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Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Vanderboegh Tapes

It has felt good to get back to my usual political commentary instead of the constant shilling for the DVD of Lies of Omission, but sometimes something comes along that has to be shared with those who helped to fund it and have taken the time and purchased the DVD.
The readable copy of the article is here.

David has done an immense amount of work to help get this DVD into the hands of the people who can use it to its fullest and we appreciate it greatly. The purpose of the DVD is to have something to hand off to someone who can use it. We want it to be disseminated. There will come a time when we go the Video On Demand (VOD) route and that is being put in place as we speak, but if you haven't noticed, time is of the essence. It also takes anywhere from 3-6 months to realize any proceeds from VOD and we are in the process of filming B-roll for the next project which we are revealing today for those who have not purchased the DVD, who are already aware of the Vanderboegh Tapes.

The Vanderboegh Tapes will be the full interview with Mike Vanderboegh, who has insights and intimate knowledge of events surrounding Waco, Oklahoma City, Fast and Furious, the militia movement and the Clinton crimes as well as his evolution from communist "killer tomato" to founder of the III% Movement.

We will not be seeking donations for Vanderboegh Tapes, the whole idea of Lies of Omission was to set up a process by which we can produce these types of films from the economic engine of previous projects. There is a way to get a discount on the Vanderboegh Tapes with a coupon in the case of Lies of Omission, but aside from that this project will be internally funded.

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