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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Blue Nation Protesters

The protesters burning up the heart of Blue Nation are involved in a perfect display of what we must oppose, even if the protests themselves are pathetic and obviously guided by white men with money and encouraged by a traitorous media, but more importantly, not discouraged by the President of the United States. A president that encourages civil unrest and destruction of property has never been worthy of the office.

Blue Nation wants to secede from the union. Members of Blue Nation have threatened to move to Canada, but Canada has officially asked them to stay put. Members of Blue Nation have threatened, via Twitter, to assassinate the President-Elect. This is their character. Yes, Red Nation would have felt much the same had Hillary Clinton been elected, but there was a little matter of placing the nation's most shameless felon in charge of the nation's law enforcement apparatus that led to those feelings. Blue Nation wants to assassinate Donald Trump, because he does not think like they do. Those are some serious differences.

The protesters, who are not even sure why they are protesting, do so at the bidding of the elites. They are the army of the elite. They are the rabble-rousers of millionaires and billionaires, guided in their actions by the lure of money and a bit of fame. They are the minions of powerful media corporations. They are dupes guided by destructionists that are bent on the dismantling of American culture. They use words like racists, misogynists and homophobes, but that is not what they mean, what they mean is: you are not like us, thus you are wrong.

But, the perfect storm is upon them and it may be the end of their run. Which does not mean that the collectivists will not regroup and launch assaults through a different means, but the tactics they have used thus far will be exposed. This is a nation that has been held captive to the liberal dominated media, now discredited by the President-elect. This is a nation that has been held captive to lies about "global warming." The massive amount of commerce that has been denied and restrained by efforts of the Obama Administration are waiting to be unleashed by a President-elect that simply removes the restrictions.

The arguments of the left will have no purchase among those who voted for Trump and who will support him as he makes these changes to government policy. It is a constituency that will be available in 2020, even if they run another black candidate. Over time the lies the Millennials have believed all this time will be disproved and ridiculed by those who suddenly have jobs and futures and money that were denied these things in pursuit of collectivist goals of diminishment and denial.

Then, these protesters and their wealthy instigators will have to find alternate tactics as dangerous and devious as the ones they have employed, but their weapons will be dulled and their lies exposed.

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