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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

To Alter or Abolish

I have been involved in the struggle for liberty since at least 1987. In that time I have seen a lot of things and done a lot of things, all in the effort to forestall the enemies of liberty and to protect what little freedoms are left. Obviously, I have not been too successful, but I keep trying. Lies of Omission is just another attempt to do that.

Back in August of 2009, when Barack Obama came to Grand Junction, CO to "sell" the idea of Obamacare, I witnessed the dark heart of the Marxist and it foreshadowed recent events taking place in North Carolina and with a "Trump Car" in an unknown city in a black neighborhood.

On the long drive over from Fort Collins, CO to Grand Junction, where I intended to protest Obamacare, I increasingly saw vehicles carrying like-minded protestors and felt pretty comfortable that there would be a good-sized crowd at the protest. At Glenwood Springs, myself and my daughter stopped for a burger. That is when I started to see cars with SEIU stickers on the bumpers. They seemed, like us, to be charged up for some protest, but I had no idea they were headed to the same one.

When I arrived in Grand Junction there was indeed a huge amount of cars lining one of the main roads. Off to the side was the protest area, far from the school, where Obama would speak. Across from "our area" was "their area" and it was full of SEIU folks, proudly wearing their purple shirts. A counter-protest? Really? I had never encountered a counter protest. What were they protesting? Us? It made no sense until the buses started to arrive with more SEIU folks, who descended the steps, stopped at a table and signed their names. At first, I thought it was some sort of petition they were signing. It took a few more minutes for me to realize they were signing in so they would get PAID. Paid counter-protestors; another first for me.

Keep in mind this was when the Tea Party was in its infancy, in fact, I didn't even really know who they were when they finally showed up.

But, here is where all of these things tie into today.

Parked right in the middle of our crowd was an "Obama Car" just like the "Trump Car" that got trashed in the unknown city on the video showing on Drudge Report as I write this. Obama stickers were all over it. And, there it sat, hour after hour. No one touched it. A few whispered to the person next to them and both looked at the "Obama Car" that I, at the time called a "Bait Car" because that is what it was, bait to get people on our side arrested for vandalism, but I knew that wouldn't happen, because WE are not that sort of people. But, a visit to Drudge will reveal what the liberal reaction to such a "Bait Car" is likely to be.

The arson that took place in North Carolina was not done by the type of people who ignored the "Bait Car" in Grand Junction seven years earlier. It was very likely done by the same SEIU mindset that anything they dislike must be destroyed. Ship them in, pay them, inspire them to vandalize with legal protections from the Attorney General of the United States. As we have seen with Black Lives Matter, there is no limit to the destruction the federal government will not defend in a Marxist-led nation as long as it is aimed at Republicans, conservatives or small business owners.

Ultimately, that is the difference in society today. Marxist liberals are all too willing to destroy images they dislike. They are exactly the type of intolerant bigots they always claim WE are. Trust me, it is now a battle between US and THEM. This election will reveal that there is no way to win against the forces they have assembled. They have the schools to indoctrinate, the IRS to intimidate, the labor unions as enforcers, the media to deny and obfuscate the truth; to propagandize the lies and demonize the whistle-blowers. Elections run in this manner are not elections at all and the final tool of the citizen to have a say in government will be lost.

The Republicans have aided this effort at every turn. When they should have stood, they sat. When they should have sacrificed, they became gluttonous. So, there is no real opposition party. What is left? This is what it must have felt like in 1776, abandoned by politicians with no recourse but to alter or abolish.


  1. I have long thought that this is what the colonials must have felt when all their entreaties were rejected. Tough thing to be actually living history. We have no guarantee of a good outcome. But neither did they.

    1. Excellent sir. I agree with you. I have also wondered about those Israelites who had to survive under the reigns of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. Of course those two did not end well either.

    2. I was passing thru Valdosta,Ga. in the Spring of 2009 wearing a "Liberty" type shirt when a retired LE said the local "boys"were getting "restless". Well, they either died of restless leg syndrome or they got used to the "new Obamy normal".
      I can "guarantee" there is no good outcome, and most of us already know it. Pray for wisdom, prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and stand ready to defend what you care about.

  2. I guess the question is; do we try to save the country now, or do we "go Galt," and rebuild when the last Liberal is sucked down the rabbit hole?

    I used to think "Just let the Liberals have what they want. When their envisioned Utopia collapses, people will come to their senses." One look at places like Detroit, and the entire state of Kalifornia kinda blows that notion out of the water; sad... truly sad...

  3. Fight to the death.


  4. Bill Ayres: We will have to kill 25 million Americans to achieve our Utopia.

    1. and those were 60's least Hayden just died of old age. Too bad that these Progs breed like the cockroaches they are, so old age is not a restorative solution for the country.

  5. Until nationalistic Amerikans decide to enforce their Freedom from the barrel of a gun, nothing will get better in fUSA. One, just one well-placed round on a destructive BLM protester will put an end to the violence.

  6. Lots interesting valid points. For sure there is a opining difference albeit slight. Slight enough such that the group of citizens that claims we have no party representing us (me included), are not united in a get results kind of way, ie: The Tea Party. Our Lexington-Concord moment(s) arrived years ago yet we continue to lose ground. Go Galt? Go it alone? yep, go somewhere. But for sure, it'll be just us vs them. 1000:1? or maybe nat'l #s reflect
    1k [them] : 1k [on sidelines go w/ flow] : 1 [u & me]. IDK just thinking about it.

  7. We are well past the point of pulling back and time is slowly ticking down to when it goes hot.

  8. Trump car video was proved to be fake.


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