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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Soviet Sytem, Or Not?

I was going to reply to a comment in the previous post by Anonymous Ray, who accused me of "milking the conservative sheep" to which I took great exception. Lies of Omission is not about me, for me, or us. We might be doing all of the hands-on work of making a film, which includes a lot of late nights, a lot of coordination and equipment to be rented or purchased, etc., but this film is something much different than he can imagine in his limited "everyone's corrupt" mentality. So be it, but his comment did highlight something else that I thought deserved a response.

Ray's claim was that the U.S. Government has always been corrupt and that I am just starting to figure that out. Well, not really. When I look at the issue of government corruption, it doesn't matter to me how long it has been corrupt, or whether it was founded on a document that primarily served the purposes of the rich and powerful. What some people never take into account is that at the time of the Revolution most people were living a wealthy lifestyle, much like they are even today. Wealth cannot accurately be estimated from a rich nation, because "corrupt" or not we are all living lives of  opulence of which is only found in the West. Go to Africa, the Middle East, North Korea, much of China and you find destitution on a scale unimaginable even from a lower-middle class standard.

But, that is sort of a side-issue. It does not matter how long the U.S. Government has been corrupt, it only matters how long I have had to endure its corruption. It is not my duty to go back in time and fix it from the founding. It is my duty to try and fix it where I find it is corrupt. It is under my watch that it transformed from a relatively free state to a surveillance, Soviet-style state. That is what I have spent the past 30 years, since the passage of the seat belt law in Colorado, trying to fix.

I have come to understand that I am not enough, that thousands of me (and there are) is not enough, that millions of me might not be enough. Those who have wrecked our country have wrecked our economy, too. Our wealth has prevented us from taking oversight seriously. We have lived lives largely oblivious of the machinations of government behind the scenes. Some of us have been able to raise families, accumulate wealth and retire to play golf all without ever having to consider the economy or government malfeasance. That is true wealth, to be free from the intrusion of corruption.

All I am pointing out is that the wealth of this nation has been squandered, the government is corrupt and it is all about to cause you and me a lot of problems, problems that cannot be glossed over by a new golf club, or a trip to the city for a ball game. To look backward and say: "it was always thus," is ridiculous, because it was not always thus. It might have always been working its way toward this point, but it was not always AT this point and it is now.

The film is just a way to convince those working through the rubble that when they establish order, there was a means of producing wealth and freedom that should be given a chance to work again, perhaps with some stringent punishment for violation of the rules BY government officials, instead of focusing all of the punishments on the people. Maybe that little tweak will help.

What I do know about political systems is it doesn't matter whether one starts with perfection or a slightly flawed good idea, Man will corrupt it until it becomes something easily manipulated by the smallest number of individuals. Whether that is through the dominance of corporations and their ability to buy off representatives of the people to do their bidding at the expense of those supposedly represented, or whether government grows to a point of being able to partner with those corporations in order to reap the benefits without the investment. Corruption is a normal process, but it is us, the scattered masses that either tolerate it, or not. Who let is pass or stop it and start the process over again at the beginning. This is why Jefferson said: "the tree of liberty must once in a while be visited by the blood of patriots and tyrants." It is a continual process of revolution that secures liberty. A reset is required and more often than it has been utilized to this point. More than likely the last time it should have been exercised is at the turn of the 20th Century.

One thing that cannot be ignored much longer, is it is time again. We have let it go too long and it has only gotten worse. So when this economy collapses, we will fight and die and pursue a different system. Will that be a Soviet system, like we have now, or will we look into our past and give representative government another shot? This time with some lessons learned and more vigilant execution of public officials? We'll see.


  1. Thank you for your cogent description of the problem. This is why I'm confident that Lies of Omission will be a great work. Our problems are simple at one level. It's corruption. However, it quickly becomes very complex when we try to root out the specific problems so we can correct them. The disease is deep inside where it's difficult to detect. It's not one central tumor. The disease has metastasized and is systemic at the microscopic level. It's pervasive and resilient. It's politics and economics. It's government at all levels. It's public education. It's universities that are now largely funded via government. It's the media.

    The corruption gloms on to everything and we have as much of it as we'll tolerate, and we've evolved a great tolerance.

    Consider the economy. We're victims of our own success. Capitalism works so well that it can sustain a great deal of socialism and government corruption. We long ago gave up on using the vast wealth created by capitalism to fund more capitalism to make more people successful and raise more people out of poverty. Now, capitalism is allowed to exist only enough to feed and sustain the corruption. It's despised and reviled by its benefactors. The parasites have almost killed the host. Most of our current political squabbles amount to the parasites arguing over who can feed on the dying host without killing it.

    We have more material wealth than our grandparents could have imagined, but where it counts, we're far poorer than they were because they had a lot more liberty. They had less material wealth, but what they had was earned honestly and it was theirs to keep. With arbitrary regulations, runaway federal agencies, confiscatory taxation, and property taxes that turn us all into renters, we now have the illusion of affluence as our nation drowns in $20 trillion of national debt that can never be repaid. Sure, we now have these great electronic gadgets, but even those are used by agents of our feral government to spy on us.

    Lies of Omission may be 20 years too late, but it needs to happen and I have no doubt that it'll be great. My biggest concern is that it needs to reach the masses and I have no idea how that will happen when the corrupt system doesn't want that message to spread and most of the citizens now actively avoid messages such as this because they're the cradle-to-grave product of that same corrupt system. I believe the message will get out. I need to believe that. Our once great nation has committed suicide. It's dead and the corpse is starting to rot even though most of the individual cells haven't figured it out yet. They will soon enough, and when that happens people will be scrambling to learn what happened and what can be done. Maybe Lies of Omission is 20 years too early. Time will tell.

  2. I fear we, myself included, are not prepared or willing to see the depth and breadth of the corruption which has rooted itself in our lives and our government. I think we would shudder with fear at the uprooting if the full noxious weed were torn out. I hear phrases like "drain the swamp" and the people cheering their support. It is not a cesspool far away in the northeastern realms of this country, it is a deep infection that permeates the nation coast to coast. This draining or uprooting will not take place in a far off place.

  3. Boss, you're on THIS side of the struggle, and it's easy to get discouraged. Stay loose, and be prepared for anything. It always looks gloomiest before dawn. Better men and women than us knew that, and hung on til they could see better.

  4. TL, if you haven't already read James Bovard's book, _Freedom in Chains_, it's worth a look. He gets into the specifics of how government has been weaponized and used not only to subjugate all of us, but to send a thrill up the leg of every petty bureaucrat who can bankrupt and ruin anyone he wants to, whether because that person, small business, or even small corporation offends his sensibilities in some fashion, or simply because he can. Not just by asset forfeiture, but by regulations (of which Obama had many thousands more written as he was leaving office) that were _designed_ to be vague and subjective enough that even an honest (which we don't have, for the most part) court system is unable to help, protect, or make whole anyone the bureaucrats and politicians wish to go after (like Gibson Guitars). The ability of an individual - if they could even afford it - to have their case examined by the Supreme Court has pretty much been denied in the past few decades, and the courts a man _can_ access are jam-packed with liberal judges appointed by Obama (over 300, IIRC) and other liberals (including the Bushes). So there is no relief from that quarter.

    Someone quite a while back was talking about a U.S. Attorney who laughed while telling a co-worker, "I don't even care if I ever get a conviction. I'll just bankrupt the bastard with legal costs." That same U.S. Attorney uses _our_ tax money to attack and ruin us, with no way to recover the costs of fighting it.

    Yeah, a reset is needed. As Shakespeare wrote, "First thing, let us kill all the lawyers." Then come the administrators, the management of the various three and four letter agencies. John Ross demonstrated this in his novel, _Unintended Consequences_, as far as the bureaucrats were concerned.

    I am teetering on the edge of deciding whether or not Claire Wolfe is still right.

  5. If I knew who that particular U.S. Attorney was and lived near me, I would make sure someone would put some concrete into his sewer pipes to give that Jackass a good case of "Constipation". It don't flush down the drain if it's got a concrete plug.

  6. All systems have corruption. The difference is that in government there is no good accounting system (i.e. balance sheet) that sheds light on the problem. Also, the stakeholders are distanced from the policing and therefore it takes more time to not only find out the corruption, but also more time to correct it.
    This is why government must be kept small and focused, and the private market will take care of all else.

  7. Well said. One factor often overlooked is the importance of social cohesion and average IQ levels needed to make high levels of freedom possible.

  8. Until every single one of us is willing to gear up and march on D.C., nothing will change.
    Ray was right, and everyone still keeps hoping somehow, magically something will happen to "fix" things so we don't have to get all bloody and dead. Bottom line is, we will all quietly sit home and do nothing to correct this evil that runs our lives on a daily basis, just like cattle and sheep led off to slaughter. This has been building up for decades, and we all just sit and watch another dummy bite the dust when he's had enough.

  9. Ray is cynical. TL is not. You're all correct, though, in that millions may not be enough and there seems to be a shortage of fire in the belly.

  10. Minarchy fails everytime. Time to give something else a try if we ever get that chance.

  11. What if the reset is a kin to a flood? Hard reset indeed.
    How many are "prepared?" How many are yet unaware?
    Seems to be two sides developing, both wanting to "burn it all down.
    There is also another who does not want to, yet will as the ,"need" arises. Yahuah willing, His timing,His way.
    Use your time wisely,


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