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Lies of Omission
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Thursday, February 2, 2017

By Force, By Us

The riots in Berkeley were described as "peaceful" until about 150 masked anarchists arrived and began to commence violence. That is the "fake news" lie being pushed on the American public. The riot was planned and attended by protesters until their violent wing could arrive, it was not a coincidence and it was not organic. These are not even riots, they are para-military movements, they are anti-government terrorist acts.

There is a vast difference between protesting the illegal and unconstitutional acts of your government and rioting to shut down free speech. What few genuine protesters were in the crowds, either the Women's March or Berkeley, are misguided and should be ashamed of what happened to their "peaceful" protest, but largely they are not ashamed and feel justified in their hatred for America and Americans with different views. I heard none of the "peaceful" protesters coming out today to denounce the actions of the anarchists.

There is no correlation to the Tea Party, who were constantly described as "anti-government" which always seemed a bit odd since most of them were carrying copies of the Constitution in their pockets, whereas these rioters hate the Constitution, hate free speech, hate free assembly, hate the Second Amendment. Some of them just hate for the sake of it and riot for the thrill of unbridled violence.

This is a little of what I was writing about in the pervious post. There must be a counter to these acts of violence to protect the people who would have otherwise attended the speech. Yeah, I know, so what am I doing about it? Well, nothing, so far. I recognize that there needs to be an interdiction, an engagement with these punks. There needs to be a rapid deployment of supporters to flood the area and stand between these rioters and the venue.

The trouble I have is this is mostly taking place in liberal zones that I would just as soon watch burn to the ground. I am right now in the middle-ground between watching to see how bad all of this hurts the left and whether pushing to have federal funds removed from sanctuary cities, public universities and such will have the impact that it should. I guess, in other words, it is the government's role to defend itself and its laws. How will the federal government react to this illegality? But, I also know that there is something beyond what the federal government will do and what I am willing to do.

One must also understand that Milo is doing this on purpose. His college-tour is to expose the violent intolerance of the left. It is, to some extent, a PR stunt. Again, letting this play out a little is probably the wiser move, but I am not willing to sit back and watch innocent people harmed because of their belief in this nation, because it is more than that. It is a resistance to the forces of globalism who have planned this strategy of constant riots (I will not dignify them with the pretense of a protest).

My point is simply that at some point it will come down to what we are willing to do to defend the society that has led us to the prosperity and strength that we have enjoyed over the past couple of hundred years. It is a defense of Christianity against Islamism. It is a defense of freedom against collectivism. It is a defense of liberty against imprisonment. This nation is coming apart, because the Republicans in the House and Senate were too weak and too traitorous to defend the Constitution when it needed to be defended. Now, it is nothing more than an expression of natural law, without the ability to enforce it. That will have to happen by force, probably by us.


  1. T L I posted elsewhere the as the Berkley riots were still raging that this rage will continue until there is open conflict between us and them. Not a smart move seemingly as 90% of the firearms are in the hands of the dirt people in this country. But as I thought about it, it occurred to me that those behind the planning of this rage don't care. Open conflict and body count stacking up mostly those of their minions would work right into their plans.

    President Trump will demand law and order but he and his "followers" would be openly blamed and they would push for UN intervention. Most of the so called protesters are useful idiots that are expendable to the planners of this rage. The most dangerous among them as explained in the article below as posted by WRSA are the anarchists. To that faction the chaos of open conflict is what they will thrive on.


  2. Individuals in black arrested first, prosecuted as felons and imprisoned. Any school that does not promote the first amendment loses federal funding asap retro if possible.

  3. Mr. Davis,

    "This nation is coming apart because the Republicans....are too weak and too traitorous...."

    Please, do not dismiss the Democrats from their responsibilities to defend the Constitution. All too often I read and hear folks bemoaning the Republican side of the aisle while ignoring Democrat culpability and responsibility. Did they not both, all, Democrat and Republican take the identical oath ?

    Please. Both sides of the aisle are evil. The perception by some that Republicans are less evil is innacurate. Evil is evil. I for one have little use for all 535 + 8, including Mr. Sessions.

  4. All of these little kiddles will enjoy the thrill of anarchy; that is, of course, until the bullets start flying. Oh; and they will start flying at some point. The writing's on the wall; as predicted by many of us, this thing is coming apart, and no one is doing anything about it...

  5. As a former anarchist I have to warn that you ,and I, will be dealing with people that are so deeply indoctrinated with cultural marxism that most people would judge them insane. I am also aware that there is a minority within the anarchist mobs that have guns.

  6. Haven't commented here since before Idaho patcon. We need to understand that not only is this starting but we must not mistake the true leftists for the snowflakes. The snowflakes are the soft, public front of the leftist coup. You attack one of them and the narrative becomes justified. It's the determined leftist, staring down the cop in riot gear, beating people with alley apples and shovels, that need to be out focus. Being military, I can absolutely say, there are military trained leftists who are willing to bring this to the table. I've served with them. They were there for the training and experience and now they are running around, paid by the globalist. They have yet to be armed, but make no mistake, they will be. Their support and organization far out classes those of us who meet up on the internet and who, sometimes, meet in person at great distances from our aor. Be smart, be safe, be skilled, and be willing for when it is asked of you, you have less than a second to answer.

  7. CA posted on WRSA Mosby's take on the hard core anarchist part of the protest group. Language could offend the truly sensitive but as usual his point is a valid one. Be careful out there.


  8. I had not put together that the black bloqers were working in tandem with the "peaceful" protesters. Had previously wondered if Milo was doing this on purpose whatever his reasons may be. Agree this is a fight with islam and collectivism.

  9. There is a new group forming by, I believe the Millenial Generation, that is attempting to counter the "Antifa" organization of paid rioters exactly as you suggested in your post. They style themselves Anticom and can be found on twitter @anticomofficial

    Mission Statement:
    "Henceforth, the purpose of this organization shall be to better our communities through altruism and volunteer work, defend America's most vulnerable, and shelther the innocent against the threat of radical leftist terrorism. When necessary, we will use non-lethal force to deter violence against both property and life."

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