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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Hearts Of Patriots

I had suggested that the Russians and the Chinese might make a move on a weakened America. I heard a lot about how that would never happen, how it would make no sense for the Russians or the Chinese to do so. Well, it is starting to look like that is a possibility and why not do it while Barack Obama is in office?

I would not expect this to be a nuclear war. Not that it couldn't escalate to that, but that would leave no winners and there is no political will in the United States to push the button. We don't value our system enough to defend it at all costs the way we used to.

I will again throw something out there that was also largely discredited when first suggested. The Russians and Chinese threaten war, actually engage in some conventional warfare enough to weaken the US defenses to a point where Obama capitulates, surrenders with the caveat that he remain in power as a governor of sorts of the American province of the Russia/Chinese coalition. They can remove him later, when it suits their purposes.

The point is, I don't trust Obama to fight the war when he can surrender. I don't trust Hillary to fight the war when she can surrender. I don't trust Trump to fight the war when he can negotiate a surrender. I just don't and it is my expectation that the Russians and Chinese feel the same way. There are not the stalwarts for freedom that there used to be. There are not the patriots to our system that there used to be.

We are all just serfs to them all. What matters is that they get their futures secured and the elite are allowed to live in the same standards that they have become accustomed.

Now, I am not suggesting that this is all about to take place. However, there are a number of disturbing actions being taken by the Russians and our own government that suggest it is possible, that's all. What I am suggesting is that this is a good thought exercise for the community. At what point during this process do we finally recognize the level of traitorous actions undertaken by our own government officials? When do we drop the pretense that they actually stand for anything? They don't; not now and not in the future, but it is our lives that are going to be affected; it is our freedoms that will be erased and we, those who actually believe in this system when functioning properly, will be left to throw our lives onto the ash heap of history trying to defend something on which everyone else has turned their backs.

How many of our fellow countrymen are we going to have to engage? With the Department of Homeland Security it is very easy for the government to simply ad a patch to the uniform of every cop in the land and put them under the NEW authority. Don't you recall how easily and effectively they all suddenly became under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security?

If you find this difficult to imagine, you are on the wrong side of the mental preps you should have been doing. Do you trust your local law enforcement officials to put up a fuss, knowing that the president has surrendered? Or, do you think they will simply try to salvage what is left of their lives by going along, convinced by the traitors in our government that to resist is to endanger the lives of our countrymen, but to let it go and everyone will be okay?

What alarms me the most is that it is too easy to imagine all of the little dominoes falling into place. The trouble is, as long as people can see their lives continuing in relatively the same manner for a period of time, they will opt to do nothing.

We are in dangerous times and have been for some time. It is not the possibility of war with Russia that makes it dangerous, it is the fact that there is no one in public office who values our founding, who has a proper reverence for the Constitution, or who views the people of this nation as anything other than peasants. The loss of those values brings us to the point where it doesn't matter to anyone enough to defend them. As long as there is that promise of uninterrupted television service or WiFi, we'll go along with anything.

Now, before the reader responds back that their representative does believe in America and the Constitution, I will suggest that if any of them really held those values dear, they could not go along with the fraud that is daily perpetrated in the congress. They would not have been able to let Comey walk out of that chamber in anything other than handcuffs for obstruction of justice.

I suggest that if you do see the values of liberty worth fighting for that you divorce yourself from your stuff, at least mentally. Take a higher view, one of a patriot, where life is not worth living if not in liberty. That was the mindset that inflamed the hearts of patriots past to bring forth a nation against the worst odds imaginable. They did this knowing that they would surely die as traitors. I believe it is only the grace of God that saved them the first time. We won't have that benefit this time around.

But, even if these possibilities pass without war, we are nonetheless abandoned by our officials, our business leaders and our countrymen. Any crisis, domestic upheaval, natural disaster on a large scale, or a fraudulent election leading to chaos will lead us all to the same point. It will all be ugly. 

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