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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Under The Gun- A Lie of Omission

Earlier this year Katie Couric unveiled her documentary "Under The Gun" at the Sundance Film Festival. This documentary was made, financed, promoted and distributed by the powerful media establishment. It was their view of gun owners and the Second Amendment. It was a horrible film edited to make gun owners appear ignorant and without answers to tough questions. It was edited to present that impression to young minds with no counter. It was so bad that ultimately Katie Couric had to issue an apology for the misleading editing of the footage where she simply omitted the answers the gun owners gave her. It was, in total, a lie of omission.

People watch films like Under The Gun and they know that it is wrong and full of misleading information and statistics. They know that there are better people to carry the message of gun owners and liberty activists. But no one is making documentaries like that. WE ARE, we are bringing some of the best voices of the liberty community to film, like Mike Vanderboegh, David Codrea, Matt Bracken, Claire Wolfe, Bill Buppert and others, perhaps Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, but we need help. We have already invested a great deal of money, energy and time to Lies of Omission in order to bring to the public those exact voices that make the best case for freedom.

The way the media is corrupt is that there is no traditional form of funding open to documentaries like Lies of Omission. It is just not there. One has to do a great deal of investigation and research to find even one film funding source that will consider a film like Lies of Omission. Now, if we were making a film about "social justice" "civil rights" or LGBT issues, we could have been funded in about five minutes.

This is why we need the millions of gun owners and like-minded liberty folks to link this post and help us bring as many as we can together to counter the misleading documentaries, news stories, television shows and opinion pieces being distributed daily.

Now, we have begun filming a documentary LIES OF OMISSION, that counters that misleading vision and brings the true voices of freedom to the public, but we (T.L. Davis and WRSA's Peter White-the producers) do not have access to the massive amounts of network funds that Katie Couric has. We do not have friends in the media to promote it and to drive audiences to it. We can only rely on these blogs and word of mouth to help us fund this film.

The Numbers

When one arrives at the Lies of Omission Indiegogo site, they see that we need $200,000 to finish the film, but have only raised $2,500 and one might conclude that we will not reach our goal. That is not true, whatever we raise we get to use on the film, so no amount of money is wasted. Any $5, 10 or 25 donation can have a big effect. Each donation signifies interested parties and that helps us reach out to other organizations to help fund the balance needed to finish the film. But, we really only need about $25,000 to get back into the field and finish the interviews.


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