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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Traitors Among Us

After decades of having their way, the major media is suddenly on the defensive. The NYT has announced a policy change where it comes to the news, in effect, admitting that it had been hopelessly biased for too long. Which might have been in contrition for allowing the Times to be manipulated by the Dulles brothers in their campaign of regime change the world over in the early 1950's. Google has advertised for a "conservative outreach manager" signaling that they have no one on the entire staff with views different from their own.

Now, I don't expect a leopard to change its spots here, but it is a shift from the defensiveness and delusions of previous years. They are leftists through and through, globalists with some fantasy of ending unprofitable conflict by morphing all races and religions together. They don't mind the pain and suffering that precedes any coalescing of the peoples into one homogenous blob of slaves. From their ivory purchases, they will look down on it as a necessary transition period during which the undesirables (read independents) must be weeded out; exterminated. This is what Barack Obama has started and Hillary Clinton was supposed to pursue throughout her reign.

Globalism is an elitist strategy to eliminate the idea of nationalism and they will use any method available, war, famine, immigration and use the media to ridicule and defame anyone who might exert nationalism back into the equation. Nationalism is their target. It fuels the UN arms confiscation, the pushing of Islam into non-Islamic nations, using the forces of terrorism and societal unrest to identify and eliminate opposition. They use racial differences in the United States to drive acceptance of interracial marriages or to inflame racial hatred. It is a strategy. The main thing is the white Christian must either comply or be eliminated and they don't care how it is accomplished. They use Global Warming to identify non-compliant individuals. Anyone who will not accept whatever outlandish claims they make is a target.

Trump was a huge setback, because whether he was a Democrat or has any party loyalty to the Republicans at all is of little consequence. The one thing Donald Trump is, at least who he has been until he won the election, is an American first and foremost. He does believe in America. Now, what that means to him is anyone's guess, but he is not a globalist, or hasn't been in the past. He sees America as something special to be saved and exerted, at least through trade.

Conservative purists probably won't go along with him on everything he does over the next few years, but by naming Gen. Mattis to head up the department of defense he is signaling that he will be ready for a fight. By naming Michael Flynn to the NSA, he is signaling the same thing. It seems reasonable to conclude that his intent is to push back against the forces of globalism and to encourage other nations to exert their nationalism. Trump understands competition and that is his foreign policy. Whether he can weather the storm from all angles remains to be seen, but if he is to do it, it will be because he continues to battle and ultimately defeat the media in the United States.

To that extent, those who believe in the importance of a strong nation with borders and a strong sense of nationalism, must help to push back against the news media and social media that is currently being used as a club of the globalists. It is well known that America cannot be defeated in an all-out war militarily, at worst it's a draw, but that it is vulnerable through internal attacks by the media, a fact that became apparent during the Vietnam war and the usefulness of Walter Cronkite.

The traitors among us are legion. They are varied and each attack a different flank. Whether it is the concept of global warming, the value of the UN, immigration policy, racial tension, banking restrictions, religion, language, gender identity and gay marriage it is the work of the globalists attacking and distracting the population to destroy the concept of nationalism. At this point, they might even encourage secession as a means to divide and conquer.   

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