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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nationalism vs Globalism

There comes a time when the cards must be put on the table. A lot of people who read this blog criticize me in comments for the things I don't say, or the positions I don't take, thinking that I have not thought it through. They do not realize that some of what I write is nothing but a jab at the other side. Some of what I write is meant to bring others along a stream of logic. A lot of people visit this blog for the first time through some link on some forum and are not up to speed. I try to provide logical, reasoned explanations of our point of view on the society that is stacked against us. Typically, those who complain are already at the destination, so why should I write for them?

We are nearing the end of the prep stage. I can't help but feel like we are trying to build a house on an unfinished foundation, but time is nearly up. Long-time readers of this blog have known for decades that there was no way to vote ourselves out of the globalist agenda. We are about to find out how right we have been.

Electing Donald Trump, someone dedicated to reversing all of the advances of globalism achieved during the Obama Administration, was the shot over the bow and the globalists have taken heed. Globalism is behind the "global warming" hoax; it is behind Black Lives Matter; it is behind media-bias; it is behind the immigration issue; it is behind every malignant protest, riot and CIA leak. The fight is coming and I think that is why Donald Trump has placed generals so prominently in his staff.

The crux of the issue, however, is you: the reader, the activist, the prepper, the survivalist, the individualist, the nationalist, etc. What is it that you are going to do when the fight must be joined? For a long time we have been able to sit back and bang our keyboards to try and prep the battlefield, but the battlefield is being defined right now. Everything on the news, on Twitter, on Facebook is designed to define the battlefield. So the question is this: What are you going to do?

There are any number of scenarios that will give you the opportunity to act. What will you do when they deny Donald Trump the presidency? What will you do when Jihadists begin their major assault on America? Are you just going to let the police and the media control the outcome? What will you do when the inauguration (assuming there is one) is marred by violence and perhaps a terrorist attack providing the media the narrative of "well what do you expect when you elect a racist"? If you do not have an answer to these questions, or if it is "nothing" then good luck, but I do. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump, it has to do with allowing the globalists a victory. This is about to become a hot war and you may not like the general, you might hate the general, you may not even acknowledge the war or your part in it. That changes nothing, it just gives you an out. Don't worry, someone else will fight the battle so you can remain safe and criticize them.

This is a global issue. One might be as Nationalist as they choose, but the battleground is worldwide. After seeing what "globalism" means, i.e., the spread of Islam and the disruption of "nationalism" through the destruction of Christiandom and the imposition of Shria over constitutions and parliamentary systems, there has been widespread rebellion in the form of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the Italian vote and the resignation of Matteo Renzi which ultimately will lead to the Five Star Movement ascension to political power in Italy and a withdrawal from a quickly dissolving EU. This will lead to another global economic meltdown, bail-ins, poverty, chaos and that is when the globalists expect to step in and provide stability and slavery. I don't intend to wait that long. It is during the chaos that we must step in and provide stability under whichever general we can find.

Of course, I will continue to work on overt means to bring others around to the point of view of a Constitutionalist such as working on Lies of Omission, but that will no longer be my sole objective.

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