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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The War of Ideas

The quick update on the faithless elector issue is that it is not the "start" signal that it once seemed to be. The nuts and bolts of the agreement were unworkable for the Trump deniers. But, this is how the globalists work; they deny the will of the people, the vote, the Constitution, anything that gets in their way. They own the media and now have gone about setting up a "fact checking" organization designed to do nothing other than deny conservatives, or nationalists a voice in the public square. Sure, there are the websites like this one and WRSA, ZeroGov, etc., but how long before they are taken down for spreading "fake news" for offering opinions outside the "protected news" ideology?

Trump will have a say, of course, but giant media companies control information. Google owns Blogger. Blogger is easy and doesn't require a standalone web presence so many of us use it, but those days could come to an end. Then, the blogosphere will be fractured and who knows how long it will take to put the pieces back together, all on different platforms and what sort of leverage can the large media companies exert on Internet service providers? How many ISP's feel the same as they do and either through a willing cooperation or intimidation will enact the same sort of policies against blogs like this one?

This is a war specifically because they cannot stop Trump now and they know it. It is not anything I would prefer to be in, but here it is. This is a war that must be fought on every level: intellectual, economic, informational, educational almost everything except physical. This is not to say that some future event will not take it to a physical level, but not yet. This is the battlefield of the globalists where pajama boys and hacking are more effective than AR-15's. Yes, we are on their ground, a bad tactical position, but it is because we held out for peace too long. Despite the way the liberty community is portrayed by the globalists, we are largely peaceful, law-abiding people wishing nothing other than to be let alone.

But, they have not let us alone and will never leave us alone. Our thoughts, our opinions, our perspectives are what they are attacking. The very idea of a self-reliant individual with property and the ability to defend oneself is anathema to the globalist, who want defenseless slaves willing to accept their psychological direction and will attack that which they want attacked and blame those they want to  blame for the despicable conditions in which they expect the obedient populace to live.

I know there are people who do not understand or appreciate our efforts to confront these enemies on their territory, but 12 Round Productions and Lies of Omission are exactly that. They are a means to reach past the news that will never give the ideals of freedom and personal liberty the spotlight to enlighten a new generation, so we ventured out into that battlefield ourselves, with the help of many, many readers of these blogs and freedomistas across the nation. This is the battlefield, like it or not and if we are going to have any influence on the generations to come, we have to start with this film and with any luck others to come. This one film could be the building block by which we get the patriot point of view out to those who will come to seek freedom as the Internet is ground down to a few "approved" websites.

All of us would prefer a straight up fight on terms with which we are more familiar, trained and prepared, but one cannot fight a battle that does not yet exist and may never exist. What we have all been doing, prepping, learning new skills, stockpiling is good and might well be needed if and when the next economic collapse wipes out half of the world's wealth, but we also need recruits. SJW's are being created by the millions in schools and universities. What are we doing to recruit? Again, that is exactly what Lies of Omission is all about, to present our case for the Second Amendment and other rights requiring defense.

Thanks to Matt Bracken and Claire Wolfe, the new donation site gives one the opportunity to claim their books as perks for a donation. But, this is not so much an economic enterprise as it is an armory and a means to engage the enemy and fight for the minds of the next generation. We started this because we looked around and no one was carrying our banner, who understood our perspective. There are Second Amendment documentaries that engage the converted, but that's not what we are doing. We are trying to broaden the spectrum beyond our own little slice. Help us.

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