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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

With ISIS Flags Waving

The coalition of the American Left and Islam, long-known to those paying attention, was on full display during the Women's March in Washington DC. The insanity of it seems vexing: how could women, the most oppressed and victimized of all people in Islamic nations, support Islam? It boggles the mind. That is, until one realizes what has been taking place. It is a matter of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The American Left will side with anyone against Christian Whites, even though many of them are Christian Whites. They think, stupidly, that by getting out in front of the issue of cultural change they will save themselves from the Islamists when the beheadings begin. The truth is, they will probably be first, because the rest of the Christian Whites are armed.

But, it is not limited to Islamists. Democrat leadership wants to destroy and murder Christian Whites. To get up to speed on the topic, if you haven't already, you can go to WRSA and read Matt Bracken's take, or you can go to Grabien News, but I suggest both. In both cases it becomes immediately clear that you, if you are a Christian White, you are the enemy.

This formalizing of hate by the DNC is the fifth or sixth step along the path toward a truly civil war, a war of civics, those against these. Identification is the most crucial step since one must first identify the enemy. Beyond that, there is intelligence on where the enemy is located; where the enemy is vulnerable; when the enemy will be present on favorable ground; the method of attack; the equipment necessary to support the attack; the attack; the escape; the reformation behind friendly lines. Sometimes, like at the Women's March and the Deploraball, many of these questions are quickly answered and the attack is imminent.

The biggest problem the Left has now is that the government is not behind them, at least not the Justice Department. Not long ago I saw a post put out by one of the rioters at the inauguration complaining that he was facing 10 years in prison and a $25k fine. He was blaming the instigators for exposing him to punishment and lamenting how they had carried out numerous actions without facing charges at all. With an AG like Sessions, the weaklings emboldened by Loretta Lynch will fade, but who will replace them on the front lines?

The mistake is to think that there is an amicable end to any of this. The true enemies of this culture will use the idiots to maximum effect, but eventually the real power behind the attacks will have to stand out front, because they have the will to make the change where others are more akin to window dressing, to make it look like a true split between the people rather than an Islamic attack on the West.

We are about to understand the weakness of the police force. It has always been effective where mostly law-abiding citizens were the norm, but it is wholly ineffective when encountering the sort of enemies we have today. Don't expect them to be there when the going gets rough. In every riot situation, the police take a "containment" role, not an interdiction role, but even a containment role is inadequate to address a truly hostile force like we are about to see. The election of Donald Trump may have given our side a few more weapons in the form of a friendly Attorney General (if they will ever confirm Sessions, but that is part of this war, too. The Left's delaying tactics are designed to give cover to their forces).

The problem the cultural preservists have is that they have no identity and no formal mutual defense agreements. They have also distanced themselves from the urban centers where the battles are likely to be fought. Yeah, if they come out to the country the Leftists might have a problem, but as long as they contain their assaults to the cities they will probably have free rein. Success breeds converts and by the time they do decide to move out from the urban centers they will be much stronger and much more organized.

So, as long as we refuse to engage the enemy when they are weak and disorganized and therefore easily defeated, we are just asking for a much more difficult fight. But, we don't even think offensively. We are all waiting for that assault in our AO as a signal to mobilize and I don't have a problem with that. It just is and it is something that will either work, or not. Just knowing you are in a fight and that the enemy is gaining strength and you can mark that strength is part of combat intelligence.

For now, I guess, I am in the role of intelligence gathering and dissemination. This is where we are, this is where it is going and these are the people who are doing it. The one thing that makes this much easier is they have thrown off the disguise and are coming right at us with ISIS flags waving and fake vaginas flapping in the wind.

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