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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

One Night Of Peace

Sometimes one spends so much time dreading the lawlessness of government, recognizing the level of destitution, fiscal and legal, that it represents, that somewhere the alternative fails to register on the mind. This is the condition I find myself tonight. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and whatever might come is hard to decipher, except that at least I know he believes in America and the people who live all across the nation who stood up for him and the rule of law.

Democratic pundits have been spending every second with veiled threats and recriminations. They are stunned. They felt that the illegal votes would put them over the threshold, but they didn't. There are still many, many people in this nation who recognized a chance to defeat the criminal enterprise that threatened this nation and they gave the presidency to Donald Trump.

What we have to fear is the tantrum to be thrown by the current resident of that office. That I can imagine his defiant refusal to give up the office without doing inestimable damage to it is a stain in and of itself. I have had eight years to witness his childish reactions to disobedience to think any better of him. So, we wait to see what his reaction will be, how much damage he is able to inflict? His choice as a Supreme Court justice just went out the window.

But, I also look forward to the power of commerce that might be unleashed. I don't know what metamorphosis might take place between tonight and January 20, but one thing I do think Trump knows how to do and that is to get the American commercial engine reignited. Hopefully, he will be true to his word and rid us of this "green" economy that has, in fact, stalled and hindered all proven means of production. I would hope for a reduction of regulations on business and a restructuring of the IRS, but perhaps that is a wish too many.

There are some smart things he could do without too much effort that would do a great deal for industry and I believe he will do those things, but make no mistake, it is not government I want from him and it was not more government that all of those people came out to vote for him want.

In short, if he would just take the brakes off and stop punishing the producers of this nation, that would be enough.

Trump is not the answer to anything. He not a solution. He is a respite at best. All of the important things are still in place. All of the violations of rights and the surveillance government continue. The media is still hates most of those who voted for him. His ability to select a good Supreme Court justice is still in question. We have been given a few more months to prep and train and learn. He cannot solve the debt issues, or the fact that we still have enemies.

We are in a lot of trouble, but for tonight I can sleep without the knowledge that Clinton will bring her corrupt and evil plans to the Oval Office. One night of peace, I suppose and worry about the rest tomorrow.


  1. Amen brother. I too worry about what trouble the losing side will try tomorrow and the day after that.

  2. a walker in the valley of shadowNovember 9, 2016 at 7:56 AM

    finally, finally a light.

  3. I really don't see this as much of a victory. About half the people voted for a practicing devil worshipper. The other half ate doing victory laps thinking they actually put forth a real effort by voting. I read somewhere someone talking about Trump could get to work cutting the debt. You can't cut the debt! Our monetary system is based on debt! The debt must continuously grow. How many of those who voted for Trump are willing to stop paying their monthly cable tv tithe to their Jewish masters.those people who voted Trump could make a much bigger impact if they would trade in their corrupt federal reserve notes for silver. Hate to rain on everyones parade but that's the way I feel.

  4. Trump campaigned on an anti-establishment drain-the-swamp no-more-corruption platform.

    We should have a good idea what to expect from Trump in the choices he makes to staff his administration.

    Prior presidents for decades have appointed the usual suspects that keep the corruption gravy-train on track.
    They have particularly appointed members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC) to key important posts. I'm not advocating any conspiracy theories but merely pointing out the organizations from which administrations are usually staffed. These folks should not even be under consideration, unless we have been deceived by Donald Trump.

    Trump has also championed reform of Rule of Law.

    However, even more often he has spouted off in support of "law and order".

    They are NOT the same thing...

    "Law and order" is what the Nazis and Soviets had, and what North Korea still has...and what we increasingly suffer under.

    Rule of Law is an infrastructure that forms the bedrock of any society worthy of existence.

    Rule of Law means the wealthy and powerful are held accountable as is everyone, while "law and order" means the rabble are indicted, convicted and punished without benefit of the sort of mercy or hall pass accorded the likes of Jon Corzine or Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    True Rule of Law preserves the Bill of Rights, just as a corrupt judicial system has operated to diminish due process of law and the Bill of Rights.

    The War on *some* drugs is and has been the primary driver of corruption of courts, judges and prosecutors, and corrupted and militarized our police officers.

    Will Trump insist on a re-examination of failed drug policy?

    Will Trump muzzle and leash the DEA in regard to decisions made regarding cannabis RE-legalization in the various states?

    In fact, the DEA is a government agency without Constitutional authority to even exist (where is the Constitutional Amendment allowing governmental action in regard to drugs...or the flora the people may choose to cultivate?) and therefore should be decommissioned via executive order.

    Draining the swamp is a tall order...and absolutely essential to restore liberty and Rule of Law.

    Trump freely took these responsibilities as his platform.
    Citizen pressure should be applied ceaselessly in order to support President Trump in carrying out these critical behind-the-scenes efforts to thwart them will surely be attempted.


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