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Lies of Omission
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Convert or Die? The Collectivist Question

After watching the events of Charlottesville through Twitter, blog posts like Virginia Freeman Jesse James, WRSA and through listening to news reports and media spin, I have stumbled upon a moment of absolute clarity. Civil War II has just begun.

Unlike morons like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others who continue to virtue signal that this was  White Supremacist violence and that they detest it, they willingly forget that the KKK and others had a permit to demonstrate and that Antifa did not. There would have been no violence had Antifa been kept in check as they were in Pikeville, KY earlier this year. The talking heads of radio allow themselves to be ushered into the Antifa camp with their weak, spineless desire to be understood. Anyone with half a brain recognizes that no particular color of individual bestows virtue or evil simply by the fact of that color.

But, engaging in a discussion of race where Charlottesville is concerned is just as stupid as denouncing racism because of Charlottesville. Racism is a tool of the collectivist. The goal is to dismantle the American society by attacking whites and the symbols of white success by branding it oppression. The clear fact that Antifa was able to violently disrupt a legally permitted protest is the degree to which collectivist governments can side with collectivist militants in broad daylight and be cheered on by a vile, collectivist media.

These things are working together to complete the coup against the republic. Against the republic, not Donald Trump, Trump just got in the way, got elected and started doing what the people wanted him to do. The collectivists in both parties did not have the ability to pay him off, entrap him in a scandal or appeal to his "global" citizenship as they are so often able to do with establishment Republicans. Because of that, he has now got to be destroyed. Not, because he is Trump, but because Trump is not a collectivist.

An honest evaluation of the events in Charlottesville and to a lesser degree Seattle establish that Antifa is the new KKK, the militant arm of the collectivist political wing of the United States Government. With the assistance of state governments with their headquarters in the bright blue metropolitan areas, no conservative will be allowed to speak, the ideas of individualism and capitalism will always be considered racist and white supremacist and should some individual black man rise to the top of the social heap via capitalism, he will be denounced as a racist and logic be damned.

A good way to really understand that racism has nothing to do with Charlottesville is to read the account of Rich Higgins reported by Islamic Jihadists have been given cover for their violence in the United States as a part of the equation.

All of this comes up to one conclusion, that Civil War has been initiated by the Deep State through all of the actors it can find to help destroy the American culture, because it must be eradicated in order for something else to take its place. This has to happen with the grudging agreement of the people in order for it to be fully implemented, the best way to do that is to accuse anyone who disagrees with their goals of racism, islamophobia, xenophobia and on and on.

This is not brain surgery. Anyone who truly understands a collectivist understands the method of replacing one political system with another. At some point it comes down to blood and blood has now been shed in a convincing way.

In Pikeville, KY earlier this year, when the same White Supremacists gathered for a rally and the police did an excellent job of keeping the peace, Antifa later risked severe sanctioning when they went after the police, who quickly ushered out reinforcements of the riot squad. Antifa is the terrorist organization in this scenario. America has always been strong enough to hear disparaging and contradictory views without violence, but that is not the issue here. Collectivism and gaining violent experience for Antifa newbies is the purpose of what we saw in Charlottesville. In a factual world, Antifa would have been sanctioned by Democrats for causing the violence, but that would be a response of a true American government, not the collectivist hellhole it has become.

Today, the question is not whether or not one is a racist, but whether or not one is a collectivist, because the way the issue has been framed by the collectivists in government and the media is that if you are not one of them you are by definition a racist, or an Islamophobic or homophobic, because that is the way they intend to destroy not only you as a traditional American (of whatever color) but the traditional America and seize complete control of the nation. When they achieve that, complete control, the real killing will begin, so answer that question carefully. It is the Jihadist (and why they like them so much) question: "Convert or die?"  


  1. Enemies foreign and domestic. Nuff said...


  2. We're about to find out what the modern day white American male is made of.

  3. These are the days of the begining. If you should be lucky or crafty enough to have survived the duration, what will your tale of courage be to others and generations to come. Die for something greater than you, or live if you can, for nothing worth it's cost.

  4. Charlottesville is direct evidence of collusion between communists known as antifa and leftist government. The ACLU has confirmed a statement from Virginia State Police to not intervene without orders. Charlottesville PD was nowhere to be found. Virginia State Police made no effort to separate antagonists before during or after the event. Virginia State Police are on video 15 ft from active fighting carrying on for almost an hour and doing nothing. Virginia State Police and Virginia National Guard MPs had significant reserves which could have been deployed to make this a safe event. I witnessed this. These reserves were not used until they were deployed to push rally goers out of the park into the streets.

    It is clear the city council of Charlottesville and the racketeer Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia, turned the streets over to violent Antifa. By pushing rally-goers out of the park into the streets where antifa was waiting the police instigated the violence which followed the closing of the event. This is a documented fact it is not speculation. Blood spilled at the event is on the hands of Terry McAuliffe.

    It seems clear McAuliffe wanted a shooting event as a political wedge for the upcoming Virginia State wide elections. In his first press conference after the tragic vehicle event McAuliffe mentioned how many people were at the event with firearms even though there were no shootings. Clearly he was aware there were many armed people at the event and I am wondering if he is disappointed that no shootings took place in the staged war which he set up in Charlottesville.

    It is impossible for me to fully express my disgust with Virginia State Police. Here is the Virginia State Troopers pledge, in case anyone cares any more about Oaths, pledges, honor and Duty:

    Trooper's Pledge

    "Humbly recognizing the responsibilities
    entrusted to me as a member of the Department of State Police,
    an organization dedicated to the preservation of human life and property,
    I pledge myself to perform my duties honestly and faithfully
    to the best of my ability and without fear, favor or prejudice.

    "I shall aid those in danger or distress,
    and shall strive always to make my State and Country
    a safer place in which to live.
    I shall wage unceasing war against crime in all its forms,
    and shall consider no sacrifice too great
    in the performance of my duty.

    I shall obey the laws of the United States of America
    and of the Commonwealth of Virginia,
    and shall support and defend their constitutions
    against all enemies whomsoever, foreign and domestic.
    I shall always be loyal to and uphold
    the honor of my organization, my State and my Country."

    1. SW Richmond,

      Here, let me put it in simple words:

      There Are No Good Cops !

  5. Whats Next?? The burning of books about the Confederacy by BLM and Antifa. The Nazi students burned books that didnt agree with their ideologies in 1933 Germany!! Is this what we're coming to?? Where is the Law and Order??

  6. T.L.

    Insightful essay, as always.

    While folks badmouth the communists of Antifa and the Progressive movement, they tend to ignore the parasitic statists of fedgov weasels, the U.S. CON-gress and their members. Recently, weasels Marco Rubio-R, Orrin Hatch-R, and Paul Ryan-R have come out attacking, in support of Antifa and the communists, the individuals who had legal permits, to publically exercise their 1st Amendment rights. However, the aforementioned weasels failed to cite the unlawful presence and crimes by Antifa perpetrated against the lawful asssmbly by the "white nationalists", American citizens exercising their Free Speech.

    I have long denounced the Republican and Democratic facade of representative government. Scoundrels like Rubio, Hatch, Ryan and others instead of supporting POTUS Trump and the 65,000,000 citizens who voted for him, attack him and his stance on the latest attack by domestic communists.

    I fear this nation as we once knew it, is done. Courtesy of the fedgov and it's ruling elites with dedicated support by the enablers of the 535, the electorate !

    Admist all this domestic turmoil, my thoughts do go out to you regarding your recent accident and injuries. My prayers for you that your recovery will be swift and complete. Thanks for all you do and thanks for the DVD.

  7. Just when I think your writing and insights cannot get any better, you post this! I've forwarded it to many. Thank you for continuing to write.

  8. They are already shutting down those who oppose them, calling them "white supremacists". dc is in the process of cracking down on "white supremacists" while allowing lib terrorists to continue terrorizing. pelosi demanding a permit to hold a rally by a right leaning and very diverse group be revoked , accusing them of being "white supremacists" , mayor in seattle marched with the lib terrorists accusing another group who was holding a rally of being "white supremacists" . dc is inciting and supporting these lib terrorists, they are also naming the targets, those who lean right.


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