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Friday, June 23, 2017


Custer County, CO has long been a beacon of liberty in this country, not just Colorado, because the citizens there have taken back their own liberty, have established that crucial cooperation between armed citizens and law enforcement, have realigned their county commission to reflect their political views and have established their own rival "conservative" newspaper to speak to the majority. All of this in a town of about 800 people.

Custer Country, is, in a lot of ways, a model of what should be taking place across the nation. We all know that the local papers pursue a liberal agenda, even if they are deep in conservative territory. I imagine they believe themselves the agents of illumination in the darkened areas of rural America. Or, they are simply evil collectivists pursuing their agenda in an attempt to eradicate any tendency toward capitalism, freedom and self-determination. It doesn't matter what motivates them, the result is the same.

George Gramlich and Custer County have fought back and even when one tells themselves that "we can't vote ourselves out of this" that cannot be used as a reason to do nothing at all. As you will see in the article in the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel, electing "Republican" county commissioners does not always do the trick, because collectivists operate in the world with deception, intrigue and force.

George Gramlich has been a force in Custer County in many ways, eventually starting the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel to counter the collectivist swill coming from the local paper. George did what few others have had the vision to do and challenged the collectivists directly. He was instrumental in swinging the County Commission from liberal to conservative, only to be sold out by the communist tactic of deception. When the newly elected "Republican" commissioners got a chance to act, they revealed themselves as collectivist proxies. The collectivists do this, because they know they will not get a Democrat elected.

This is the part of the equation so many in the liberty community fail to understand, embrace or act upon. There is only battle, on every front, or surrender. This is why I have aligned myself with people like George and encourage and assist his efforts in any way I can. It is part of the reason we held the "works in progress" screening in Canon City. I might agree that "there is no voting our way out" but what I see all too often is total surrender.

Claire Wolfe is a huge proponent of this sort of activism, taking back liberty one county at a time, because it is our communities that matter. What goes on in D.C. affects us, no doubt, but without flushing the whole city, there is no stopping the egregious abuses. But, what happens in our own communities affects us more and we do have the ability to do something about that, if we will do it.

Elections are an expression of intent, nothing more. The real work, the hard work, is in holding those elected accountable for their actions. This is what Custer County is engaged in now, they will work to recall those elected officials who used subterfuge to get elected only to vote counter to their promises. And, yes, start the process all over again, but we only have RINOs in this nation because the citizens don't have a plan for that betrayal and we've seen it enough to expect it by now.

On the 4th of July, Westcliffe, in Custer County, CO, will hold their annual open carry contingent in the parade. It is a great opportunity to show those collectivists in the county that the right to keep and bear arms will not be infringed. This year it will be dedicated to the memory of Mike Vanderboegh, who attended one of these events in the past. In a town of 800, there were 400 open carry individuals in the contingent due to Mike and his participation.

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