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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More Than Arrogance

Forget Trump, he is not the issue, because the issue is bigger than the election that is driving it. There is only one true candidate in this election and it is called accountable government and a vote for Hillary is a vote against accountable government.

Just over the email scandal the Attorney General of the United States, one of the most important offices in the government as it pertains to individuals, has demonstrated a lack of integrity by taking a meeting with Bill Clinton, the husband of the would be defendant, at a Phoenix airport. The next day, James Comey Director of the FBI, a direct subordinate of the Attorney General, obstructed justice by ignoring obvious felonies committed by Hillary Clinton, the logical result of his testimony would have been to refer the case to a U.S. Attorney, or the Attorney General, but by failing to do so, Director Comey became complicit in obstruction of justice.  

Next, the Attorney General obstructed justice by nixing an investigation of the Clinton Foundation. These are impeachable acts, to which the Congress of the United States is complicit by failure to initiate impeachment proceedings. When crimes against the people have been committed, it is the responsibility of law enforcement officers and members of Congress to act. When they do not act, they place the nation in danger.

What no one seems to be interested in is the fact that an injustice must be addressed, especially at the highest levels. The entire justice system of the United States is based on that very principle. What is the purpose of arresting a common thief? It is not so much punishment, as it is to prevent future thefts, to remove such people from society.

Whereas one thief might burglarize hundreds of homes if not taken off the street, an Attorney General failing to enforce the law affects the entire nation. It places, or leaves criminals in control of whole sections of the government and, in this case, perhaps the entire law enforcement apparatus of the nation.

Where does it stop? What can stop it? It has to stop with the people, but even that is being corrupted by illegal votes and rigged voting machines; the importation and encouragement of illegal immigrants to vote. This is so the people of the country, with the most to lose, who understand the importance of having an accountable government, have less and less of a say in addressing the corruption. This is a nice little racket they have going, isn't it?

Corruption at the very highest levels of government protected by the highest levels of law enforcement, unaddressed by the highest levels of the people's representatives, unable to be addressed by the people themselves, whose numbers have been diluted by illegal actions of the highest levels of law enforcement. It is circular national suicide. For them, winning seems to be the only desirable outcome, but for us, who have to live under the corrupt system, it is intolerable. Their actions are more than arrogant and more than avaricious, they are treasonous. At some point that reality has to take hold.

This truth is only made that much more depressing to think that there are about 45% of the people in this nation who will openly and even enthusiastically vote to support and sustain this corrupt, illegal and treasonous system. They are the Democratic drones. You know what a drone is, right, a mindless machine that is operated remotely by someone much more intelligent than they are.  

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