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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Line

As we gather for Christmas, we must also recognize that it is a dying tradition. Our culture is on the decline, because we have not heeded the words of our founders and defended our liberties with steadfast defiance of law. For all of these years I have worked (and will continue to work) to strengthen the minds around me. I ask the reader to give me the benefit of the doubt when I say my mind is strong. I know what must eventually be done. But, it must be done alone.

We are all known, the authorities infiltrate our groups and our plans are known to them. Even when spoken in the hushed silence of the woods, our oaths are heard. The fact very simply is this: if you are speaking to someone and you are not the fed informer, the other person is. Now, maybe that is not an absolute, but in one's thoughts, it must be. So, while I appreciate the great groups that have been formed across the nation and the immense amount of training that has taken place, in the end it comes down to each individual and whether they are committed to defending this nation from its enemies, or not.

We have kept our powder dry for decades, waiting. It is to our great restraint that we have not leapt too early or spend our lives needlessly, but that will not always be the case. We have elected Donald Trump as a nationalist to oppose the globalist schemes of Hillary Clinton and George Soros. So, we watch to see what will happen. Will Trump drain the swamp; will he reinstitute the rule of law; will he reinvigorate our military; will he defend the borders and deport those bent on the destruction of our culture? These are questions that will be answered in the future, but none of this will be done without a fight, either political, physical or both. Understand, most of the Republicans he needs to rely on in Congress are globalists and will not help him dismantle the Obama constructs they helped to build.

I hope that when the atrocities occurring in Britain, Germany, France and others visit us on these shores that we will mind our oaths to each other and face the troubles with strength and self sacrifice. I have often been asked what I have DONE and I don't like rising to that taunt, but sometimes I do. Any number of people can attest to the fact that I have devoted tens of thousands of dollars to convince those around me to make some commitments to liberty. Many have and many more will and some didn't need me at all. But, I don't have any doubt about my commitment, even if others do. There have been several times I have charged off in defense of something only to be dissuaded by those "in charge." I respected their wishes and I have also been mostly abandoned when I needed the support of the community.

So, now I will give you my line in the sand. When I am faced with the prospect of defending my wife and daughter from the clutches of Islam or the "refugees" sent here to carry out the same deeds as they are perpetrating in Europe, I will not wait for the politically correct police to do my work. How and when I make the determination that I must take action to protect my family is up to me and me alone. If I am called upon, I will respond. Because this is not just a personal war, it is a war for our culture and those sworn to defend us have abdicated their responsibility in favor of "good press" and re-election. Our police have waited for attacks to be launched before rooting out violent illegal aliens and have tolerated "no go" zones in Michigan and Minnesota. They have allowed camps to be established where jihadists wait for their signal to wage war on America, on the citizens of the nation.

Nothing in the recent history of this nation leads me to believe that the police, or the politicians behind them will allow the necessary purge of these undesirables, these enemy fighters among us and it will be left to us and our oaths. I will view it as my duty. It bothers me that the whole apparatus of civil governments are designed specifically to do this sort of work, but have instead morphed into tax collection agencies against the people. Of course, their timid reaction to these threats are inspired and approved of by the globalist press and politically correct imbeciles populating our nation, but those forces carry no weight with me.

Right now, the battle is against the fake news media that defends and protects the actions of jihadists and their abettors among us. Exposing them or their lies and lies of omission is my current crusade against the globalist threat, but depending on how the Trump Administration deals with Obama's last desecration the Constitution, I might be forced to shift gears and embrace my obligation us and ours.

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