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Sunday, December 4, 2016


There has always been a certain level of insanity in the leftist camp. It takes a bit of rift in the psychological makeup of an individual to subscribe to the death cult that is leftism. Consider the millions of people slaughtered through dictatorial regimes and still, they line up behind them to take their orders and do their bidding. This is what is generally referred to as sociopathic behavior.

The process of genocide is simple: identify an undesirable human element, demonize it, dehumanize it, outlaw it, imprison it and dispose of it. When viewing the anti-Trump protests and listening to the hysteria in the "fake news" outlets dehumanizing Trump voters and openly regulating them on social media sites, one recognizes that in the genocide timeline, we are nearing the end.

Anti-Trump protesters call Trump voters (which is code for white, Christians who believe in the Constitution, whether they actually voted for Trump or not) Nazis. Nazis? Really? But, they have this narrative going and they are accustomed to making up slogans and the "fake news" sites carrying their water. They ironically accuse Trump voters of being bigoted when, in order to make that charge against a specific race and/or religion, one must be a bigot.

Bigotry is the assumption of certain values and beliefs based on one's race and/or religion. What they refuse to consider, because they are blinded by their own hatred, bigotry and ignorance, is that racism, bigotry and hatred are the tools of Nazis. It is how Hitler manufactured a genocide. It is how he, through propaganda, convinced the rational people of Germany to engage in, or overlook sociopathic behavior, because if they could do that, they could rid themselves of the Jews just as the American leftist seeks to be rid of white, Christian Constitutionalists.

Now, perhaps the Jews didn't see it coming, but this process was repeated too often in the 20th Century for someone in the 21st not to see it for what it plainly is, which is evil. The pieces are all in place to conduct another genocide with the targets identified by thought, crimes committed by dissent and executions approved of by the press.

One must understand, of course, that these protests are not organic in the sense that they arose out of general ill will, though ill will is obviously present, it was paid for by George Soros and encouraged by the media. It feels as if it means something. What they have done is categorize nearly half of the nation as despicable (or deplorable) human beings, racists, homophobes, bigots, Nazi sympathizers, white supremacists, etc., i.e. disposables.

Understand, by their reasoning, the Trump voter is a Nazi, because he believes in borders, the sanctity of the vote, the safety of his family members whether homosexual or not, the sanctity of life, the right to practice any religion that does not advocate for domestic abuse, rape, pedophilia, the extermination of all others, sex slavery and the right to honor killings where deemed appropriate. What this means is, they are willing to support such a religion if it gets rid of the "Nazis." But, their limited intellect prevents them from seeing that by so doing they have become the Nazis.

They think that by not being nationalistic they are protected from being a Nazi. They prefer the romanticism of Castro, forgetting that for the thousands of peasants who did not support him, it wasn't so "romantic" but then, Leftists have never been able to see the horror for the rose. They believe themselves to be virtuous, though covered in the blood of their fellow man.

But, this is how this genocide goes down. Having seen the sausage factory for what it is, the "Jews" in the American version of this horror story know what is afoot. They recognize the true Nazis for who they are. While the Nazis have ascribed all of the worst attributes to their opponents, none of it could be true, or they would not have lived as long as they have. As insult is turned to assault, the tables begin to turn and when those who have been vilified for long enough and the intent becomes clear to the majority, the outcome will be reversed. Having called for blood, they will see it. They mistakenly take silence for fear, when in fact the silence is merely the rational mind extinguishing the instinct toward mercy. They survive now in the middle ground where their aggression might still be shrugged off as foolish braggadocio, but the sides are defining themselves, just in case their blood lust is insatiable.

Jill Stein's bid to obtain recounts in WI, MI and PA are an attempt to deny Donald Trump the presidency by delaying the certification of the votes through delays in recounting the ballots. This is an act of attempted Constitutional sabotage. It is a hijacking of the electoral process as are the death threats received by electors. The electoral college serves several purposes, one of which is to deny the presidency to one unqualified to hold the office, regardless of votes cast. But, a rabble of dissatisfied leftists does not rise to the "unqualified" bar that has been set for them to act to deny. It is intended to provide an "out" if, after the election, it is discovered that the winner of the election is either not a citizen, insane or, like Hillary, an unindicted felon. But, even then, it places the electors on shaky ground and might still be seen as a coup de etat. What is clear, is that the Leftists are willing to overthrow the government to take power and pursue their eradication of the white, Christian loyalist. Sounds a lot like 1933 to me.

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