leeway because it can only damage the image of the Republican Party. It will be, as Obama sees it: a perfectly understandable reaction to the election of a racist Republican.

If it is Hillary? Well, someone had to take the next step toward absolute tyranny. How is the nation expected to move to a Marxist model without a good purge? Hillary is probably taking a little bit of time away from debate prep to amend her hit list. Perhaps the New York Times will help her with some research on the addresses of deplorables. Unlike the British satire "The Revolution Will Be Televised" this one may not even be mentioned given who will be in charge of the death squads and the undesirable nature of those being purged.

That may be a bit exaggerated, but then what are we to expect from someone who has encouraged the FBI to scrub evidence of a felony in exchange for increased personnel in desirable locales? What are we to expect of someone, guilty of multitudes of felonies involving the very security of this nation, suddenly in charge of every law enforcement agency in the country? Are we to expect her to respect the Posse Comitatus Act? Oh, that's right, Obama effectively repealed that act when he signed the NDAA. So much for any limitation whatsoever.

The danger of this unholy alliance between Marxist politicians and a deaf, dumb and blind press corps is immeasurable. These are the ingredients of genocide, all they need is a little stir. This existential threat to the American people (or just the deplorables) is the accumulation of so many little abuses and usurpations that have taken place over the past few decades, congealed by the 9/11 attacks. The Department of Homeland Security being the last, necessary piece of the puzzle to allow some president, some dictator, callous enough to wield that enormous power, to do so against their fellow citizens all with the approval and perhaps cheering of those who put them in power through nefarious means.

Either way, no matter how this election turns out, America will never be the same. It will be an ugly place, out of control of the usual methods of maintaining order. Either there will be non-stop riots and destruction in the inner cities, or it will be a systematic elimination of opponents, a smothering of all free thought and action; a vilification and demonization of detractors to the point that they will be viewed as insane and better off isolated from society either through detention or execution.

This election, with all we know about the candidates and the methods of manipulation, has been the end of elections, because this nation can only function on trust; trust in elections; trust in the press; trust in the law; trust in a sense of duty; trust in the courts; trust in each other. What we have discovered is that our trust has been misplaced so long that we have lost our nation, because now we have lost faith in all of those institutions.

The only possible means of countering either outcome will be the people themselves. They will have to take up the reins they have so long neglected. They will have to be the ones to deny the chaos of the inner cities or the abuses of the government. No police force will do it; it will come down to the individual cop. No military force will do it; it will have to come down to the individual soldier. It will come down to neighbors and communities. It will come down to the sheriff.

But, it will be a nasty, bloody business to arrive at that inevitable conclusion and the sad truth is, they all know it. To the Marxist, blood is a method of cleansing, a necessary step in the establishment of control. Once past that point, they are comforted that there will be peace. And, why not? All the trouble-makers will have been dealt with and subsequent generations will be neutered.

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