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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Thank You

This is just an open Thank You to those who have contributed to Lies of Omission. We will be shutting down the Fundrazr site in a few hours, primarily so we can work on getting perks to the people who have been patient with us on that aspect, so far. Due to a lot of complicated issues I don't know exactly when they will go out as I have to be in LA for the editing during most of February, but solidifying amounts and etc will help us have a plan of attack when I get back.

A lot of people have helped us to make Lies of Omission a successful product. The biggest hurdle still to be cleared is one of distribution. Distributors generally pay to obtain the rights for things they know will sell, but something like this, well, it's the same old story. There aren't that many outlets for a conservative documentary, but we are beating the bushes to see what jumps out at us. None of them are going to give us the time of day until we have been through a few film festivals and come away with positive remarks, at least.

So, a lot of the distribution will have to be done by us through whatever outlet we can find. We are working on a website with a store function to sell them directly. I personally hate YouTube, but few other sites are as well known or visited. Vimeo maybe. Make no mistake as relentless as we have been about funding this film will be mirrored in trying to get it out to the public. Yes, some of this has to do with being able to fully pay those who are working for us, but as much is in trying to get the voices of our interviewees before the public, especially Mike Vanderboegh.

The establishment is corrupt, the only conservative voices loud enough to be heard are the same old voices we have been hearing for decades and they all have the same message "America is what we say it is and all you Patriots out there are nuts." Well, I wholeheartedly disagree with that sentiment. The voices heard on Lies of Omission are not generally paid to speak, they do so, because there is no one saying what we all know to be true. I want Lies of Omission to break through that sound barrier and let our strident voices be heard. Maybe, even kick up a few new controversies to shake the snowflakes out of the belief that they run something in this nation other than their mouths.

Anyway, thanks to all who have helped. Many have come through WRSA and the spirit over there is invaluable to this effort.

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