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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Great Social Earthquake

For those who have not understood the events over the past few days, who do not understand why radicalized liberal women would team up with Islamists, the answer is: we are in a cold civil war and you now see the enemy and they see you. Just like putting on uniforms, the sides have been identified. The Women's March was really a demonstration of cooperation, led by Muslims to show how far they have gone in co-opting the liberal agenda and the dedication of their allies.

There are only two sides in this fight, the nationalists who believe in America and the principles on which it was founded, regardless of any document and the globalists, who have mobilized the Jihadists and their snowflake allies as their front guard. But, this is not only a civil war, but it meshes with a global war to enslave mankind.

There can be no more clear delineation of the sides than the airport protests started by Soros, who is using Islam and Jihadists to help destroy nationalism. One has to discard any other previous political affiliation. Being a Republican does not make one a nationalist, being a Democrat does not make one a globalist. Those terms are not even relevant. This is different, because it is simultaneously a civil war and a global war.

Russia, in this war, is not an enemy. They are not necessarily an ally, either, but if they handle their business and we handle ours, nationalism will win. But, this is the fight we have all felt coming, we just didn't see Trump as our leader, but, as many predicted, (not me) a leader will reveal himself when the time comes. Right now, though, we are not exactly offering our support to Trump. He is alone out there standing up for what he thinks is right while protests rage all around. In 2009, Obama had union labor out there counter-protesting the protests by the Tea Party. While they are not exactly analogous, because the Tea Party was not paid and the counter-protesters were, the sides have just flipped, but the Tea Party is not counter-protesting, but someone needs to.

This is where I usually throw myself to the wolves and go out to stand in front of the protesters and try to antagonize a response. I am holding off on that right now, because I have other people's money placed in my hand to accomplish a recruiting tool for the next generation. This film, Lies of Omission, I think will be a very valuable tool in the hands of Team Freedom, but it bugs me to sit on the sidelines, when I know action is called for and appropriate. I know there will be other opportunities to engage the enemy, so it is not a question of action or inaction, but one of timing. And, it is not an "all or nothing" proposition, either. One might edit a film and act when appropriate, but that is something I would not reveal here at any rate.

What is important is that we see clearly how this is going to happen. It is only a matter of time before a false flag calls down the whirlwind on patriots like us. Listen to Bracken on Alex Jones for a better understanding of how this is inevitable H/T WRSA. We have to be ready to mobilize ourselves. Trump supporters need to get out in the streets and support him and the rest of us need to be ready to support them.

The fight we all saw coming was one where the government would turn against us, but that is not what happened and we need to understand the changing dynamic and recognize our role in this war. It is a war, it is no longer posturing. The globalists have come out strong and while I think the government can handle it for the time being, it is only a matter of time before the Marxists and/or the Jihadists take our caution for cowardice and make a direct assault. This is where police forces are divided, cities, towns and states are divided along hard lines. It is only a matter of time before the great earthquake shakes it all apart. Sally Yates committed nothing other than open treason and it was a bold move that no one in her position would make if not to signal others that this is no drill, it is the real thing. Even though she was a temporary AG, she used her actions to maximum effect.

The opposition is led by Barack Obama and George Soros. They are busy hiring their army and stockpiling arms. The hinted at training camps in the US are theirs. They will sew discontent until they think the time is right to make a direct assault to overthrow the government and install Barack Obama as dictator. I wish is wasn't so easy to imagine. What a coup for Islam that would be.

Steel yourselves.

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