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Lies of Omission
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Waiting and Prepared

The Vault 7 release by WikiLeaks shows us that everything we knew was possible and feared was true, was true. That all of those accusations of the "extreme right-wing conspiracy theorists" were nothing but cover for the real bad actors in the government. But then, it was Obama's government for which they were covering up. Now that Trump is in office, the Marxists envision the same tools they were happy to have in the hands of one of their own, now in the hands of an enemy and the incredible power of destruction that represents.

Vault 7 reveals a nation wholly unloosed from its founding, not just on the corners, or around the edges, but its whole purpose now is to control, monitor and dominate a population. Only a strident Soviet could appreciate the system we have today. They had to do the hard work of manually tapping phones with wires and listening with headsets. The Soviets couldn't record everything said and file it away for when someone's name popped up on their radar screen, so they could go back, dig through their conversations until they came up with an actionable admission and prosecute with their previously accumulated evidence.

But, we are the United States! No, we are not. Not anymore. We are the Soviet States. Now, a lot of people will have no problem with that. They have been raised in Soviet America, with Soviet parents, educated in Soviet schools, but for the rest of us, it makes the blood boil. The thought that two planes could hit two buildings in New York City and destroy our nation seemed insane, but they did it, or rather, we did it to ourselves. We tore down any semblance of the United States when we allowed the passage of the Patriot Act.

I'm not saying that it was not well on the way already, or that without that event, we would not be in the same exact position as we are now, but the Patriot Act was the moment of surrender. It was when the cards were on the table and the people folded; gave up the pretense of Americanism. We all knew it then, but it was accepted, tolerated and that proved to the Marxists that it was time to go full-steam ahead.

We have been led along this path, brought to Marxism gently, step by step, but now the whole beast is visible. Of course, I don't expect anything to come of it, we are settled now in our Marxism. References to the Constitution have been almost laughable for a long time, at least since the Patriot Act was passed. As a Constitutionalist, that is difficult for me to admit, because I still believe in the ideals espoused within, but there is no interest in enforcing those ideals. Because the only way to enforce them now is with a rope and a lamppost.

Individually, of course, we might still cling to the law. We might practice individual liberty and make the courts rule unconstitutionally in order to convict us of some trumped up charge or other, but as an effective defense it lacks the power of the state. It is just a talking point, not for serious consideration.

If I had my way, ten million people would descend on Washington D.C. on April 15th and just loot the place, gut every federal office building and drag anyone with a title out into the streets. They don't represent us, they have violated their oaths and they have subjugated and imprisoned the population. A prisoner in a federal penitentiary has more privacy than we do walking the streets of America. But, the most dispiriting aspect of that notion is that no one will do it. We are not that upset. We console ourselves that some worse thing has not happened yet, for which we are waiting and prepared.

This is not America, this is something else. While any number of people might have said that happened a long time ago, well, it did. I know as well as anyone how long this has ceased to be what it was designed to be, or at least advertised to be. At least now, it is unavoidable to recognize it. 


  1. The time for the peasants with their pitch forks and scythes to rise up has not yet come even though the time for it is well past due. In fact it may just be too late and never come. As a people are we to slowly trudge into the box cars and wait for the train to take us to our fate. Will we just line up at the edge of the ditches and await the final volley that will be the last thing we hear before buried in unmarked graves. There has always been the question that in that moment why did not the people rise up and resist those who thought they would control their fate instead of passively accepting what was surely coming. Perhaps we are witnessing history repeat itself yet again.

    Ecclesiastes 1:9
    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.


    1. Sawman the answer to your first question is this...When people feel alone or sorely outnumbered they will wait until the wolf is at the door before confronting it and then it usually to late...You know my plan to rectify that problem wish more people were susceptible to that idea...Like some have said before there isn't enough pain yet...Sad That...

    2. Note how you said "Peasants with pitchforks and scythes." Did you ever wonder why, when Frankenstein's monster was running loose, all the people had to fight it with were farm tools? It was because the government had disarmed them; not a rifle, bow, or even sword in the bunch...

      "Gun" control laws have nothing to do with guns, and everything to do with control...


  2. T.L.,
    Re: April 15, can I tag along??

  3. Ten Million decending upon dc and looting the place, is exactly what needs to be done. I'll bet it wouldn't take more than a few hundred thousand though. After, the States could regain their independant State status and start acting as States again, unbeholden to anyone but themselves and their populace. People throughout the entire country would learn how to interact civily with each other and 90% of life would continue 100% for the better. There is a reason why the Constitution listed the powers given to the gov. Mostly because the founders knew we needed no more than what was listed. I find it simply ludicrous why people cannot understand that. It is NOT that difficult! Simply stay out of my life and leave me alone, I will succeed or fail on my own accord, I need no help from some retard that doesn't even know me, but knows how I must live my life, what I should say, think, and accept..... NOT in your wildest dreams.....

  4. How can one solve the problems of this nation when people are talking at each other and not to each other and listening in turn? In many ways, we are victims of our own success, as we have not had large scale invasions and internal conflicts since the 1860s. In aviation, we call that flying fat, dumb and happy. And when you are doing that, it means that you are not doing something that you should be doing.

    President Trump talks of draining the swamp, but DC is more than a swamp. It is more like a toxic waste site or a hive of parasites. There is too much concentrated power in that location. It will only be reduced from outside. The establishment pubs and dems in congress, as well as the courts and the bureaucracy have an existential stake in the status quo. Half of the public also has an existential stake in the status quo too.

    I do not see any way out of this except the hard way. But we are not alone. The other side of the pond is in the same situation but worse. The old institutions exist for themselves, and will die hard. Howe and Strauss explore this in their cyclical view of history (The Fourth Turning). We are in the Fourth Turning, the crisis. There is no way to avoid it. We will go through it, and come out different---for better or worse.

    When you look at natural processes, large concentrated groups have a compensating mechanism, they move around a lot to avoid destroying their habitat. Things are more decentralized, because that is a more resilient model of survival. Nowadays, large power grids are very vulnerable to natural and man made disasters. It is obvious that decentralization is a better survival tactic in the long run. An achieving of that goal does not emanate from the top down.

    It starts from the bottom up. What makes you happy and gives your life meaning? Then it flows from those roots to the family, then friends and neighbors, and your community. We do not need Kumbaya---we need real life sustaining common interests that aid in our survival and success. Then we deal with the monsters before they deal with us. The one saving grace is that they are parasites, so attacking the food supply is one idea. Welcome to the crisis.

  5. The pendulum swings farther away from the center of gravity with each change in administration. Either Democrat or Republican, the only constant is the erosion of civil rights and more power taken by the administration. Democrats don't really care what a Republican President does. They know they will have the executive branch someday and push it further.

    Look at eminent domain abuse. Republicans will abuse eminent domain for an export pipeline from Canada to the Gulf. Democrats will abuse eminent domain for wind turbine transmission. Neither party cares about the abuse of the other party. Both parties have an agenda and see us with private land rights as the obstacle.

    Trump is trying but this is terminal. 2 more administrations and its going to be real ugly.

    1. Scott---Agreed. President Trump was elected by people with basic values that they feel are worth fighting for. Half the electorate. Half of the country is against him. All the dems in congress are against him. I would bet half the pubs are against him. He is one man pushing the boulder up the hill like the Myth of Sisyphus. If he is showing real progress, then the opposition will try to impeach or innuendo or scandal him out. Barring failure of those approaches, they will kinetic him out. I do not think that success will win over the opposition (enemy). And if it becomes kinetic, or even real dirty deeds, then that will become the tipping point, and all bets are off. Before it comes to that, my guess is that targeting information will be gathered.

  6. "We need a new Pearl Harbor"
    Said the neocons........

  7. "...the only way to enforce them now is with a rope and a lamppost."

    The only "humane" way.

  8. Sometimes it is better to see reality than live in a dream. Patriot Act? The government has been rotten at least since Lincoln.

    As to trumped up charges, that is only a concern of people who intend to submit to arrest.

    "Fear is the passion of slaves"
    -- Patrick Henry

  9. Nope..because you all have something to lose. Besides your life..your wife, your kids, your pension, your won't fight because your daughter will be embarrassed...don't know any of you..don't want too...maybe some of you have been on a two way range too...I was scared...they were really trying to kill me...can you handle it? Will you risk it? Really?

  10. I think we will loose unless we decide to get down to their level and it will take pure old fashioned murder to give us a win.

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  12. It's long been my opinion that anybody who walks out of a government building after 5:15 is the enemy. Saw it posted somewhere that we're currently in that awkward stage where it's too late to fix it but too soon to start shooting.

  13. After watching the latest Kabuki Theater hearings on TV in DC, I have come to the conclusion that we do not have a swamp to drain, but rather a very large malignant tumor to cut out in DC, or worse. I cannot see how President Trump can do anything within the law when the game is rigged. The congress is full of dems and pubs that are invested in the status quo. The government is infested with the same type of people. You cannot reform a tumor. We are going to have to learn the hard way, if we survive. Europe is in the same boat, but worse.

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