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Monday, October 10, 2016

A Suddenly Prudish Press

Perhaps one needed to be alive and cognizant of the political world in the 1990's in order to understand the absolute ridiculousness of the media's proclaimed prudishness when it comes to Trump's off-color remarks. They had no such blushing revulsion when they discussed presidential semen on a blue dress. Back then, it was "just sex" as if it was common for men in power to entice, seduce and engage in extra-marital sex with 20-year-old interns.

Even when Bill Clinton lied before a federal grand jury denying that sex took place between himself and Monica Lewinsky, the prudes in the media championed his excuse that everyone lies about sex. That it was common for men in power (though don't be a Republican and try it) to engage in sex and then lie about it to their wives and even the public when caught. It was natural. Which was news to men like myself, who were married and would consider such behavior a complete violation of trust and betrayal of the one steadfast partner I had in life.

But, this is the media today, openly advocating for one candidate for the presidency. Willing members of the campaign, rather than objective observers put there and given special access, even in the Constitution, to be the eyes and ears of a public much too numerous and raucous to do so themselves. Instead they offer us a half-blind and deaf version of the truth as dictated by Hillary Clinton without a shred of decency or moral obligation to bring forth the indictable charges that have been made and only the cowardice and corruption of the FBI kept from being pursued.

And yet, all of this pales against the cowardice of the Republican Party. Paul Ryan calls a meeting of the House Republican membership to do what? To distance himself from the Party's duly nominated candidate over some locker room type banter? He would rather stand with the Democratic Party's duly nominated candidate, because some rough man-talk bothers his sensibilities? It is this sort of cowardice that has, but for Trump, ended the GOP.

Paul Ryan wants to think that Donald Trump is a threat to the Republican Party, perhaps as a means of distancing himself from his own efforts at the same achievement. The betrayal after the 2012 election (where the Republican Party was handed the Senate as a means of countering the efforts of Barack Obama to do severe and permanent damage to the nation served only to give Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell the stage upon which to come out and announce that they would do none of the things promised before the election) effectively killed the Republican Party.

Trump is the duly nominated Republican candidate for president precisely because he is not one of the backstabbing cowards that fills the ranks of the Republican House and Senate. My only exception to this description is Steve King of Iowa.

Why is it that we have been subjected to the Marxist policies of the Democratic Party for so long? Because there are no backbones in congress. Given all the power in the world, they would do just as the Democrats have done. Paul Ryan's defection from sanity is just another example of the fact that the leadership of the Republican Party have no intent to serve their constituency but to serve some globalist view that they routinely deny they support.

If the Republican Party will not stand to demand that Congress use it's powers to deny obviously unconstitutional legislation and unconstitutional actions of the President; if it will not stand to demand its sole right to make law; if it will not stand to be a stalwart against unpopular, dysfunctional and illegal actions of the Executive Branch, but it will stand united against the people's choice of a presidential candidate because he has a potty-mouth, I am at a loss to understand its principles or its value.

Paul Ryan should be down on his knees begging forgiveness of Donald Trump, because if it were not for his candidacy, I doubt anyone would have been inspired to vote Republican at all. Paul Ryan and his ilk have already destroyed the Republican Party, because they stand for nothing. It is Donald Trump's actions against the Democrats and especially the Clintons, the rapists and criminals that they are, that move feet to the ballot box. Paul Ryan might benefit from it much, much more than his devious little mind will be able to grasp. But, what's new?

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