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Thursday, November 17, 2016


As Stanley Kowalski says to Blanche Dubois, "We have had this date from the beginning," so does the union. Secession was inevitable and would have been exercised more often had the South won the Civil War. This nation is not conducive to a massive federal government, it never has been and never will be. It was not designed thus and cannot sustain itself as thus. That it has maintained this long as it has is a miracle. I think it would have come unwound during the Obama Administration had it not been evident that the media would have propagandized it as a "racist" movement. But, now the media has been exposed as FAKE news organizations and nothing other than propagandists, so that moniker of "racist" has no affect. It has turned the word into a pejorative and nothing less, with no clout, with no deterrence. One merely shrugs at the indictment, knowing it is nothing less than an epithet, akin to being called a Redneck. Who cares?

The union has had a date with secession from the beginning.  It took nearly 100 years to bring that truth to fruition in the first place and more than 100 years to bring it back around, but it is here. We need to seriously, not emotionally, discuss secession, a realignment of political constructs. There is no reason to take it into the emotional realm. It is a political decision. Metropolitan areas feel differently about liberty than rural areas do. Rural areas do not rely as much on federal subsidies as metro areas do, even though the farm programs make this a close call. But, if the producers of crops were able to charge as they desired, they would get what they are owed and the need for federal subsidies would be negated.

One must understand that while goods and services are provided by metropolitan areas, that is not an exclusive that they can project, while food is a product that can be projected. In other words, a metropolitan area might be able to offer internet access, but that can be offered regardless of a population center, but food has to be grown, harvested and shipped, something a metropolitan area cannot do; oil must be drilled, developed and shipped either through pipelines running through rural areas or over the roads and over railroads.

Oil and other sources of power can be projected toward metropolitan areas, but it cannot be sourced there; it must be imported. That is a power position that Trumpland can exert. What a metropolitan area has to offer is consumers. That is not a good position to be in as a nation. To be a source of consumerism is not a strong position to be in when the providers of those consumables are outside the metropolitan areas. Granted, a product without consumers is a poor trading position, we have to consider need. Who needs and who has. That is the only really important issue here, especially when there are consumers outside the metropolitan areas that equal those in metropolitan areas.

Also, there is the question of security of routes to be considered. After the contract has been signed, there is no guarantee that those supplies will be delivered, if the citizens of the rural areas put up a resistance to the delivery of those supplies. It depends upon the equitable distribution of cash.

Now, keep in mind, those who control such avenues of commerce are expert in negotiation and, well, extortion and bribery. But, they are accustomed to dealing with individuals in positions of power, not random activists doing as they please.

What we have here is a classical Sun Tzu scenario. What are the lines of supply? What is the terrain?  Where is the enemy? Who choses the battlefield? When will the battle be fought? All of these can be dictated by the rural areas.

When you consider that, after the secession, the only place the Blue Nation will control are metropolitan areas, narrow, restricted metropolitan areas surrounded by Red Nation, I mean, if that advantage cannot be exploited, we have no business starting it at all. But, we should and it is time.

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