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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lies of Omission

Lies of Omission to the right in the poorly designed clickable image is a labor of necessity of those of us in the patriot/liberty/III/2nd Amendment/freedomista community. Basically, if you care about freedom or liberty or understand the difference and/or you recognize the value of the Second Amendment as it struggles to survive the liberal assaults from day to day, then you realize the necessity of reaching out to the succeeding generations who have not been taught the value of liberty and, in fact, have been taught the value of collectivization over liberty, then you should recognize the value of the documentary in the making called Lies of Omission.

People, this is not a scheme or business model. The amount of money put into this project has already been extensive from the few people involved and the $200,000 budget is legit and not out of reach for this community, though our intent is to seek outside funding, we have to show a significant interest before anyone will talk to us. Even subscribing to our Twitter feed means something in the end, so even if you do not want to contribute at least subscribe to the Twitter feed as a sign of the amount of people who want to see this project completed.

The price of a DVD is roughly that of a pizza.

But, let me appeal to you in a way more comfortable to my nature. The fact is the largest demographic in the liberty community is over 50 and we are not going to live forever. The younger generation needs to have something they can look to for encouragement, for answers, for inspiration and we have compiled an impressive lineup of people in the community in this film. Most notably, Mike Vanderboegh who, regardless of whether you always agreed with his methods, was out there for you. He did the hard work and developed a reputation as a DOER. There never would have been a Fast and Furious scandal without Mike and David Codrea, both of whom have agreed to appear in this documentary.

But, we have a long way to go. There is no way to do this documentary without a lot of money and a lot of effort. I have no problem doing the hard work and sacrificing the thousands of dollars I have already sacrificed for this effort, but I did so believing in those who come to this website and that of Western Rifle Shooters Association and Sipsey Street Irregulars to support something this important to the next generation.

No one will hear the voices of Mike Vanderboegh, Claire Wolfe, Matt Bracken, David Codrea, or Bill Buppert if not for this documentary, because no one else is working on something like this, who recognize the importance and intelligence of these people and the valuable point of view they will offer the next generation. Should something horrible take place after the election and there is nothing there to extol the virtues of freedom what do we point to for our children that speaks to those values if not this DVD? If the internet goes dark, how much knowledge and information will be lost? Should we not do everything we can to preserve these voices, these points of view for future generations?

Anyone who has followed my efforts over the past 10 years knows that I have never been out for myself, but for my nation, for my fellow patriots to support and defend the ideals delineated in the Constitution. But, if none of that has impressed you, then criticize me all you want, but do not leave the hours of effort those who we have interviewed to die on the cutting room floor. Let us bring you their message by helping us to complete this documentary.

Mike Vanderboegh is gone. No matter how much you may have disliked him, he was a valuable voice in the community and deserves to be heard. If you supported Mike, that is all the more reason to help us get his advice and point of view before the public.

Lies of Omission is not just a community funded film, this is designed to be distributed and entered into film festivals. It can be shown on the big screen without loss of quality. This film was directed by my daughter Sammi Lee Davis, who brings her valuable "millennial" point of view to the project, especially as she is a talented director who works with her church group to produce the sermons for broadcast, conducts interviews of people important to the church and on the side produces music videos in the LA scene. Her talent is in demand and part of the reason it took so long to get this documentary produced.

Above all, knowing the media bias that is out there, do not expect this sort of documentary to ever come from the media. It will only come from us, by us and it will only happen with your help.

Given all of that, I will do anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone to get the message of this documentary out to the public. At this particular time in history, when the nation is likely to implode after the election, the idea of this sort of film being out in the public is probably a short-term prospect. Soon, the government will have control of the internet and even blogs like this might not last past November 8th.

If you have any compassion for liberty, please support Lies of Omission.

If you do not want to submit information to Indiegogo, you can make a donation directly to us at:

12 Round Productions
Box 153
1414 Hawk Parkway, H2
Montrose, CO 81401

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