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Monday, January 9, 2017

Racist, Bigoted and Ignorant

There is a post over at WRSA where Melinda Byerley explains to all of the backwards dirt people how to be and what to do to attract people like her to the rural areas. The mistaken meme here is that those in rural areas voted for Trump, because they wanted jobs and the only reason they are not wholly behind the leftist death cult, bigotry, hatred and othering (all of which is fully on display in her rant) is because of our bigotry, hatred and othering. This is a shining example of projection. See, Melinda, this lost and horribly bigoted, hate-filled "other" thinks you want her to live with you, because that is the price of employing your backward, hate-filled self.

This post of hers on Twitter reflects exactly a conservation I heard on the radio while engaging in the Epic Road Trip, which will round out our next set of interviews for Lies of Omission. So, there is plenty of windshield time in which the constant search for local programming consumes the many hours behind the wheel. The conversation popped up on the station while otherwise distracted by the actual task of driving. In the early morning hours of Sunday, I heard one liberal asking a very good question of his guest: "should we reach out and try to understand the millions of Trump voters to understand what they think about what their objectives are?"

This, I found fairly intelligent and I began to sort of the like the NY radio host, whom I never did identify. Then, I heard the response from his guest, whom I never did identify. The response ran roughly like this: "I don't really care what they think, they are bigoted, hateful, ignorant people with an agenda of othering anyone who is not like them. I feel no kinship, nor interest." Okay, this is from a woman who is employed at a public university with a PhD in some social justice endeavor, or another. Again, this is projection. They are the bigoted, hateful, ignorant people in this scenario, because if they did take the time to reach out, they would find that almost all of their convictions stem from "othering" the rural people as a form of hate. Not for anything anyone has done, but for how Trump voters made them feel on election day. See, by voting for Trump alone, one has been outed as a horrible racist, even though there is no evidence that Trump himself is a racist, or at least, not a greater racist than Bill or Hillary themselves.

To say that they feel justified in this bigotry is an understatement. They not only feel justified in being a bigot, they consider themselves heroic for making that courageous stand. But, the question remains, "A courageous stand against who?" Because their enemies are a fiction. This is a level of delusion that is frankly a bit scary, but necessary to embrace liberal socialism as a cause. They are forced to "other" what they don't understand. But, to get them to see their own hypocrisy is like holding a mirror up to a vampire. One might clean the mirror all day, but the vampire will never see its reflection.

The average Trump voter is not mad, because they don't have a job, or are disillusioned by the bad economy. The average Trump voter simply thinks that borders define a land mass that should be defended by the government organization responsible for defending those borders. The wall is not designed to keep out workers, it is designed to keep out people who do not have a job and do not want a job in the United States, who would be shielded from deportation by sanctuary cities, despite having committed crimes, and take part in the welfare giveaway program. The average Trump voter has a job, pays taxes and has grown tired of paying those taxes to a government that cannot enforce the simplest, most important laws where it concerns immigrants, but will gladly enforce those same laws against those already living in the United States legally of ALL races.

A lot of Trump voters voted for him knowing that the charge of "racism" was ridiculous. That almost every charge the fake news media spread about him was "fake news," so why should they pay any attention to it? The Melindas of the world believe the nonsense put out by the fake news media, no matter how many times it has been proven false, because they are, well, mentally ill. Anyone who believes ANY media as absolute truth at this point is an idiot, even when it concerns the "alt-right" media. We are no longer in a time when what appears to be true actually IS true. Educated people, like Trump voters, know this and use their own BS sensors to detect it. Pictures can be faked by the average 12 year old and memes can get started by a single Tweet. But, Melinda is incapable of giving the rural dirt dogs credit for actually being smarter than she is.

Trump did well with Latinos despite the fake news spread about his racist views. I know this, because I know numerous Latinos who voted for Trump and are proud of it, because it is their neighborhoods that are being flooded with cartel bag boys and Syrian jihadists. What the Melindas of the world don't understand is how utterly insensitive and racist it is to call all Latinos willing accomplices in crimes simply because of their race. That is the very definition of a racist, who sees a Latino as anti-American and criminal based on the color of their skin. In fact, some of the most patriotic Americans are Latinos who expect the government to protect their lands in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona that are being destroyed by the flood of illegal immigrants enticed to the United States by the promise of punishment-free carousing. Melinda appears to believe that these long-time American citizens would choose illegality over order based solely on their heritage. So, Melinda, is it a heritage thing that makes all Latinos criminals? Or, is it s racial thing? Either way, that is a very large demographic  you just called criminals or complicit in illegal activity. It is racist, bigoted and ignorant.

What Melinda doesn't understand is that being bigoted against Christians includes being bigoted against millions of African Americans, Mexican Americans, Chinese Americans, etc. She is ignorant of the millions of Christians being persecuted in Muslim nations, or more likely just doesn't care. She does not understand that being racist against whites does not exempt one from being a racist, it just means they think they have found a "free target" for their racism, much the same, by the way, that white people felt about black people a few decades ago. What reflection will Melinda have when the rules change again in a decade or so and the racism being exhibited now against whites will be met with derision and scorn? Is she ready for that sudden awakening? The whites of 1960's have been humiliated for their "free target" racism of the past. Will the pantsuit be the next "white robe?" All of racism is against someone that is incapable of fighting back, who, for one reason, or another, be it race, nationality or religion, are in a weak political position. The fact is, I expect African Americans to lead the charge against white racism, because, unlike Melinda, I think there are millions of African Americans who are ashamed of the behavior of Black Lives Matter and thugs like her.

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