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Saturday, November 19, 2016

From Darkness To Light

For more than a week the nation has been watching the Trump transition team and the naming of cabinet members. It has been slow, but then, Trump does not have the cronies to repay that a typical president-elect does, nor does he have an apparatus to take from the Bush Administration and install into his own, because the establishment turned its collective backs on Trump early on.

The appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General should send shockwaves through the Obama Administration, because Senator Sessions has always been one to hold others accountable against all headwinds. No one knows the future, but if this nation is ever to regain a semblance of credibility it must go through the darkness to get to the light. The law is the law and it is the law for everyone. If that is not true, and it has not been for a long time, then there is no justice.

Sanctuary cities, illegal immigration, pay for play, obstruction of justice, violation of the First, Second, Third (if violations of the Fourth allow for government surveillance in one's home without warrant or knowledge constitutes troops housed among the people) Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth (think about the IRS), Ninth and Tenth Amendments must be addressed.

After decades of shuffling the Constitution off the books, of shrugging off violations with an understanding that the government has no interest in upholding the Constitution where it protects individuals, but demands compliance where it aids the government, such as the Sixteenth Amendment, shows us how diseased this system has become. With a concerted attempt to turn it around, with appointments like Sessions as Attorney General, Supreme Court Justices who hold the Constitution inviolate, there is a chance to reverse the course of the nation.

No, it is not probable that this will happen. Time and time again the people have elected those they thought would do something on their behalf in Washington, only to have their hopes dashed in the first week. That does not change the fact that we are at a crucial crossroads. The media has been exposed as frauds; Twitter has been exposed as intolerant; the power of the giant electronic media companies like Google face possible anti-trust violations; Obamacare has bankrupted families; "green" boondoggles have cost taxpayers billions with no concrete science behind their claims; political correctness has driven divisions among the people; the education system is dismal and getting worse. Simply a return to Constitutional principles would rectify almost all of these failures of the left.

That is all it would take and if Donald Trump has the will to go through the darkness to get to the light, his presidency will stand as a beacon to future generations. This is what is possible, but indictments will have to be issued and the powerful held to account. This is one reason it is unlikely to take place, but that is what was voted upon in the last election. It was not a vote for Trump as a person, but as an outsider who would prosecute the agenda. A violation of this confidence will likely end with a Democrat in the Oval Office and a rebellion at every level.  

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