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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Descent Into Madness

There is a point at which the globalist snowflakes cross from legitimate political activism to criminal activity and perhaps even constituting a criminal organization. That line was crossed when George Soros began funding Black Lives Matter, who continued to call for the death of law enforcement officers. Up until January 20, they will have been protected by the Attorney General, but that is all likely to change. Prosecutorial discretion only goes so far, before it becomes part of the conspiracy to commit criminal acts.

The criminal activity of the Obama Administration has gone so far that there is no way to go through a house-cleaning without a massive societal upheaval. Understanding that any action to put the rule of law back into effect will be accompanied by riots and violence, it is a dark passage. A dark passage that would not have been as severe had the globalist Republicans taken their oaths with any degree of sincerity.

Politics are complicated. It is hard to distinguish whether the Republicans were afraid of being called racists for opposing Obama's globalist policies, or whether they were globalists themselves and Barack Obama was simply deflecting heat and proposing what they would have otherwise proposed on their own. In trade, they ignored obviously impeachable offenses.

The media has played a huge part in emboldening the Obama Administration and will play an even bigger part in protecting what the globalists consider his "legacy" which includes open borders, climate agreements and subsidies for "green" industries. They openly criticize any attempts at holding the Obama Administration accountable as "fake news" and are building the disinformation apparatus.

To further complicate matters, Obama plans to remain in Washington and run a counter-government to fight back with all sorts of "fake news" that the fake news organizations will gladly report as actual news. This is what Barack Obama has always been, a community organizer and he plans to continue the efforts with the political clout of a former president. Think of Black Lives Matter on steroids.

The number of large corporations who stand to benefit from the globalist agenda will back everything Obama does, pushing the agenda that nationalism is a form of racism. The alignment has begun, but only the globalists understand who they are and what they want. The nationalists don't even recognize themselves as such. They are a vague conglomeration of different sections of a sort of conservative bent. The fact that they need to unite under one banner is lost on them. The only hope is that Trump can give this opposition form and substance, because he will need all of them standing behind him to counter this rabble. If he is serious about restoring America it will come down to a fight. Do not put it past Obama to encourage secession in a bid to lead the separatist America full of jihadists and liberal enablers.

The fireworks have not yet begun, how far we descend into madness is anyone's guess.    


  1. The real question is how much pain will have to come about before people actually start doing anything productive...

  2. Amen, brothers. It becomes a matter of what motivates. Sadly, in too many people, it has to 'hurt' before they act or move. Some are motivated by the heart, some by the mind, and some by the spirit - or the Spirit. Sadder still is regardless of the 'igniting spark'; all -on all sides - will feel the pain in some form or fashion. At this juncture, it is inevitable. And soon.
    Those few who still believe 'it can't happen here' will likely be hurt the most. The darkness is closer than the horizon. Storm's coming.
    - Grandpa

    1. Let's go the OTHER way around the Mulberry Bush: Start right out by locking up the Usual Suspects for racketeering -- and confiscate their assets. When Soros can't hire aggrieved young Black men to burn and cut and smash and kill, there will be no riots.

      Let me tell you a story: Jesse Jackson an Al Sharpton opened offices in Tucson, Arizona, to get rioters together, some racist White men headed him off at the pass: They GAVE riot guns to a number of responsibly-employed Black women there. The word got out, and the professional riot-promoters couldn't hire enough criminals to make a disturbance, much less to burn Tucson.

  3. If previous episodes are any indication, expect full batshit.
    It may be enough to unite 'against' the left and 'for' a chance to figure out our political system peacefully.Folks are better informed than they've ever been, if they want to be. I don't think we'll put up with much french revolution antics.

  4. Heh... all grandparents here?
    I got three:4, 6, &8.

    1. I've got six, 8,7,6,6,5 and 3. Oldest 2 are granddaughters, youngest are grandsons. And Grandpa is a dangerous old man, who will not let anyone hurt them.
      And Glenn, the left will not let any of their leaders be hobbled by imprisonment. They would lose their minds. So. Our options must by necessity be a bit more final. - Grandpa
      p.s. lineman isn't a grandparent...yet

    2. He's one of the few...
      We have 5,ranging in age from 8-2

  5. Eight children, six grandchildren, four great grandchildren. They're multiplying like hobgoblins, and don't ask me the ages, I have to refer to my cards. Obongo ain't near enough finished with destroying the country, so's he'll keep it up til indicted. I sure would like to see that cocksucker in leg irons and cuffs, wid a black eye. And that gorilla he "married".


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