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Saturday, July 8, 2017

This Is Diligence

What is the price of liberty? Diligence. Nowhere is this more evident than in Custer County, CO where liberty, Second Amendment rights and freedom are jealously guarded by the people who have watched their sleepy mountain town become overrun by liberal shopkeepers and politicians. But, they are fighting back.

Our nation, meaning our backyards, is awash with Gramscian collectivism. Gramsci understood that the leadership of the nation was not as important as the leadership of the school board. This is an idea that has taken root in America. Yes, it's nice to have the governor collaborate with ones efforts to subvert the concept of individual liberty, but it can be done in so many other ways that are more effective.

We are so far down this road it is almost impossible to see clearly at this point. Why is there forced recycling? Why have Homeowners Associations been so popular? On one hand yes, no one wants to live next to a dump and the idea of city ordinances are appealing to protect the property values of others in the neighborhood, but that is just the starting point. Through city ordinances patriotism can be effectively outlawed, through school boards history can be changed and manipulated to serve the goals of the collective.

Eventually, as in Custer County, CO, there is an ordinance concerning "light pollution" where the three RINO county commissioners, having been elected on the pretext that they were Republican conservatives, revealed themselves as the all-controlling collectivists that they are when they passed the ordinance that made it illegal to fix an outdoor light in an effort to eradicate "light pollution."

Keep in mind, this is a rural mountain county, where bears and other dangerous wildlife roam the hills. Rural areas are often the target of criminals from the cities, or drug addicts looking for quick score who recognize these areas as vulnerable due to lack of policing and the fact that they most likely contain several firearms necessary to defend ones property and lives. What on earth would they need a yard light for?

But, this is typical collectivism. It makes no logical sense until one realizes that control is the real issue, not light pollution (which is a stupid concept in itself) or any other cause. It is conditioning toward the collective authority rather than individual liberty. It is the same with cities and utilities, who make deals with high-priced "green energy" concepts knowing that it is not their money that is being pledged. They merely raise taxes and fees to cover whatever inefficiency and expense that accompanies these obligations.

It is about removing the concept of the citizen, or the subscriber to have a say in how their money is spent, or what level of service to expect. Look for any point of control and you will find a collectivist at the table. They really like the positions where they might extend their middle finger to those who pay their salary. That is the collectivist cherry.

In Custer County, they may have jumped the gun, because Ann Bathrop and Ann Willson have begun a recall petition for all three RINOs over their actions since all three collectivists arrived on the commission and began to pursue their collectivist agenda including the ordinance against "light pollution." This is a clever recall, because it can effectively replace the County Commissioners during a regular election, avoiding the cost to the county of a special election.

This is diligence.

The mother and daughter dynamic duo were not political experts and relied on the counsel of a lawyer and a great deal of research into both state and county regulations regarding recalls, what papers to file, how to get the questions on the ballot and with whom to replace the offending officials. As far as anyone knows it is the first time that all three County Commissioners have been recalled during the same election. But, they have a lot of petitions to distribute and a lot of signatures to collect before this is a done deal, but it is a pleasure to see Claire Wolfe's concept of taking back our own freedoms playing out in this mountain community.

When I go to Westcliffe, I rely on George Gramlich to let me know which businesses are run by "friendly" proprietors and which are not, because there is no sense giving my money to someone who would enslave me and serve that enslavement up with an extended middle finger. When I was there last, I had the pleasure to meet the two Anns and discuss with them their project. I offered, that if I lived there, I would be happy to take the petitions around on my crutches if I could.  

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