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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Monday Morning In America

There are a lot of things to consider today. There are a lot of cross-currents of momentum. The warriors for freedom have been given a day off after fighting back against the Obama Administration's efforts to silence and defame them, to distract them with egregious actions. Okay, so it is Monday in America again and there are things with which to deal. Disrupt J20 was an assault on middle America that elected Donald Trump. Trump is more of a symbol than a man, or a president. We are Trump, whether you agree with the symbol or not, the Disrupt J20 crowd have targeted him as a proxy for us. They do not hate Trump except as he represents us. This is the most important thing to understand.

I did not devote myself to Lies of Omission, because I wanted to do a movie, or I wanted to help my daughter in her film career. In fact, my daughter would rather not do it at all. She has a pretty good career making short films and doing interviews for her church. She freelances doing music videos for bands in the LA music scene. Lies of Omission is as much a favor for her dad than anything I am doing for her. In fact when this project is done she may no longer be involved with 12 Round Productions at all. But, that means we will have to hire and pay someone else to do what she does.

I did devote myself to Lies of Omission, because I understand that we need replacements, reinforcements from the younger generation that is not being taught the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, Natural Law, Individualism, Capitalism, or even American History in school. They will not get the message of American Freedom without films like Lies of Omission. I know this movement is skeptical and derisive of things they imagine will make someone money. Heaven forbid someone might make a living out of their efforts. And, we have gotten a lot of help, that is not in dispute here, but Lies of Omission is a big thing, a big thing for everyone, all of us. We have asked for your help, because we do not want this to turn into a Freedom Works takeover of the Tea Party. We do not want it to be a NRA production. We have asked for your help, because we want it to be of US and us alone. This is why we have chosen to interview the people we have interviewed, because they are not likely to be selected by the MSM as a spokesman for us. They speak from their hearts, their convictions, but none of us are wealthy.

This is important, because if you understand the forces aligned to deny Trump (in other words US) his successes to rid the nation of the stain of Obamaism so evident in this video h/t Matt Bracken then you must understand how important it is to establish a voice amongst the youth of today and that is exactly what Lies of Omission is designed to do, to fight for the Millennials who will ultimately decide our future and the future of this nation.

None of this is going away, because Barack Obama left the White House. He doesn't even intend to leave DC. Obama will forever be an obstacle to freedom and to our way of life. I say this, because I am speaking to those who read this blog for a reason, because they understand the necessity of freedom, the things that ensure it and the things that deny it. Disrupt J20 has just gotten legs and will spread in different forms as persistent as a plague. We have no way to counter this sort of organization. We don't have the money to do what Soros can do.

Yes, I understand being local and taking care of your own tribe and being self-sufficient, all of us do that already. I will ask you the question we asked Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America: "What are you doing to reach out to the Millennials with your message?" Ten years down the road we will be re-fighting the wars against gun control, no matter what Trump does to ensure them, if we do not make warriors of the next generation, we are lost. Lies of Omission, in the current environment, can reach out to them and offer substantive and informative arguments for making freedom an important political issue again. A generation down the road and they won't even have anyone to ask the question: "What was freedom like?"

One last thing any potential donor might ask is: "Why should we help you make a film by which you will be made rich and successful?" First, that won't happen. We will be lucky to get back a portion of what we have personally invested. But, even if this turned out to be a boon way beyond expectations, it would only fund other efforts to accomplish a resistance to the efforts that are making little dictators of our children. At best, it would give us a platform by which we might support all manner of other endeavors by this community. Our success is your success. I did not get involved with this movement for personal gain and have lost tens of thousands trying to secure the blessings of liberty for myself and my posterity. Lies of Omission is no different and I am willing to sacrifice it all for the cause of liberty and freedom. I have been through my inheritance doing this and have drastically destroyed my retirement and I have no regrets (my wife might disagree). But, I have done it, because I know that freedom hangs by a thread and most of the things I have been trying to save have already been lost.

As we step into the next Administration, I recognize that Trump (US) will need more support, not less. The cry for freedom must become louder and more pervasive than ever before, because as the millions of little snowflakes populate the nation and target Trump, their real target is middle America that gave the nation Trump and believe in things like borders and cultural preservation. I am not asking you to do anything FOR me, but WITH me and the others involved in 12 Round Productions. I have stepped out front of this effort, because I had to, not because I wanted to, but now that it is here, let us make it into something that can support the whole of our mutual goals as we go forward. Consider 12 Round Productions an engine that might be adapted to any cause in the future. It is a force multiplier more than anything else.

Please click any of the links and help us finish this film and get it into living rooms of the next generation.

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