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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Treasons Great and Small

Treason is defined as giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Trump has been accused of walking a line close to treason for complimenting Vladamir Putin for refusing to take the bait thrown out when  Barack Obama retaliated for fictional Russian hacking of the election. That whole premise is flawed and rife with "fake news." But, there is much more evidence in Turkey and Syria that the Obama Administration was funding and aiding ISIS fighters in Syria. The difference is this: the United States is not at war with Russia, but it is at war with ISIS. Obama's actions are a direct act of treason, Trump's, in this context, are the act of a patriot, by refusing to allow a lame duck president from destroying the fragile relationship between two nuclear powers.

Treason is not limited to current conflicts and it is not limited to wartime. Treason is more often committed in the back rooms of Congress. What might sometimes be written off as ideological differences within the overall scheme of providing representation to a diverse nation, there are examples of literal treason against the entire system of governance. This is what is being contemplated by Lindsey Graham and John McCain, who seem to be willing to throw their elective futures to the winds in order to defend globalism.

In a year of radical political twists and turns resulting from the arrogance of globalists enforcing their agenda against the resistance of the people of their nations, the whole concept of "Democrat vs Republican" dynamic must be thrown out. It no longer accurately represents the political divisions in America. There are only globalists and nationalists. Donald Trump's form of nationalism has struck a nerve with the people who have been deluged by illegal immigration and the crime and violence that accompanies it. The people have been in revolt over the mass immigration of un-vetted Syrians and other Middle Eastern nationalities passing themselves off as Syrian refugees. The people of America have watched as hundreds of sexual assaults have been committed in Germany in the open square during last year's New Year's celebration and do not want such atrocities to take place on American soil.

This next year, 2017, must be the year that the people take back control of their government. there  will never be a chance such as this again in our lifetimes. But, this will require some heavy lifting. It will require keeping tabs on the actions of Senators and Representatives alike, not the Democrats, but the Republicans. People like Lindsey Graham and John McCain know how to barter their votes to arrive at a globalist outcome. I'm not sure what level of idiocy infected Arizona to send John McCain back to the Senate this year, but they did. That does not mean he cannot be recalled for actions he will be forced to take. Already Lindsey Graham and John McCain are trying to use their clout to derail the promised "wall" and while Trump might be able to fight this battle himself, it would be important for the people of Arizona to be ready with a recall petition. It's time to start playing hardball with these traitors to the nation. One might throw Paul Ryan into this cabal as well. Any resistance to building the wall, or the repeal of Obamacare must be seen as deliberate sabotage of the will of the people. Republicans who seek to put up barriers to nationalism should rightly be hounded out of office.
Recall petitions, primary alternatives to globalist Republicans and demands for investigations into the unconstitutional actions of Republicans are all on the table. Remember, most of the incumbent Republicans were complicit in almost all of Barack Obama's actions and the fact that they failed to do their jobs and ensure that Barack Obama acted constitutionally and was indeed eligible to be president were among their traitorous actions in previous years. They need to be held accountable, or shown the door through the primary system.

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