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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve and I am in a motel room alone. I am working this Christmas, like many before, because my chosen occupation has always been drilling, either water or oil. I am grateful that my injury has healed enough for me to do so. I am grateful for all of the great people I met this year filming Lies of Omission. My life has always been split between my creative endeavors and my love of machinery and physical labor.

Mostly, I want to address the part of this blog that is Christian. I explained to the owner of a rental property in California that I am a Christian largely, because it makes me a better person. When I said that he reacted fairly strongly that I was not a "better person" because I was a Christian. I didn't understand where that came from until I realized he thought I was saying I was a better person than him. I wondered how many times this is mistaken and how many times it has caused the same revulsion. What I meant was that I was a better person as a Christian than I was when I was not.

When I was not a Christian, I maintained the same integrity that many would identify as a quality of mine. I was just as honest then as I am now, but before, I did not care for my fellow human beings. Their misfortune meant they were weak. It was a more Darwinian perspective. I thought that Christians were just weak-minded and were searching for some way out of death, some escape route through the Lord.

I did not come to Christianity through my darkest days. Though I believe now that He was both the cause of my darkest days and stayed with me through them, at the time I thought I did it all on my own.

God came to me through my political beliefs, as I was searching for information about this country, this nation. He put into my hands a book by Thomas Paine called "The Age of Reason" and He did this through my search for Thomas Paine's "Common Sense." When the small bookstore in my little town had only The Age of Reason on the shelf, I bought it thinking that I would be able to glean a little about Paine's perspective from this unwanted work.

As soon as I read the first page, I knew everything in it. It was, except for the defamation of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, my views exactly, from the same complete thought process. Had I written down my beliefs about God, it would have been the same as what I had just read. The rest of the book was the same and I became a deist as a result. It was a while later that I actually came to Christianity, but that book, under those circumstances, is what changed my mind. As a deist, I wasn't much different from when I was...well, whatever it is that I was.

When I came to Christianity through an employee of mine, Tony, with whom I had numerous contentious arguments and debates about the existence of Christ, I did so with complete understanding of what Christ brought to the table. Where God is the manipulator, the engineer of the human soul, it is Christ that is the compassion and the merciful. You can be a deist and still be a cold, unfeeling and uncaring individual (I know, I was), but it is through the understanding of Christ's kindness and mercy that one changes. To emulate Christ is to recognize the unfortunate and maligned and seek to ease their suffering and offer consolation. Christ is the giving part of Christianity that is not present in a deist.

So, this Christmas Eve and tomorrow at work during Christmas Day, I will consider, as I do every year, whether I have been as good of a Christian as I strive to be. I always come up short and I will again tomorrow. Because I am not a good Christian. I try, I work toward it and I am much more charitable than I used to be, but I know I could have done more.

When we get back to politics in a few days and I don't curse and call some commenters foul names and berate them for their stupidity, thank Christ.

Friday, December 22, 2017

The Only Question Worthy of Debate

The true fact is that most people, especially those in the "patriot" movement, or whatever each individual calls it, it is like gender identification these days. "No, no, I am not a Constitutionalist, or a patriot, or an oathkeeper, or what have you. I am special, different, unique. All right, fine, but the fact remains that I am done trying to encourage people. That part of this blog is over, because the game has progressed too far for me to waste time in the debate. Now, I am just going to say what I think needs to be said and everyone else can debate the absolute validity of it, or the absolute nonsense of it. I don't care. I am not trying to win anyone's approval.

If you don't understand what Eric Holder was saying the other day about dictating what Trump did in regards to Mueller and what a monumental statement that was, then this blog is not for you anyway. In effect, Holder and the rest of Obama's minions are threatening BLM times ten should Trump come after them in a legal way. It was a statement that the left was willing to burn the nation to the ground to keep from being indicted and they would use all of the Soros paid thugs to do it. Antifa is political theater, but they are there for a reason and perhaps they will never amount to much, you can't focus on what they want you to focus on, you have to look deeper and see what they are trying to hide.

The Obama cabal are fully capable of unleashing any number of domestic insurrectionists to make a mess of things while they pursue other avenues of regaining power. Yes, they do intend to rock this ship of the republic and reinstall Obama as the new dictator and president for life so common in third world nations. Okay, we know their goal, we understand how they intend to go about it, so we are ahead of them on that aspect. But, we can't focus on that, that's what they want, we have to try and figure out how to hit them where they think they are safe, which is in the communist local politicians.

Someone scoffed at putting heat on the Mayor and City Council, the question is what else are you prepared to do? My estimation is nothing.

Listen, owning guns is great, it is purposeful and the more the better, but the most valuable thing to own is the will to use it, 'cause without that they are just wall art. And, I don't expect anyone to go there, yet. So what can you do now? What do you possess the ability and will to use? A phone. What else is needed at this point.

Which gets me back to the original idea of the first post. All of us have the moral standing in the community to bring that to bear right now, but that is not the only means of combating this Eric Holder/Barack Obama/George Soros cabal, but it must be done in stages. Everyone is waiting for the big chips to fall, don't wait. There is nothing to wait for, by that time the war will almost be won or lost.

This is strategy stuff, not tactics. Several things need to be happening at the same time, contacting and berating the City Council, whose plan for civil unrest is to give it a chance to burn itself out is a product of Holder/Obama/Soros, so don't let them have that.

Here's the question that should be going through the minds of those who understand the task at hand: Who are the biggest enemies of guns, liberty and property and how do I get them to fight each other?

I mentioned that we don't have the numbers and that was taken exception to, okay, where are they? Numbers only count if you can put them on the street. That is for demonstration purposes. Do we have a majority of gun owners, yeah. How many of them will identify a communist and shoot them, knowing full well that there will be a trial and prison time for doing so? 10, 20? in a nation of 350 million, yeah, we don't have the numbers unless you are talking about something much more mild. The question is to be mild and effective and here we come right back to contacting City Council, which is why I suggested that. Yes, we do have the numbers for something like that.

No, that isn't the only thing to do, but anything else would have to be as mild and as effective, or it won't get done. I'm trying to operate within the realm of the possible rather than fantasy and that takes Rambo out of the equation.

My point is: the war has already started and everyone who says they are willing to fight the war is waiting for something like a siren to go off. Ask Sabo if he got a siren call. We have already seen the previous administration come out as the opposition party to the duly elected president. We have already seen an attempted coup against the same president. At what point does one realize they are living in a banana republic and recognize their role? For me, that was when Holder stepped out to make his statement that if Trump fired Mueller, the streets would fill up with "peaceful" protests. The threat being that they would bring down hell in the form of riots. They being the people most likely to viewed as a legitimate government should this one fall. That is Obama/Holder redux.

Now, having read this, thank you, but if you think you are going to argue me out of my position or expect me to change my mind, forget it. This isn't spur of the moment stuff. The limitations of what I suggest merely align with what I see as possible given the unorganized, unruly, combative, debate-driven movement I call the patriot community for lack of a better definition of the wide range of freedom-lovers out there.

There are many things wrong and only a few things that are right. A lot of better thinkers are working on all of this than me and it all comes down to: how can we get our enemies to fight each other?      and

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Law-Abiding Citizens

How long before the Democrats/communists start carrying around Constitutions in their pockets and waving them at Donald Trump? In the past few weeks the leftists have all sounded more like the Tea Party than anything else, arguing that the Mueller investigation into collusion is some sort of Constitutionally guaranteed process that Donald Trump had better not interfere with, or he will be hounded out of office by raging mobs of Antifa, BLM and Hollywood stars.

Eric Holder, mastermind of such great examples of Constitutionality like Waco and Fast and Furious, who is the only American Attorney General to be held in contempt of Congress, threatened to unleash the power of Antifa on America's streets should Donald Trump fire Mueller. This is seditious, it is the ultimate threat of domestic insurrection. No laws have been violated by Trump, the Constitution has not been violated and since a Special Counsel is highly suspect as a Constitutional act itself, there are no grounds for unleashing such insurrection other than to take control of the government.

We are watching the initial steps of the Civil War everyone has seen coming for years, (especially Matt Bracken) led by the officials of the previous administration. The very fact that the statements Eric Holder made in the past week have not made him a Pariah throughout the nation tells one just how complete the alliance is between the establishment Republicans and the communists. At this point, it is a distinction without a difference.

Make no mistake, it is not Trump that Holder threatened, it is the American people. While he couched his statement with "peaceful" protests, we all know he was addressing Antifa, the Obama organized and Soros funded hit squad, who take the word "peaceful" as a dog whistle for violence. Yet, these statements from a previous Attorney General went by unnoticed, unaddressed and therefore accepted.

Okay, we're finally there. Eric Holder removed any doubt that this is simply a reaction to an election the SJW's didn't like. Obama empowered BLM and Antifa and Holder intends to weaponize them against his political enemies, namely the republic.

Some big choices need to be made, choices that we have all put off for a long time, hoping that somehow the right people would do the right thing and stand up for the republic. Where are all of the "good" cops? The hardworking, dedicated patriots that former Assistant Director of the FBI James Kallstrom bragged about in a recent interview. Much past this moment in time, what purpose do they serve? As in the previous post, these individuals are a myth, they are non-existent, or they would have done something. Yet, like some backwoods yokels swearing they saw a Bigfoot, FBI agents continually come out saying that they exist, they work with them, they know them. But, where are they?

If we acknowledge that these super agents do not exist and will not do their duty, the people themselves are obligated, not to stand up for the Constitution, but to stand up for themselves, their families and their property.

Here's what we have to recognize, this happy little union of ours is done and all of this will be fought out far away from our burgs and we will have no hand in the outcome. This will be decided in Washington DC between Obama's thugs and our own representatives and guess what? We lose everything. We will be outlawed, the Constitution will be hate speech and anyone having an ounce of patriotic blood will be unemployable. "Necessary" they will call it, including and primarily the confiscation of weapons, which will go down without much resistance in the end.

The only possible chance there is, as slim as it is, is for us to start fighting right now, in whatever way we can. Their troops are already out there, they have been bloodied. They are paid by anarchist billionaire Soros and trained by ISIS, or Al Qaeda and they are ready, or as ready as they will ever be. We have not even begun to fight because we are looking for a moment when our noble efforts will be recognized as such by our fellow countrymen and women. It feels like our sacrifice will be in vain if not recognized, or worse vilified and ridiculed.

That's just part of the bargain, sorry. When the founders swore their oath it was to give their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. It is the "sacred honor" part that they understood, that they would be vilified and ridiculed for thinking they could stand up to the mighty Britain. There was the very real chance that they would be seen as fools and/or traitors for attempting a revolution and likely shot.

Strategically fighting Antifa is unnecessary, the worst that can be done to Antifa is to make them go toe to toe with the police. Our strength is that we are law-abiding concerned citizens, that can't be played up enough in the early stages. Putting pressure on Mayors and City Councils to make the police engage them, instead of giving them a safe space to burn their emotions (and private property) out is the better move. Our war should be conducted in ways that get two bad guys to fight each other. There are so many ways to do that that there is no reason to attempt a direct assault. We don't have the numbers for a direct assault. We don't even have the numbers to defend our own lives when this turns bad.

Eric Holder started this, all we need to do is help him get it going. At this early stage of CW2 propaganda and forcing bad cops to beat up Antifa is just fun. If we can instigate the military to engage Holder's troops, fine. Forget the Posse Comitatus Act, we're past that now, this is for all the chips. We have to win to reinstitute that and any other pro-liberty principles we might support, but the obligation we have to our people, our families, our culture is to kick the snot out of the commies using whatever weapons we can, including, maybe primarily, our reputations as law-abiding citizens. AT FIRST, not as a long-term tactic.

The point is, if we start to fight right now, we might have a say in what comes next. If we wait to be heroes, we will die in some very pathetic and humiliating ways under communist rule.

More later.      and

Friday, December 15, 2017

Good Cop, Bad Cop

It has been suggested that bad cops are only a small percentage of the overall force and that the good cops should not be judged by the actions of the few. I would argue that if the bad cops are a small percentage of the force, why can they not be confronted and dealt with, if even on a personal, non-administrative way by the good cops? It happens in business all the time.

The fact is, the good cops hide behind the actions of the bad cops to be occasionally bad themselves, when it suits them and when they think they are justified. The good cops really don't even know what being a good cop is. They think that if they are not a bad cop they are a good cop, but that doesn't wash. At best, they are neutral cops, but by accepting and tolerating bad cops, they become bad cops themselves. It is and must be (pun intended) necessarily a self-policing responsibility. The fact that many of these police forces are not self-policing leads directly to the proliferation of bad cops either by their own actions or by the inaction of others.

So, when the FBI comes under scrutiny at the highest levels for corruption, corruption so complete that many of the most corrupt don't even recognize their corruption as such, why would any local PD be any different? The purpose of putting police organizations under the control of elected officials (the theory of it anyway) is to give the citizens a means of applying pressure against the most heavily armed people in our midst. But, red flags start flashing as Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggests that Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, is a man of conscience and integrity, knowing that he was hip-deep in the corruption, it can only reflect on issues with Sessions himself.

I don't think you can save the FBI. Whether it was always a soft sort of Stasi, or has recently gone off the deep end, or both these people, Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, Strzok, McCabe (the list keeps getting longer and longer) took it as their own personal deep state vendetta apparatus. They used it to institutionalize  a power structure by which they could determine and ultimately benefit from providing a path to the White House. That's a valuable card to have in one's hand when playing big-stakes political poker.

Okay, I know, go back to the 1960 Presidential election and J. Edgar Hoover and this has been done many times. That's why the 1960's TV show with Efrem Zimbalist Jr. had to be conceived and used as propaganda to make it unassailable to the public. I am not suggesting that all of this is new and never before seen, but it is never before exposed information about the actual inner workings of the FBI.

Most of us go back to Randy Weaver in our disdain for the FBI, or Waco, or their cover up of the circumstances of the Oklahoma City bombing all of which remained obscure to the populace. This, even in order to restore some version of the FBI's reputation, must include a wholesale housecleaning. And, with Eric Holder threatening a violent overthrow of the government (I don't see how his statement can be taken any other way) should Mueller be removed from the investigation tells you how much Mueller knows about the Obama Administration and their dirty dealings. It appears to be a race to manufacture evidence against Trump before the FBI, along with Holder, Clinton and Obama are serving prison sentences.

Here is where the good cops should come in, if there are any. This is where the agency is saved by the dedicated, honest people of integrity who have had enough and throw themselves to the lions if need be to expose this corrupt, violent, power-mad agency and all of those who have used it as such and benefited from its corruption. But, that relies heavily on those government agents of sterling character, who exist only in fantasy and Tom Clancy novels.

Check out Matt Bracken's view of this on the DVD or almost 2 years ago.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

FBI: Abuse of Trust

The FBI is coming unglued and the only thing holding it together are the agents themselves, continuing to mask over the obvious and complete corruption within their ranks. Let me ask the average FBI agent this question: If I were in full knowledge of criminal activity at my workplace and did nothing, would I not be somewhat culpable in the crimes committed there? What if I knew that my boss was falsifying bank records to avoid paying federal and state income taxes? Should I just turn a blind eye, or contact either the FBI or the IRS? Just curious, because it doesn't seem like there is any intention of the agents themselves, trained law enforcement personnel, to discover and expose or even take into custody any of the outright criminals within their ranks.

It is a well known axiom that there are always a few rotten apples that should not be allowed to spoil the whole bunch, but that is exactly what is taking place within federal law enforcement. The problem is, if there are only a few rotten apples, why haven't the good apples exposed and deposed them? And, if they do not, does that not mean that there are no "good" apples in the bunch at all, but rather a bunch of bad apples covering for and refusing to confront the bad apples? I have always been suspicious of the idea that there are only a few bad apples. I think that is some sort of justification for doing nothing, but by doing nothing, the good apples are doing something. They are turning their backs on illegal activity for the sake of what? Their good name? Sorry, that is blown.

Here's what I know, if you come to my door and suspect me of a crime, I had better have a darn good explanation or I will be in handcuffs. So, how is it that you walk by suspects every day, in the very halls of your offices and do nothing? Are you not part of the crimes committed by others at that point? Yes, you are, as officers of the court, you are; as entrusted by the people, you are. You can console yourself that these things work themselves out, but the weight of criminal activity is about to burn down the whole house, defame and destroy the agency and for what? For what? Hillary Clinton? Your globalist vision? Do you think you're the SS? And, if you do, what happened to them? History should tell you what is wrong with your actions, if you will not hear it from anyone else.

Are you part of a coup? Is that what you think? Is it the concept of a police state that intrigues you? A place where only the SS troops have ultimate authority? So you can do what, murder at will? If that is your desire, if that sense of power over other people is your understanding of utopia, I guess you are working for the right outfit, but if there is something left of your inner recruit that still remembers the concepts of justice and law enforcement, I don't see how you square that in the mirror every morning.

Most likely, you were recruited under the Obama Administration and saw yourself as some sort of ninja social justice warrior out to take down the current power structure and replace it with SS troops. Wow, I don't think that is what the American people are paying for every few weeks when the paycheck hits the bank, but that's some twisted Marxist strategy you've got going on there.

Either way the bloom is off the rose. Allowing Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and McCabe to have their way has done as much for the FBI as Kaepernick has done for the NFL. Since none of you have come forward like good soldiers ready to take a bullet for the cause and expose this cabal, the average citizen can do nothing but look at the whole lot of you as reckless, spineless, sycophants to this immoral, outrageous abuse of trust. If that is the legacy you were looking for you have it. Enjoy yourselves as the Rome burns to the ground.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Who Cares?

The real, perhaps only, question I consider valid is "are you moving in the right direction?" All of this blathering about whether or not the Constitution is a valid document, or a bad document, or a useless document is nothing other than posturing. If one is motivated toward action through an understanding that the Constitution has been violated, does it really matter if someone else considers them "truly enlightened?" Holy crap.

Truly, is it just guns? Is that the only purpose of the Second Amendment, to own guns? Because, I thought it was a bigger issue, that the condition of the rights secured under the Second Amendment served mostly to tell us how far down the path of tyranny we had traveled. It is a benchmark. Obviously, by that marker we are somewhere between screwed and totally screwed. "But, if they come for my guns..." Okay, I'll take them for their word, but unless one answers that door with rounds fired through the wall on either side of the door, answering it probably won't yield the desired outcome. Take a lesson from the Branch Davidians on that one.

There's no voting our way out of this. Okay, but does that mean that when local votes are taken for County Commissioner that everyone should just stay home? Not to me. As we saw up in Custer County, where George Gramlich helped Ann Bastrop and Ann Wilson lead the charge to recall and replace all three so-called Republican County Commissioners. In the end, they only got two of them, leaving the most conservative of the three leftists in office. That was a monumental effort and as soon as the majority of new County Commissioners got into office, they unwound the collectivist agenda put through only a few months before. Oh, but "there's no voting our way out of this." Right?

It will take a war to get anywhere near the sort of liberty many of us want and it's bad enough fighting off the leftist, collectivist, communists in power without having to defend one's flanks and rear from our own side. Our own side, by the way, consists of smarter, faster, more willing participants than any of us out there doing the work through the system as it exists. They don't have to work, because they know it will come down to a war, so they are busy buying up guns and criticizing everyone else, who are also busy buying up guns and food and communication equipment and bandages and learning how to make soap and such. Better to dig a hole and pour guns and ammo into it than anything else.

To me, there always looms the time when elbow deep in blood from killing off one's collectivist neighbors and hanging the politicians from lampposts that one must look up from all of the slaughter and realize that a social structure still must exist. Or, maybe we will just start in on each other, root out all those damn Constitutionalists, etc. If not, if there is that moment when the wet work is done, someone is going to have to figure out how to make the sewer system work. We can't be too long about it, either, because there will be vultures peering at America from every corner of the globe, waiting for us to stop killing each other so they can swoop in with their greater firepower and take over this little burg. Or, Google will just contract with these vultures to finally get the socialist utopia (mass consumerism with no dissenting thought) it has always sought.

We live in an imperfect world. The several government entities we all live under have perverted the concept of "civil servants" to the point of ridiculous things like $15 million of taxpayer money for a hush fund for those sexually molested by the same people who voted to create the fund and then kept it private. Where the FBI forces non-disclosure agreements to prevent witnesses from exposing their egregious and illegal behavior, not because they would reveal information sensitive to national security. The secrecy of the government is the worst possible violation of their power and yet that isn't worth rising up and demanding their heads, because protesting is for fools.

Yet, protesting has driven more governments out of power than violent revolution. People in the streets terrifies politicians, because there are so many instances of the effectiveness of it. Ask Mussolini, ask Ceausescu, ask Marie Antoinette how that turned out. No, it doesn't matter that the military had anything to do with it. It is that image of a popular uprising that ends with their hanging or firing squad or the guillotine that strikes fear in the hearts of all politicians. It is a base and disgusting way to end a life, to be brought out as some common thug and executed. They spend their lives believing they are too big, too powerful, too sophisticated to be treated like some commoner and the image of it drives them to desperation.

But, keep buying guns and keep extolling your superiority to all who will listen.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lies of Tolerance

The leftist, Marxists liberals lie to themselves (and everyone else) so much, they have no understanding of the truth. Donald Trump is the main reason the nation is struggling with every issue under the sun, while simultaneously being the most inept, out-of-touch, do nothing, know nothing president we have ever had.

They lie to themselves about the reason GDP is up over 3% for the first time in about 10 years for consecutive quarters. To do so would be to acknowledge that Barack Obama had no interest in making American strong, but to drive the people away from jobs and into dependency. They lie to themselves about the nature of the family, telling themselves that any sort of combination of human beings can constitute a family, forgetting that a family requires some hierarchy of authority, discipline, respect and values handed down generation after generation. They lie to themselves about gender as if it is fluid, not recognizing that by exalting one, they denigrate another. They lie to themselves about morality, believing that they are the judges of what is moral with no corresponding aversion to amorality. They lie to themselves about fairness, seeking fairness only for those with whom they agree, reserving unfairness for whom they have decided amongst their clan deserves no fairness.

Their lies are evident in the "all white people are evil" message that has taken hold in their corrupt cabal. Their lies are evident in the "all immigrants are virtuous" belief that is only valuable to the political leaders of their doctrine. The Kate Steinle verdict only shouts this truth from the highest mountains.

Their hatred (often self-hatred) drives them to making statements about "all." That is the language of bigots and racists. Anyone who uses the word "all" when discussing any class, race (including the white race) gender, religion or age is a bigot and/or a racist. There is no people who "all" share a common trait, something diversity should undoubtedly prove again and again and while they have laid claim to these words "diversity" "bigot" and "racist" as the only ones able to utter them, they violate or endorse the very definitions of these words and they have become common lies among those who choose liberalism, leftism, collectivism or communism as their ideology. It is a time-honored tradition among those with those social views.

Their focus is not on their own corrupt ideology or blatant hypocrisy, it is on making those they hate pay for their crimes of existence. When so steeped in lies, the truth becomes a sort of virus they cannot allow to take hold in their isolated and increasingly shrill and violent community. They speak of peace as if it is something that can only be achieved by the obliteration of their enemies. In this, they are not unique. Any number of murderous dictators have used that same logic to massacre millions in the past century alone. When the Hutus slaughtered the Tutsis, they referred to them as cockroaches, beneath them, undeserving of sympathy or mercy, a plague that must be obliterated with machetes. It is the same language, the same logic with which liberals communicate today on Twitter and Facebook when discussing those with whom they disagree as they preach their lies of tolerance.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Giving Thanks and Taking Issue

It is a time of Thanksgiving, a moment when it is good to reflect on the gifts of God as they show up in our daily lives. When I think of it, I think about the people I have come to know. Not all of the people you meet are going to fit into your life, but enough of them will. This year I have come to know a number of people who have either participated in LIES OF OMISSION, or who have contributed to it in one way or another. I consider many of them friends beyond this project or that, this effort or that.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting many during Patcons, or the Fourth of July Parade up in Westcliffe, or in Pikeville, KY and yes, during the filming of Lies of Omission. While these might seem transient acquaintances, they are not. Not to me. The ideas shared, the issues discussed and the fact that they showed up at all are important, not only to me, but to an understanding that there is some point where actions will be required instead of words, but when that time comes, we will know who to count on. We can count on the people who showed up.

There are always critics. When Bill Nye and I discussed the idea of Patcons there were a lot of critics. They were afraid of getting droned when we congregated. They were afraid of protests and people trying to infiltrate the proceedings and take them into actionable crimes. During the Siege of DC there was a lot of enthusiasm, until the critics got involved and spread all of the same fears, fears of my leadership, which I would have gladly given to someone else, if they had showed up. But, none did, because of fear.

I have had a lot of opportunities to become discouraged with the whole thing and then I look around and think that it cannot go down without a fight. To just give up is as bad as never having started to begin with and I have come in contact with a lot of people who think like I do and I know it is not a lost cause. They are the people I have met during any number of things and it feels like a betrayal to them if I were just to walk away.

During my years in the oil field I have been witness to a lot things gone wrong and there is usually someone who caused it who feels pretty bad about it. My response has always been the same, it is only the people doing things that make mistakes. Sometimes, I have had to recognize the same thing when I was the one who made the mistake. But, one thing a person cannot do and that is to stop simply because something bad can happen and a mistake might be made.

It is the same with this effort to restore some sense of liberty. This blog has always been for those who are not quite up to speed, yet, or who have just recently become angry with the way that judges, or cops, or some other facet of  the government has acted. I have always assumed that this blog was to confirm for them that yes, that is unconstitutional. The fact that the government actors don't care whether it is unconstitutional is no reason to give up on making a case for it. Think of all the sexual predators in Congress who thought they were getting away with their behavior, who had no conscience about what they did, because they were above the law. Events have a way of making lies out of one's beliefs. Should we just excuse the sexual predators, because that's the way it is and nothing can be done about it? There's no way to hold them accountable, because they are all powerful? That's wrong on so many levels, I don't even want to go into it.

So, there are critics to everything one does and if I ever cared about the critics, I would have done nothing and that's why I refuse to criticize someone else trying to do something. If I don't agree, I just don't participate, but to criticize their efforts can have only a couple of purposes: 1) to make myself seem smarter than them 2) destroy their efforts so that nothing is accomplished 3) to silence the ideas with which I disagree. Sounds a lot like the collectivists we are supposedly fighting against.

As for Keyboard there anything else at this point? Is there some battlefront I am missing out on? Is there some battle lines being drawn where there is a gaping hole I promised to fill? It seems to me that anyone who has the time and equipment to make that charge is guilty of exactly the same thing. If not, I greatly respect the fact that they have taken the time, after a hard-fought and bloody battle to bother to address me about my shortcomings. That takes a lot of energy and focus on what must be a sizeable burden on one so engaged. So, I apologize if my transgressions have risen to such a level that they must be addressed at such a cost.

Fortunately, for every critic I have found, I have found many more allies dedicated to preparations, vigilant to  recognizing the choke points and traps, who have arrived at the same places I have for the same reasons I have and I will keep my company with them and be grateful. Trust me, there will be plenty of time to get into the act.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Practical Efficiency and the Death of the US

Today, we see that justice is completely coopted by politics, a condition no republic can tolerate, but that is very apparent, even necessary, in a democracy. Is this why the leftists continue to insist that America is a "democracy?" It is not, but the United States is constantly referred to by senators and representatives as such.

A republic depends on the deliberation of competent individuals to write whatever laws are called for by the conditions of society, not at the whim of the mob. A democracy is, by definition, a mob demanding laws by popular whim, it is a very unruly and dangerous thing.

This is what America suffers from today. Popular television shows presented as "the news" stir up public outrage at some condition, true or not (most often untrue), but sensational and lending itself to irrational and emotional law-making. That impulse is supposed to be tempered by rational and deliberate individuals elected by those in their community and knowledgeable of their character and ability to be discerning.

Perhaps, when we had a less populous nation, a smaller nation (in size), that was possible, but then a representative was only initially supposed to represent 30,000 people (the size of a small city) (Art. I, Section 2, 3rd Clause), not the millions that they represent today, because the congress decided that they would cap the number of representatives in order to maintain the congress at the current size (435) under the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929.

Typically, when the Constitution is altered, it requires an amendment with all of its necessary encumbrances. In effect, this congressional sleight of hand meant that the federal government has instituted taxation without representation for the past 88 years (more than that actually, but at least that as a matter of law) against 680,000 people in every congressional district. This has led to all manner of gerrymandering and other political tricks to ensure that all of the people are not heard from and that those representatives are as unknown to the average person as a television star.

And yet, the people are called upon to make this decision on who should represent them. This is not possible. In a population of 30,000 it is likely that one might encounter their representative at some point, in some manner during the normal course of life, but not when one representative supposedly represents the interests of 710,000 people.

This lack of representation has led to the tendency of the government to function as a democracy rather than a republic, hence a great deal of our problems as a nation. The unconstitutional actions of the congress has led to a rash of denials of individual rights that, along with judicial rulings, combine to rewrite the Constitution along a populist bent without the formality that should accompany that act. It has restricted the "diversity" it was supposed to promote, by diluting the voices of smaller communities as they are lost among the larger population centers.

It was roughly this time in history (1910 to 1940) that so much of what America WAS was lost as Woodrow Wilson's vision of an effective and efficient federal government, regardless of legality, began to take hold and revolutionize politics.

If you combine this set of circumstances and abuses with the result of them, we find ourselves in the 21st Century with an absolutely corrupt and illegal government that cannot punish political criminals no matter how arrogantly and openly they commit their crimes. The people are unable to express their views in congress with the efficiency that was intended. And, when the government finds it expedient to abolish the Second Amendment with the practical efficiency that they chose to enact the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929, it must be the moment that the people decide to "alter or abolish" it, because without the Second Amendment only the absolute destruction of the concept of a republic can be envisioned by those in congress. One might argue that without the Second Amendment it would have long since taken place.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Dangerous Lies of Omission

What are lies of omission? A lie of omission took place during the Uranium One deal forged with the Russian nuclear energy agency Rosatom, to access 20% of America's uranium production. It was the responsibility of the FBI to investigate the Canadian company and ensure that if there was any misconduct committed by Uranium One that it would be revealed before the committee signed off on the deal. The lie was that Uranium One did nothing illegal or unethical in securing the uranium deal, a lie omitted by the FBI, because a number of the people and agencies that would decide to let the deal go through had been bought off or pressured in advance. Hillary Clinton said that her participation was of little consequence, because many other agencies were involved and it was basically a rubber stamp to what had already been decided. That lie of omission had to deal with the fact that everyone necessary to approve the deal had already been bought off or otherwise pressured to let the deal go through including Hillary Clinton.

The public and congress was left with the impression that everything was fair and square and that nothing illegal or unethical had taken place prior to approval of the deal. That was not true and the FBI knew it was not true.

Another lie of omission centers around the lack of reporting of Muslims as the perpetrators of rape, assault and murder. The media is complicit in this lie and some governments, especially in Europe, but here, too typically engage in this lie of omission to protect the fact that they are complicit in these crimes, not only by allowing criminals into their societies without vetting them properly to keep their citizens safe, but also to protect their ability to continue to do it.

I wish I could pretend that they are all dupes, unknowingly allowing people of suspect backgrounds into the country to assault and murder their citizens, but it is not so. This is a calculated process of eliminating the domestic populace with people more likely to accept and even lobby for a transition from typically democratic nation to totalitarian dictatorship that these traitorous leaders intend to control. The sheer stupidity of that is mind-boggling, but it is true. These are revolutions brought about by the current governments, it is an overthrow of the populace rather than an overthrow of the governments. This is something unique to history.

The public is left with the belief that these replacement populations are mere refugees from war-torn nations incapable of protecting them, when in fact they are an invading force. I strongly urge people to view the documentary KILLING EUROPE to understand the future of America if this continues.

But, the biggest lie of omission is the number of times citizens use weapons to defend themselves, their families or their property every year, heck every DAY. This number is never reported, yet the times that guns are used in the commission of crime is reported in great detail and those reports are very often lies to accentuate another lie about the availability of guns. Guns are highly restricted in every state. One must prove their ability to purchase a weapon, which takes the "right" and converts it to a "privilege." One has to prove their ability to drive a car, because it is a privilege due to the dangerous nature of operating a motor vehicle. (I would argue that driving is a right and people who abuse that right need to spend time in prison, but I digress)

The reason Europe is being killed by immigrants intent on conquering the continent is largely due to the lack of available firearms in the hands of the victims, generally young women. In Denmark even pepper spray has been denied to potential victims. They are allowed to have a rape whistle, nothing more and will go to prison if they defend themselves with anything greater. As jihadists are imported into the United States, we see this push from the media to confiscate guns. Why? Because, eventually the question of self-defense will be raised here and the answer is to arm those most at risk, young women in urban areas. In order to kill the US, guns have got to be confiscated and the people must be disabused of this nature of rightful self-defense.

These are the dangers of LIES OF OMISSION.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Gun Ownership Is A Collective Responsibility

Gun-grabbers like to point out how many deaths are caused by firearms every year. That's it, that is the extent of their thought or perspective, because their goal is not public safety, but the disarmament of their fellow citizens. If public safety were the issue, as they claim, they would be for the proliferation of arms in the hands of citizens.

In every anti-gun argument for the confiscation of guns begins with the figure of gun use in self defense, which is usually low, around 2,000 times and then that is compared to the number of times that guns are used, roughly 54,000 times. This includes officer involved shootings, both ways as the shooter and as the victim (about 2000); it includes injuries (27,000) and deaths (13,000); it does NOT include the 22,000 suicides, so a bit of honesty there.

But, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) puts the figures a little differently that does not support the assertions of the anti-gunners. The CDC, the last figure I saw, put the number at 249,000 times a firearm is used to deter crime meaning both when fired and when merely brandished to chase off a burglar or some such individual. So, while the gun-grabbers try to show that only 2,000 times a gun is used to deter crime by promoting the times the gun is actually used, rather than just brandished, they miss out on the 247,000 times it is used to deter crime without being fired. That's a big oversight and I would argue that when the weapon is not fired, the chances for a report of the incident drops considerably, so that the 247,000 times a weapon is brandished to deter crime is probably about half of the times that it actually occurs.

But, that is not the moral argument. The moral argument is that at least 247,000 times a year firearms are used to deter crime and if the gun-grabbers get their way that is the number of times we can expect to be victims of crime. In fact, that number could be raised considerably if guns were ever banned, because the number one factor admitted by criminals that deters them is the thought of encountering someone with a gun.

When they pull out the figure of 2000 times a citizen used a weapon in self-defense, they don't realize that what they are admitting is that out of the 247,000 times citizens just brandish their weapons to frighten away intruders, there are 2000 times that the sight of the weapon was not enough to stop the intruder and some person had to actually discharge the weapon to stop the attack.

The truth is, they don't care. The gun-grabbers wrap themselves in these statistics to show that their fellow citizens owning weapons cause burglaries (in order to get weapons) and are almost never used to stop crime. Okay, but what about the 2,000 people who probably saved their lives by discharging their weapon on a determined assailant? 2,0000 lives a year. I know, a death is a tragedy and a thousands deaths is a statistic, but I own one of those 2,000 lives and it is pretty special to me. Which brings us to the crux of this post: the solution to gun crime is not to force the individual to give up self-defense in order to make others feel safe, it is for them to feel safe by possessing a weapon of self-defense and using it to protect themselves and others when encountering determined assailants.

The collective responsibility, appropriately recognized, is to become trained and possessing of the ability to effect self-defense and the defense of those around them. That demonstrates a social conscience. Nowhere is this more pronounced, more obvious than in the many church shootings that have been stopped by those who understand it and embraced it, nor more regretted by those who did not.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Point of Resolve

The leftists always excuse their heroes of their imperfections with the admonition that we are all human. Only conservatives are not allowed those same human imperfections. It is part of the double standard that is inherent to leftism that most conservatives have learned to dismiss. It is that willing participation in the hypocrisy that should first be destroyed, if there is any interest in winning the cultural war.

The Harvey Weinstein sexual assaults that have now been widely publicized have led to an illumination of the left's hypocrisy to the point that Weinstein has now been denounced by some of his greatest supporters and that is a good start, but only a start. Conservatives don't have television or the movies, but they do have talk radio as a great platform and a few influential freelancers like James O'Keefe and Dinesh D'Souza. There are a few powerful lobbying groups like the NRA and GOA. There are even a few powerful billionaires on the conservative side like the Koch brothers and the Mercers, but nothing like the power of silicon valley and old-money liberals.

The odd thing about it is that the average conservative is a paycheck to paycheck working stiff, who is generally an honest, church-going, softball-playing, average American far from the cities and the universities that infect thought like a plague. They live in the 2600 counties that elected Trump instead of the 500 counties that voted for Hillary. It's odd, because it is exactly these people, who should be liberals. They are the ones who are operating on slim margins and would benefit from a few government handouts to make their lives a little easier; they should be interested in "free stuff" instead of having to work so hard to get the few things they have. The fact that they are conservatives tells us that the true concept of being an American is not dead. It might be on life-support, but it is not dead. They are the Americans that have walked out on the NFL, when its employees turned on the flag and the national anthem and the football clubs refused to do anything about it.

While it is encouraging that those who voted for Trump did so, not out of a dedication to the man so much as a dedication to what he claimed to support, i.e., defending the border, the Second Amendment, a conservative Supreme Court, bureaucratic reform and tax cuts. It was a repudiation of the establishment GOP, who had sold out conservative policies time after time during the Obama Administration. These RINOs now want to board the Trump Train without paying admittance with fealty to his policies. They want what NFL players want, support without doing anything to deserve it. They want to go on supporting globalist goals and spitting on their constituency, but nonetheless getting elected because they are somehow not the globalist swamp that the Democrats are, but those lines are getting narrower by the day.

In this sense, the GOP is in disarray, because it refuses to enact the policies they pretended to support in order to get elected. Their goal is to get elected, to be in Washington, nothing more and they rode the wave of support garnered by the Tea Party and sympathizers with it, but they didn't believe in their principles any more than they believe in Trump's. These waves are simply the momentum that propelled them toward the swamp, vehicles to get to the destination, but they are bound by no principles at all, except that of a globalist/collectivist vision of the future.

There are no champions of the American way, the concept of individual rights, truth and justice. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Republican, chosen by Donald Trump to be the Attorney General and largely supported by both Tea Party activists and conservatives across the board, refuses to stand up for America and these concepts. The Democrats are just human, there is no doubt about that, but then so are thousands of prisoners in state and federal penitentiaries. If the entire Democrat Party was guilty of felonies, they would have to be put in prison. Any concessions to their power is a repudiation of the American way, of individual rights (and responsibilities) truth and justice.

This concept of America is a built on the very idea that no one is above the law, that no matter how painful or how divisive the prosecution of one person or one faction might be, it must be done. There is no way out of the predicament, but to have that one person or one faction refuse to break the law in the first place, in absence of that, a prosecution must take place, or the whole concept of America crumbles before one's eyes. It becomes a lie and worthy of destruction. What is there to fight for or defend with people's lives if it is in fact a lie? What leader can be considered worthy if they ask their people to lay down their lives to protect a fraud?

And, one might say that America has always been a lie, that it never stood for what it claimed. There are those who believe that and maybe they are right, but if they are right then it should long ago have been destroyed. There is that line between belief and proof that most governments exploit. This is one, if it was always a lie and it took 240 years to prove that lie, it is nonetheless proven. If it were ever true, it can be true again, but not without this test of resolve.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Next Step for 12 Round Productions

12 Round Productions is establishing itself as a new media company. This is important, because as we have seen the social media sites are cracking down on conservative voices. Universities refuse to let conservatives speak. The media is hostile to conservatives. Newspapers go out of their way to slant the news in favor of liberal causes and points of view. Even in small towns, the publishers and reporters all come from the same journalism schools and carry the liberal message and points of view with them.

We are watching the sovietization of information, including private conversations all in the name of "hate speech" which has no definition other than what some liberal dictates it to be, which means the very terms used by conservatives are hate speech. They can reach into every aspect of public and private life at this point. In Britain, people are being arrested for casual comments in pubs that go against the approved narratives and it will, like every other collectivist idea, float across the waters to our shores. There is no appreciation for the First Amendment or the Fourth Amendment and the only consideration for the Second Amendment is what gun owners are prepared to defend with the force of arms.

This is the world we live in today. Nothing short of civil war will counteract the trend toward sovietization. The refugee program and open borders are just a means to get to sovietization on an accelerated timeline. The "new" people have no anticipation of freedoms or rights. They are accustomed to being ruled.

12 Round Productions finds itself in a position as a venue by which conservativism and individual liberties can be discussed and promoted, by-passing the liberal infrastructure which will ultimately reach into the Video On Demand sources to squelch the conservative narrative there, too. Lies of Omission will be available on Amazon in the coming months, but it will probably be pulled down almost as quickly as we can get it listed. Who knows? The pace of censorship is rapid and the gears of production turn slow. This is why we first relied on DVDs and will in the future, because it is the only sure method of communicating diverse voices and images without fear of censorship now, or in the future unless they start burning DVDs as well as books.

Lies of Omission was designed to get a much bigger platform for people like David Codrea, Matt Bracken, Claire Wolfe, Kit Perez and Larry Pratt, though Larry doesn't need much help. And, of course, Mike Vanderboegh's message and knowledge of some of the dirty deals perpetrated by government officials. It was supposed to raise these people up and add them to the conservative menu of voices so that many of us would feel represented in the arena of ideas. But, too many small-minded, self-absorbed individuals refused to let that happen out of some grudge with myself, Pete or Mike. It didn't hurt us, but it did stifle other voices that so many Americans need to hear.

We learned a lot with Lies of Omission. We learned that this patriot community is so fractured and rife with back-biting and circular firing squads that producing anything for them (and it was for THEM), no matter how diverse the voices, is a losing proposition. While we received a great deal of individual support, every organization that might have helped promote this work, for one reason or another, turned their backs and that is their prerogative and I don't harbor any ill-will for it or I would be no better, but if that is the formula for producing truly "patriot" "individual liberty" films and podcasts, then it is a non-functioning formula. Sadly, it takes a lot more than the dedication of individuals, it takes cooperation across the broad spectrum to make a success of something with such a narrow audience and cooperation is something absent in the patriot community.

We did, however, as gratitude for his cooperation, make The Vanderboegh Tapes available on you can search The Vanderbeogh Tapes as a series and find it easy enough. It is for sale (anytime viewing for as long as it exists) or rent, but it is long and we have 4 parts to it each with a declining price so it costs less the more parts that are rented.

So, okay. Our next project will not be aimed at such a narrow market. But, with the help of so many good, dedicated individuals, we have accomplished our goal. Lies of Omission was produced and distributed and is still for sale at 12 Round Productions. Our goal was always to be a force and to carry the message of individual liberty to the arenas where all of this will be debated when the entity known as the United States of America destroys itself with cowardice and political correctness (which are basically the same things).

If you think things are going to get better in this country, then there is no need for 12 Round Productions, but if you think it's going to get worse and if you want to have your perspective represented, we have opened a fundrazr site for the company as a whole. While we will be accepting donations there, it is important to share your ideas there for our next project. There is a little time between now and when we make our decision that there is room for input from our supporters.

For those who wanted us to fail and go away, sorry.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November Fourth: A Starter Pistol?

Eighteen billion dollars has been transferred from George Soros' normal operations to his subversive operations just ahead of the November 4th Antifa declaration of war. There are guys like Jeb Bush who have remarked that Trump would not be in office after December. The removal of Trump through impeachment, or a revolution would be welcomed by those determined to globalize labor and that is what it all comes down to. The American worker expects to earn too much money and it costs a lot to send the resources of the United States to other nations where labor is cheaper.

These globalist forces have teamed up with Antifa, Islamic Jihadists, BLM and any other destabilizing organizations they can find. They have bought off people like McCain, Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan to push their cheap labor dreams through immigration. There has been no need to corrupt the Democratic Party, it has been sold out to the globalist vision from the beginning. It is probably no coincidence that the Mandalay Bay shootings were supposed to help push a disarmament movement ahead of November 4th among even conservatives and it worked to some degree when the NRA signed onto a bumpstock ban, before reversing course.

To leave Trump in power now, with all of the facts of Uranium One coming out, with the positive effects he has had on the economy, with the disruption of their population replacement plans would set their globalist movement back a decade. They have their forces in place now, they have conditioned the American people to stand back and let things happen, rather than to stand up against a coup. The time is right and the psychology is right.

I don't know if November 4th is anything, or not. I don't take Antifa very seriously on their own. They are, at best, brainwashed snowflakes with nothing else to do. ISIS, however, I do take seriously and with all of the imported Jihadists roaming around the country, including 150 missing Afghanis who were supposed to be getting advanced tactical training in America and 18 billion dollars available to a couple of hundred Leftist organizations funded by Soros, November 4th is as good a time as any to take a run at revolution.

They have media coverage, complicit elected government officials on both sides of the aisle, CIA, FBI and NSA are all corrupted, so there are no patriots in that quarter that could do something to stop it all. There are mid-level DHS employees who can be counted on to run interference with those agents and troops who might not be willing to go along.

The only thing missing that I can think of is that it would be nice to have an economic crisis to add another dimension to the confusion.

However, if there is such a thing as a starter pistol for patriots to mobilize, perhaps this is it. We'll see how effective they are in the initial stages, but most likely this is just another attempt to get patriots to jump too soon, to take themselves out of the conflict before they can be effective. If November 4th is nothing more than a few riots in the usual areas, there's not much to do, but shrug it off. Any serious attempt to force a confrontation would have to come from something much bigger, much better thought out than riots.

One thing is for sure, if this is the start it doesn't make sense to stop until the traitors have been purged and the communists have been dealt with.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Second Amendment Is A Test

There is no estimation of the lives saved by the Second Amendment, not just in deterring crime and criminals, but also in deterring the government from its worst temptations. As Mike Vanderboegh detailed in The Vanderboegh Tapes currently available on Vimeo, when he talked to a federal agent many years later, the agent told him that after the assault weapons ban was passed, before it became law and four million semi-automatic rifles were sold (more than had been sold in the previous twenty years) the agent admitted that it rattled them. Because the feds understood that people weren't buying all those guns to turn them in after the ban went into effect, they were forced to reconsider the next step which was to confiscate those weapons.

It's not that the media doesn't understand this, it is because they are pushing a narrative that comports with their collectivist leanings. They want the government to be in control of everything, either because they see themselves as somehow benefiting from the collective, or because they are immune to history and fact-blind to statistics. This is true even when those statistics are produced by the Center for Disease Control. They force the belief that a communist/collectivist future is somehow more humane. There is no point arguing that this is false and easily dispelled by history, because they are communists. In a lot of ways, they want revenge on history, if you can fathom that.

Part of securing the new future is to get rid of the Second Amendment, as if that were the answer. The problem with that thinking is that it reverts back to the issue with the assault weapons ban and all of those gun owners who bought semi-automatic rifles ahead of the ban, they won't just turn them in and they shouldn't. That was the reality before the boom years of gun sales during the Obama Administration, it would be much, much more difficult now. The communists don't care, because civil war is part of their plan if they can't get what they want through legislation or judicial fiat.

A good read of the recently released JFK documents will prove that the communists in government, especially the three-letter agencies, are not above creating false flag events to manipulate popular opinion. Vanderboegh got an up-close view of this during the Fast and Furious scandal he broke with David Codrea. Is that what Mandalay Bay was? Who knows, everything we suspected about these agencies have been exposed in the past few weeks, either through revelations of the level of corruption of the Obama Administration or through the JFK documents. So, it is certainly within their abilities to engage in something like Mandalay Bay to take another run at gun restrictions, because the Second Amendment is the holy grail of the communist/collectivist cabal.

For this reason alone, the Second Amendment, or rather the possession of arms, should be defended by any means necessary. The Second Amendment, I would argue, has always been incorrectly argued in the sense that it is argued in court on the phrase "shall not be infringed" and "a well-regulated militia," but the more important clause, the one that gets to the heart of the matter is really the phrase "necessary to the security of a free state."

Militias back then were state militias, not national militias and they were made up of citizens of those states, so in order to ensure that the states would not be subject to federal subversion and abuse, the citizens of the state should be well-regulated in the use of arms to ensure that if the federal government became abusive and corrupt that the states would be able to ensure their own freedom through rebellion and with arms and trained citizens. In essence, to do exactly as was done when the South seceded and the federal government had no right to resist that action with force, but when it did and when the South lost, it enslaved the whole of the states to the federal authority. One could say that a reckoning has been due since then, because the feds have given no alternative route to  resist them. And so, we have seen the abuses of the federal government multiply over every succeeding generation.

But, this civil war will not be like the last, it will not be anywhere near as civilized, primarily because during the first civil war, the South thought they would be able to simply secede and forge trade agreements with the remaining United States and little would change. In fact, many of the legislators, when they left, offered warm embraces to their counterparts, thinking they would soon engage them in mutually beneficial legislation. This civil war will not be like that, it will be ugly and bloody, because there is no such illusions to be shattered. It will not be a states vs states issue, it will be a guerilla war from beginning to end; a rural vs city struggle fought mostly in the dark, because electricity is the biggest weapon in the arsenal. Cut off the power and the cities will quickly implode. It will be a war of sabotage, infiltration and starvation. But, they will do it, because like every other psychopathic collectivism ever imagined, they cannot tolerate limitations on their power.

The Second Amendment is not about guns so much as it is a test. It is a test of whether or not government officials can be trusted with their armies.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

National Assessment 2017

National assessment: It is now clear that the President of the United States, a former Secretary of State, the Director of National Intelligence, the Director of the FBI, the former Director of the FBI, a former US Attorney, and two Attorney Generals were all somehow involved in attempting to simultaneously cover up the details of a uranium sale backed with payoffs, intimidation, coercion and blackmail to America's enemy and fabricate information to influence a United States presidential election and use that fabricated information as justification to spy on the political opponent of the former Secretary of State while about half of this group was also shielding and distracting the fact that while serving as Secretary of State, the presidential candidate had basically set up a drop box on a personal server in someone's closet for foreign governments to rob of its classified information, for which, it is assumed that these foreign governments would donate money to the family foundation of the former Secretary of State and presidential candidate. All without a single mention in the left-leaning national newspapers or national television news programs.

What these professional football players don't understand is that they took football, the one respite from this daily dose of infuriating, insulting, disgusting gulp of the swamp and plunged it deep into the urine-filled toilet bowl that is Washington, DC. They swirled it around, then shoved it in the faces of the people who protect them on the sidelines, protect them from terrorist attacks, pay their salaries, build their stadiums, fill their seats, buy their over-priced beer and double over-priced hot dogs and think that the recipients of all of this inhuman punishment ought to care about their issues. Well, they don't.

When it comes right down to it, all the players and owners and sports commentators have done is teach the victims of all of this nastiness that they don't really care rushing, passing or receiving stats, that previously was at best a neutral distraction from the constant pie-in-the-face that is daily life in today's America where instead of being able to go out to work, do a good job and go home with full pockets, their lives have become constant question marks.

"How high off the ground do you have to be before you need a harness?"
"How do you throw this away?"
"What bathroom is that dude going to use?"
"Why do I have to spend $400 to have my taxes done?"
"What words are okay to use in public?"
"Why doesn't anyone in politics go to jail?"

That doesn't even factor in the constant drumbeat of collectivist ideas floating around gathering strength no matter how many times their premise has been destroyed by reality or how many times lives have been crushed proving the failure to people who won't see and newspapers that won't print and television cameras that never point in the right direction. When the great ball of inhumanity comes roaring down the hill directly at them and they have nowhere to turn and know they are nowhere near fast enough to outrun it, they become complacent knowing that it has to happen all over again, because collectivism never gets enough victims to make it work.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Vision of Civil War

There are many reasons why the United States of America will become un-united and the facts can be viewed through many different lenses. One lens is through the NFL issue. Where sycophants of Colin Kaepernick say they kneel during the national anthem to draw attention to the inequality of minorities in America, specifically blacks, that rings hollow to the veterans, police officers and patriots of America (many of whom are blacks themselves) who recognize the flag and the national anthem as symbols of freedom and justice. The protests, therefore, must be against America and a criticism of the values America espouses, whether it is always faithful to those values or not. It is, like it or not, a question of American allegiance or rebellion.

Another lens is through the freedom of religion issue. Christians recognize that except in some Western nations, Christians are often the most persecuted individuals in the world, especially in Muslim nations, but also in China and other communist nations. This is a documented fact, not an opinion. However, in America, a largely Christian nation, symbols of Christianity are attacked, defaced and even removed through the force of erroneous law. The First Amendment to the Constitution that protects the freedom of religion states:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

The part ignored by the courts when they rule that a religious symbol must be removed from public land is the clause protecting "the free exercise thereof." Banishing Christian symbols from the public square, schools and even government parks and monuments prohibit the free exercise of religion. So, in one of the few non-Muslim nations founded by people seeking religious freedom, they become persecuted in their own land. The trend now is to accommodate freedom of the Muslim religion using the same clause with which they oppress Christians. This is taken to the extent of accommodating a different legal code in some instances. This is a point of conflict that becomes more apparent and more inevitable as time passes.

Another lens is through the Second Amendment issue. The right to keep and bear arms is a uniquely American concept ingrained in its populace through the testimony of its founders as necessary to a free state and a free people. The possession of arms is and always has been intentionally used as an insurance policy against tyranny. Those who seek to regulate out of existence a right so fundamental to freedom can only be those seeking the very tyranny it is designed to prevent. This is a point of conflict that cannot be recognized as anything else. Though the opponents of the Second Amendment often couch their arguments in the fallacy that fewer guns in the hands of citizens result in fewer crimes or murders, their real intent is documented by the fact that statistics refute this assertion in very dramatic and convincing ways. So, if their premise is a lie, what is their real purpose? That is the question easily answered by the founders and drafters of the Second Amendment: it is tyranny. 

The point at which the Second Amendment issue leads to direct conflict is when it is sufficiently degraded through regulation to have been eliminated in the minds of the patriots. At that point, the arguments of the pro-Second Amendment faction are proven true, so the anti-Second Amendment faction fulfill the dire prophesies of their opponents.

Another lens is that of the deep state. The myth of a political remedy has been exposed by the corruption of the Obama Administration, an anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, communist/collectivist cabal determined to challenge these institutions of the republic through corruption of the immigration system, hostility toward the Constitution at every level and bankrupting the treasury. The idea of voting in loyal representatives as a means of peaceful reversal of these policies is refuted every day when supporters of Donald Trump are attacked and beaten solely for their support. If these actions were taken against supporters of the communist/collectivist/Muslim nation the full weight of the system would be unleashed upon them, but since the attacks are against those who believe in the Constitutionalist/republican/Christian nation, little is done other than casual, curious observation.

Through these lenses and others it has become obvious that there are truly two different nations occupying the landmass of America. The communist/collectivist/Muslim nation and the Constitutionalist/republican/Christian nation. These are diametrically opposed viewpoints that cannot be reconciled under one banner and conflicts between them will take place over many different issues and symbols as time goes on. To date, the most aggressive and insistent faction is that of the communist/collectivist/Muslim, but time will insist that the opposite become activated to defend those issues and symbols that make up their territory, or lose it.

Americans and American Christians must recognize that their understanding of freedom and justice is being threatened and that they are the last defenders of not only Christianity, but the concept of representative government. That their failure will result in representative government and the freedoms possible through such a system will cease to exist on the globe and that reinstituting it in a world dominated by a global dictatorship in possession of all the power and all the weapons and none of the ethical restraints of the US republic might deny freedom to any and all for centuries to come. That is what is at stake today. That is what is taking place during Antifa riots. That is what is taking place when football players take a knee. That is what is taking place when tragedies are used to further erode the Second Amendment. That is what is taking place when free speech is regulated in schools and universities. That is what is taking place when Christian symbols are removed from public places. The opposition to Christian freedom and representative government are already active and determined, while the supporters of such are inactive and passive, so far. 

The biggest paradigm shift necessary to preserve a Constitutional republic and freedom is to recognize that the entire United States need not be saved. The collectivists have been successful in consolidating power in high population centers, through state governments, where a few of them can dictate rules for the inattentive masses. This has already been done and only isolated areas have rebuffed the illegal laws and rules passed in the cities. It is those areas where whatever resistance to a communist/collectivist/Muslim nation must originate.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Remnants of the Republic

The American left might be unable to investigate obvious and openly committed crimes, produce jobs, improve the economy or know which bathroom to go to with the highly limited options of "men" or "women," but they can keep a secret for decades. And, we thought Harvey Weinstein was the news of the day.

It now appears that the reason the Fast and Furious scandal and Hillary Clinton's emails couldn't be competently investigated is all of the leadership in the FBI and the Justice Department were involved in tracking the bribes, payoffs, pay for play, coercion, money-laundering and extortion associated with Russian purchase of uranium and apparently covering up the facts of the investigation to allow the uranium deal to go through.

While Jeff Sessions seems to be an affable sort of guy, that's really not what is needed here and now. This is the sort of thing that proves a government to be a banana republic; this is the sort of thing that leads to revolution. The person who will decide that is Jeff Sessions. While we all knew what was going on in the Holder/Lynch DOJ, there was no smoking gun and without that you don't take down anyone of real political power. But, because they thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the election and everything would be kept safely under the rug and any whistleblowers would be dealt with in the Arkansas fashion, there are smoking guns laying all around Washington D.C. with engraved initials.

From what I heard, Mueller (the head of the FBI during the Fast and Furious scandal), Eric Holder (the Attorney General during the Fast and Furious scandal) Rubenstein and Comey all had specific knowledge of the aforementioned bribes, payoffs, play for play, coercion, money-laundering and extortion taking place during the Russian acquisition of 20% of America's uranium. This is only curious, because these are the same characters involved in the investigation of the Trump/Russia collusion investigation.

The troubling part of this becoming known is when Attorney General Jeff Sessions was asked if Rubenstein the Deputy Attorney General should be allowed to investigate his own role in the Russian/Clinton collusion investigation into these allegations of criminal activity, Sessions replied: "It would be his [Rubenstein's] decision. He is a man of integrity and ability..."
Are you kidding me? An ethical person would have "leaked" this sort of information to the media BEFORE the election and would not have appointed Mueller to investigate the bogus allegations against Trump/Russia collusion to sway the election, a man who covered up the facts of the investigation and withheld them from the Senate Judiciary Committee for seven years.

These are not the actions of a man of integrity and Jeff Sessions seems much too mild-mannered to hold the post that he holds at the time that he holds it. This period in time where crimes committed by members of the Obama Administration are blatant, wanton, deliberate and persistent calls for a man  who will be aggressive and tireless in his pursuit of the truth and ultimate convictions. Nothing else will salvage the Justice Department or perhaps even the nation. Anything less than an aggressive prosecution of crimes will restore the needed sense of credibility to the Justice Department and without that credibility the whole government apparatus will be exposed as corrupt and unworthy of power.

It doesn't matter that all of those on the parapets, who have been watching this clown show for the past eight years know all of this and more, the bluff is being put up and it is Sessions' responsibility to call the bluff. Now that it is out front and involving everyone, it seems, involved in current investigations into the sitting president, this is already a ridiculous and ironical farce of justice. Everyone investigating Trump should be in jail for treason.

Governments and indeed nations don't long survive this level of corruption without a painful and wire-brush-level cleansing. I don't know how long it takes for the faithful to look eastward toward Washington and dedicate themselves to their duty to alter or abolish, but I do know that it begins with this investigation and if it turns out that this is not a Harvey Weinstein take down,  we can all watch as the rats devour the remnants of the republic.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Will We?

What appears to be chaos is not. The casual observer might not understand why millionaires playing a game are willing to attack and insult the people who fund their sport and spend big money to see them play. They might not understand why people protest and try to shut down free speech under the guise of being anti-fascist. They might not understand why people who claim to honor women and support them keep silent when they know they are being abused, assaulted and raped. They may not understand why homosexuals support Islam when the dictates of the Quoran call for the extermination of homosexuals.

The truth is actually very simple and clear. There is no such thing as the Democrat Party, it has been taken over by hard-core communists. Anyone paying attention during the last Democratic National Convention would have seen it in the Soviet flags that flew freely in the crowd and where there were almost no United States flags until after that obvious statement of their true beliefs. The next night, there were a lot of United States flags, but that was a PR move to quell criticism, because traditional Democrats haven't quite bought into the program. It is no secret, in fact it is in his book, that Barack Obama considered himself a Marxist right up until the time that he took the oath of office, but then that was just an editing procedure covered completely by the communist press.

None of this is designed as a put down, the Republican Party has plenty of communists in its own ranks, but they are just less self-aware than the Democrats. From an objective point of view, there is very little of the traditional Constitutional republic left of our nation. The government controls industry through the EPA, OSHA, labor laws, DHS, Commerce, the ACA, etc. Just because the government doesn't own the means of production doesn't mean that it hasn't encumbered industry to the point of control. They can destroy whole industries with one regulation, as Barack Obama proved through rules enacted by the EPA to destroy the coal industry. It took effect too late in his presidency for a complete destruction, but had Hillary been elected it would have ended it for good. Hillary stated this intent with the political acumen she is known for before the election. But, you see, she thought the fix was in and she didn't have to worry about the "fly-over people."

What seems like chaos, is really the end game. The deep state has enough power; the FBI and the CIA are corrupt enough now; the college students have been indoctrinated enough; there are enough communist-leaning illegal aliens to swing elections that they are sure that they can come right after the football crowd, the traditional American citizens who don't pay a lot of attention to politics, but get their social fix through association with sports teams.

What the communists are looking for are points of conflict, those small divisions between us that they can exploit to make those social divisions a reason and excuse to foment hate. They need to drive one side to the furthest extreme in order to push the other side to violence. They even use violence to push the other side to proactively defend themselves with violence. None of this is new, this is how the communists have taken power in numerous countries in the past and the playbook is being run here and now. The more they can get us to focus on one issue rather than the big picture, the easier it is for them to succeed. So, that is what they are doing, it is what Barack Obama did and the more egregious the offense, the closer they can push the single-issue people to the breaking point.

The point is not that one shouldn't be upset by the individual issues, the outrageous and the infuriating, but Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood are the same things; anti-American athletes and Antifa are the same things; boys using the girl's bathrooms and girls in the Boy Scouts are the same things. They are all designed to drive one group away from the other and characterize them as "evil." This is the language of genocide, it is the process of breaking down the barriers to physical confrontation in the civilized mind. It starts with disarming the "evil" ones, which translates to those who believe in individual liberties secured by the Constitution. They cannot establish a communist nation with a bunch of heavily armed individuals who will resist that final pronouncement. This is why the Second Amendment needs to be defended against any and all infringements from now until the end of time, because once that is gone, the communists will be free to prosecute their murderous agenda.

The bad news for the communists in America is that they have spent one hundred years struggling to achieve their successes and the Constitutional republic hasn't even begun to fight. The only real question is will we?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Statistical Anomalies Do Not Deserve Blood Sacrifice of the Remainder

Here is the danger with the second amendment debate at this point in time, there are no good advocates, who truly understand the issues at hand. Over at the National Review we have some half-spineless humanoid making the argument for an armed citizenry resisting government tyranny. His writing is half-hearted and apologetic about supporting the view that, yes, a determined minority of gun owners could dispel a tyrannical government.

That doesn't help, in fact it undermines the whole concept of the Second Amendment. We really don't need some guy who sounds like he would be frightened at the sight of a 1911 laying on the table to argue the merits and utility of the Second Amendment. It was as if the duty had fallen to him, but that he didn't really buy any of it or support anything about it. Hey, National Review, maybe hire a competent writer with knowledge of the issues rather than pick on some spineless dolt to do the work.

The Second Amendment was never written to enable a sport like hunting or target shooting; it was written and understood from a deadly serious point of view about the security and nature of a free state. It was written to debilitate a tyrannical government and keep it in check until it could be overthrown. Nothing that has transpired in the 20th or 21st Centuries so far has refuted the utility or importance of the Second Amendment.

The means of self-defense in the hands of the citizenry simply and clearly define the difference between slaves and citizens. It has a huge impact on the internal sense of self, both in the individual and the government that would abuse him. Our National Review jellyfish took on the idea of the U.S. Military engaging a small, but determined band of rebellious citizens and recognized that it would be a greater ordeal than many think. He invoked the Afghanis as an example of a determined foe against a modern military force. Yes, that is a good example, but times that resistance by 10,000 and you have a better understanding of any conflict between gun owners and the U.S. Military.

Any real resistance in the United States would not really involve guns, so banning them is almost useless to deter the rebels. Nearly every vehicle runs on gasoline, very useful. Communications beyond cell phones and the internet have already been established. See, this has been coming for a long time and any serious counter to an act of a tyrannical government, such as removing the possibility of self-defense, has already been game-planned. Cities, where most of the command and control would come from and where masses of communists live, are incredibly easy to debilitate and even isolate. This isn't Kabul, people in America need electricity, food and fuel delivered to them or their life will be miserable, perhaps intolerable. So, how hard is it to disrupt electricity, food and fuel deliveries? Ask the UN operating in any African nation and they will tell you. The harder the government tries to stop these acts, the more forceful they are, the more converts they will make, basically proving the arguments of the gun owners.

The Second Amendment is special, not because it protects guns, (and this is where every collectivist/communist gets it wrong) but because its violation signals a government with the intention to oppress its people. While collectivists are completely fine with establishing a totalitarian state through which they intend to force their agenda on the rest of the population, a gun owner is typically an individualist who seeks self-competency and self-reliance and prefers a government determined by individuals. This complete divergence in thought is what will drive an ultimate civil war, not because it is desired, but because these established points of view go to the very heart of what it means to be an American. So, to give up one's weapons prior to this ultimate conflict, for the gun owner, is insanity. Simultaneously, it is to the collectivist's purpose to disarm the ultimate enemy. This is why it cannot happen without conflict.

The argument, then, comes down to: Will you become a collectivist and trust the state to protect you? The answer from gun owners and many others is NO. Gun owners are completely aware that huge strides have been taken in the direction of a totalitarian government already and disarmament would be the last straw. This is why none of these sensationalist mass shooting have an effect on their point of view. Mass shootings are statistical outcasts in a land where guns are used (CDC figures) some 250,000 times a year to deter crime, or frighten away an intruder. No matter how many times these mass shootings take place, the knowledge that gun ownership reduces crime and protects families cannot be dispelled by emotional arguments.

No matter how many mass shootings occur, when the solution is to follow the pattern of history that has resulted in the deaths of over 100 million unarmed, defenseless people, there is not much of an argument the collectivists can make to persuade them. Nor should there be.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Gun Rights Expose the Left As Communists

A good thing for gun rights advocates and their opponents to keep in mind is that the Second Amendment is not an authorization, it is not a creation of a right, it is the acknowledgement of an absolute right to defend oneself against criminals either inside or outside of the government.

The shooting event in Las Vegas cannot be absolutely ruled out as a false flag operation and, in fact, several indicators point to just that, so no law would have prevented the government from setting up this fiasco and covering their tracks with the same arrogance they covered up the facts of Waco and Fast and Furious.

There is no dispute that the government was willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands of Mexicans in the Fast and Furious scandal in an attempt to pass an assault weapons ban. Witnessing this abusive policy is the reason ATF agents, appalled at the actions and cynical nature of Fast and Furious risked their lives to expose it. Given that track record, why should anyone consider that the government agencies involved in that would not do the same thing in America when gun rights advocates like Gun Owners of America were starting to chip away at other infringements of the Second Amendment, just to show the power of the deep state? This is the type of government and government officials we are dealing with here.

I can list off all of the Supreme Court decisions that I want and it won't make my argument any more compelling to those who disagree with the Second Amendment, nor will it make supporters any more emboldened by the facts, because this is not a legal question. It is a political question. Does the government have the ability to arrest over 100,000,000 gun owners and seize over 400,000,000 guns?

When the question was one of arresting 12,000,000 illegal immigrants (conservative estimate) the leftist/collectivists said no, not possible, but when that same question is asked of them about 100,000,000 gun owners, the answer is yes. That tells you all you need to know about how ruthless the collectivists are willing to be when it comes to law-abiding American citizens who don't vote for them versus illegal immigrants that do vote for them.

This is exactly what the Second Amendment was all about. It was to protect the people from the government and other people who would exact their vengeance against them. This is why we are not a democracy under which the majority could decide that certain rights for certain people didn't apply and would use the power of the government to oppress them. So, when it comes down to the question of whether or not to abolish the Second Amendment the real, underlying question is: Will the government cease to be a republic? The United States cannot be both a republic defending individual rights and simultaneously a democracy open to mob rule. It is one or the other and it is perhaps the gun issue that reveals the change in status from a republic to a communist state over the past two hundred years and alerts patriots to their duty to defend the republic or abolish the flawed, corrupted remnants of it.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Interview on 56 KLZ Oct 5th

I will be appearing on 56 KLZ in Denver tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 5th at 4:05 pm MST on the Rush To Reason program hosted by John Rush and co-hosted by Dan Meurer to discuss Lies of Omission.


Listen Live

This radio show is special to me for a number of reasons including that it is a product of the Crawford Broadcasting network, which anyone who has listened to any of their programming knows, produces Christian broadcasting along with patriotic devotion. It is this nexus that is important to a guy who writes on the Christian Mercenary blog. 

12 Round Productions, Inc was founded by myself and Pete White for the specific purpose of opening up a new media front in the battle for individual liberty. The success of Lies of Omission determines our ultimate success in providing a continuing effort to push back against the forces of tyranny by exposing the lies told to us by the media and government to perpetuate the assault on individual freedoms and liberty, chief among them are the First Amendment freedoms of speech, press and peaceful assembly, but also the freedom of religion. Also, the Second Amendment rights to weapons with which to defend ourselves and our rights from a tyrannical government. This is especially critical in the aftermath of the Las Vegas attack which has seen an assault not only on the people who attended the concert, but also on the very freedoms we hold dear.

The United States is a complicated place right now. We are no longer able to simply go about our business of living life, we must always be cognizant of these infringements and prepared to defend our rights through a multitude of actions. Rhetoric will no longer do the job, we Pete and I have put a great deal of effort and money into the idea of 12 Round Productions as a service to defending these rights. But, without 56 KLZ and other broadcasting opportunities we will fail.

Now, the worst that can happen to us if we fail is we lose the money we have invested in this endeavor, which we have already figured into the equation and written it off as a good deed done for this nation and our fellow citizens. The worst that can happen to this nation, if we fail, is that a lot of infringements will go on without being called out, without being recognized and publicized and countered with facts and personal accounts.

Even if one forgets that 12 Round Productions will cease to exist as a counter to the tyrannical forces aligned against all Americans, there are still a number of people in the film that deserve to be listened to and their messages shared with subsequent generations of Americans, the ones who will suffer the most from our failure.

So, please listen to this interview and share the link to the recording of it with your local radio stations and request that Lies of Omission be a topic on a local radio show. It is the only way this sort of film will ever get the recognition that the people in it deserve. 

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