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Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Mouse of a Man

Barack Obama recently wrote, or rather, dictated an article for The Economist in which were several phony graphs and self-serving statements, the likes of which are just outrageous. (I did not link the article, because if The Economist wants to publish this garbage and you want to read it I have given you enough information to find it.) Of those outrageous statements, this is one: Last year, American households enjoyed the largest income gains on record and the poverty rate fell faster than at any point since the 1960s. Or, this one: [economic] Expectations rise faster than governments can deliver and a pervasive sense of injustice undermines peoples’ faith in the system. Without trust, capitalism and markets cannot continue to deliver the gains they have delivered in the past centuries. In one, he outright lies; in the other he makes the suggestion that government is there to deliver economic expectations and lays the blame for his failures to any significant economic gain on lack of trust in the system.

The article, self-servingly and condescendingly titled "The Way Ahead," is written with all of the dripping narcissism of someone who believes that once he is out of office it will all fall apart unless he leaves this essay on how to conduct the nation in his absence. It is, to a great degree, a chance to simultaneously claim false advances for himself and blame reality on George W. Bush or the Republican Congress as he does here: particularly for infrastructure; and a political system so partisan that previously bipartisan ideas like bridge and airport upgrades are nonstarters. Obama seems to forget that he borrowed a trillion dollars in order to fix our infrastructure with all of the "shovel ready jobs" just waiting for the Stimulus Bill to get passed. But, as has been documented before, most of that money was spent on jobs for union workers or kickbacks to political donors, which, in this case, were one and the same.

Then, there is just the odd insanity like this: Economists have listed many causes for the rise of inequality: technology, education, globalisation, declining unions and a falling minimum wage. For one thing, he can't spell globalization, but prefers the UK spelling just as he does earlier with realization. But the statement itself blames globalization and declining union membership along with a falling minimum wage? I know what he means, that real wages, if stagnant, fall with inflation, but the minimum wage is not falling, real income is falling.

Then, there is this:

The chart is supposed to show how Obama has increased household income for the poorest and reduced household income for the richest. Two problems, one is that it is over the previous year, not the previous decade, not over the past five years, just the past year, therefore an anomoly; Second, if you look at the bottom the sources are from the census bureau and, as he points out earlier in the article HIS Council on Economic Advisors. Therefore, I find the chart highly suspect to begin with. The point is, it shows what he wants you to believe. Later he does the same with a reduction in Carbon gases, but it is more of the same self-serving nonsense that is rife with false claims and phony statistics.

But, what all of this illustrates is that Obama will continue to push this fake legacy of his through the fake news outlets that will still cover Obama like a blanket as long as he breathes. The nation will never be free of his constant self-promotion, unless Trump is able to ridicule him through Twitter and improve the economy faster and better and it drowns out this little mouse of a man.

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