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Monday, July 3, 2017

Westcliffe July 4th and DVD Update

I will be attending the Westcliffe, CO 4th of July parade along with other open carry advocates. This event will be in honor of Mike Vanderboegh and is just a good idea, even if Mike was not your cup of tea. Strong personalities often attract and repel at the same time, but there is no denying that Mike did a lot for spreading the word of liberty and freedom. Meet me there if you can, I'll be the guy on crutches.

In other business, the DVD of Lies of Omission will be coming out in the next few weeks. We tried for June, but with my accident it just took much longer to get things lined out and taken care of, so I appreciate everyone's patience. The thing you can count on is that it has gotten its final edit and it is just now a matter of getting the files to the DVD duplicators and then getting them to the fulfillment center and listed on Amazon. We are going to stick with Amazon as a sales portal and save VOD release for a later date.

As you can imagine as a first production we have gotten very little interest in distribution, so, initially anyway, we are going to have to distribute it ourselves. This means that when you get your DVD we would greatly appreciate any social media buzz you can create with your comments. There are roughly 250 DVDs that will be going out in our initial perk mailing. I can't give any dates for this until I get an estimate from the duplicators.

I don't know how successful we are going to be at getting this accepted by large outlets, since we don't have the luxury of some well connected distributor, but what we do have is a specific market to approach. Half of the voters in this country voted for Trump, but they were really voting for the values that are expressed in this film. There are a lot of people who would enjoy this film, if they knew about it. That is the next challenge.

We have stopped all of our fundraising efforts, the people in this community have been very generous in that respect and we appreciate it. Credit is given in the credits for the film for the efforts of this community. Perhaps our next project will be self-funded, but a lot of that will depend on the sales of this one, of course. We are trying to build a self-sustaining enterprise for the distribution of these ideas.

We need to think out of the box on getting this DVD in the hands of as many people as we can. Yes, advertising is part of it, but that is a little bit down the road. We will be contacting everyone we know in the media and doing the sorts of things normally done by a distributor, but any help we can get from people who have seen the DVD will be very important as well. Social media, as much as I have detested it and disrespected it, hype on Facebook and Twitter do a lot to raise the awareness of a project like this. Repeated tweets and posts about the film will go a long way if we can extend that to those who have seen it and liked it.

Thank you for all of your support.

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