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Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Hostile Environment For Truth

Do you see what they are doing? Do you understand? The assault on freedom of the press has begun in our own House of Representatives, a Republican-led House of Representatives, that have passed a bill including a "fake news" clause into H.R. 6480

ACTIVE MEASURES BY RUSSIA TO EXERT COVERT INFLUENCE.—The term ‘‘active measures by Russia to exert covert influence’’ means activities intended to influence a person or government that are carried out in coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly including the following:

(A) Establishment or funding of a front group.
(B) Covert broadcasting.
(C) Media manipulation.
(D) Disinformation and forgeries.
(E) Funding agents of influence.
(F) Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.
(G) Assassinations.

All of these in italics could be considered information fed to websites, which are then disseminated out to the public. But, there is no way for an owner of a website to know where that information originated, in fact, our own intelligence communities cannot accurately determine where information originated on the Internet. There is no way for the owner of a website to know the absolute validity of any information found on the Internet then transmitted to the public. In fact, without being able to go back and look at H.R. 6480, I would not know for sure that what I had heard was true.

What is known is that any website might fall under the clause (H.R. 6480, Sec 501 (a) (1) (A-F)) without knowledge and be held legally culpable. The thing I find odd about this clause is that it singles out Russia, rather than the more common "by foreign nations." This has political intent and is not designed to enhance national security, rather it is designed to enhance political security. It is not just the Democrat leftists who seek protection from the truth, the Republican globalists are shocked, scared and desperate. If the media establishment cannot control the narrative for globalism, they are in trouble, so they agree with this Title and clause to intimidate websites that call them out for their distortions and extortions.

Trump and his election signals a victory for the unwashed and the globalists are already fighting back in every way they can. The war has begun and the first battlefield is the Internet. Websites like this one is a threat to them, all of them and with the support of the Democrats they are seeking to silence all opposition to the ruling class. We are all cast in the light of WikiLeaks merely for reproducing information released by it. Is this a shot across the bow to head off leaks that would publicize Pizzagate? This is a hostile environment for truth, but it must be engaged with fierce opposition.

Yes, I will go back to it. 12 Round Productions and Lies of Omission were created for the specific purpose of engaging this threat. Information is important. All of the weapons in the world will not solve a problem if they cannot be brought to bear on the enemy. This war is moving into a different phase. We are divided as a nation and the globalist Republicans would like to be done with us as much as the Democrats and soon, it will not be legal to run such websites. We need to use what little power we have and maximize it. Right now, our views are not even represented in the media. We have already been isolated. They have minimized our impact by association with every offensive group in the world. Mike Vanderboegh was recognized, but not for the great insights he had into the idea of individual liberty, but for his SPLC page. His other involvements have been effectively demonized. None of it will see the light of day if we do not finish the documentary and present our views in a medium and a manner that allows us an unfettered message.

We can start by helping to defeat this clause from H.R. 6480, but they will come at us from every direction to silence us. Vigilance is the price of liberty.   

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