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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hypocrisy Before Annihilation

Spenser Rapone, the Marxist West Point graduate who outed himself on Twitter, is just another example, maybe the most illustrative example, of the constant push of communists in society. There is no lack of evidence, even though when I write about "communists" it sounds like a throwback to the Cold War and difficult even for myself to take seriously. But, that is just the point. Through the educational system and the constant brainwashing of the media, I have been taught to take threats of communism in our society with a grain of salt. It worked!

Intellectually, I understand the issue quite well and have written extensively about the encroachment of collectivism in America, but naming it "communism" seems weak and irrational. But, this is the success they have had in branding all accusations of communism in our society as baseless and fear-mongering. It is a testament to the depth and persistence the communists have had over the past hundred years.

Americans have to continually rebrand things as the success of countermeasures increase. Accusations of communists once worked well to expose those working to undermine and control the republican state, but McCarthy went too far and in his zeal destroyed the anti-communist instinct for decades including up to the present. Or, was it that the communists in the media destroyed McCarthy as he became more effective in identifying and calling them out in government? Truth is hardly ever what any one person thinks it is. It does not change the current situation, except that it makes the accusation of communism seem weak and desperate, but that is exactly what we are facing.

Communists and jihadists have always been aligned along the same trajectory, the destruction or the conquering of the West. The methods are roughly the same, to dig into Western societies, get into the root of it and bend the rules and the laws toward their purpose. The larger problem is that the West is weak and incapable of resisting these intentions while maintaining their inclination toward freedom. This forces Western societies to hold back, to restrain themselves in an attempt to preserve what makes them unique: the ideals of free speech, religious liberty, majority rule, the immunity of individual rights to the majority, etc.

The crux is that communism is alive and well and gaining ground as we avert our eyes in an attempt to seem "reasonable." There is always a point where civility and reasonableness must be suspended as war is neither. When confronted with an uncivil and unreasonable foe, it must be matched and even exceeded in order to win. Just as barbarism led to the settling of this nation, a fact that the enemies of America have used as a means to reconquer it in the name of communism, it will be necessary to revert to barbarism in order to keep it.

This is a fact that many Americans find abhorrent, but it is a fact. The choice is fairly clear: maintain reasonableness and suffer defeat, or abandon reasonableness and survive. It is the seed of individual rights that must survive, even if we, as a people, must deny it to others to retain it for ourselves. What I am describing here is hypocrisy. It is a dangerous prescription and fraught with temptation to become exactly what we are trying to defeat. It's a risk we will have to take, because being reasonable and offering ourselves up to cultures too barbaric to understand the complicated nature of individual liberty will get us annihilated.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NFL No Fidelity League

There's a reason that LIe is the first word in Liberal. Everything about the anthem protest issue is a lie. It is not about racial equality, whenever that is brought up it is in connection with BLM and the myth that blacks are racially targeted by police. Every statistic shows that they are not. The incidents that were taken as excuses for riots by BLM, were largely proven to be legitimate officer actions in response to a criminal act. There have been incidents against blacks, whites and Hispanics where the actions of the police were unnecessary, uncalled for and in some cases criminal, but that is a shared result among the larger percentages of the population.

Where these anthem protesters claim that it is not intended to protest the nation, what would be the purpose of protesting the national anthem if it is not intended to protest the nation? Kaepernick has been very clear about his feelings about the United States of America.

"I’ll continue to stand with the people who are being oppressed. To me, this is something that has to change, and when there’s significant change — and I feel like that flag represents what it’s supposed to represent, and this country is representing people the way it’s supposed to — I’ll stand."

Kaepernick lays it on the nation, not the cops, the whole nation, everyone in the stands, every government official and he will continue to besmirch the nation until he gets the nation the way he wants it to be, when he is satisfied. So, what does he want it to be? He wants it to be a communist country, because Kaepernick is a proud communist. Che Guevara, his hero, was a racist and a homophobe and only got cured of his racism when he became a communist and could use the racial issue to his advantage. Sound familiar?

The national anthem protests are not about race, they are not about equality they are just a tactic used by the collectivists. It's right out of the playbook.

The protests are not about free speech. That is another lie the liberals tell. No one has stopped or even threatened to stop the protests. If anything, the establishment (NFL and ownership) have enabled them, violating the rules of the NFL, which obviously stands for No Fidelity League. This is what happens when the establishment runs into collectivists, they run and hide, fearful of being labeled one thing or another. They were not afraid to sanction Tim Tebow for taking a knee for the Lord, however.

This is how bold they are. Imagine how bold they will be when they have destroyed a beloved sport for all those who thought they could sit this conflict out.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Collecivist Roots of NFL's Anthem Protest

Any form of entertainment is of little consequence in the issues of the day, but the NFL's acceptance of the "take a knee" response to the national anthem is a bit different in the sense that it illuminates the manner and method of the collectivist efforts to destroy any semblance of American culture, something that has been under assault for decades.

Now, if Colin Kaepernick had wanted to protest whatever it is that he is protesting, I would have no issue with it, but when it is the national anthem that is being protested it affects the American culture. But it is all a ploy; it is really to show the weakness of the American resistance to collectivism. If the collectivists can go into a uniquely American activity and attack it ruthlessly and obtain the results they want, which is to have the national anthem banned at sports activities, they expose the thin dedication to American principles held by the average American. It is designed to discourage patriotism and to bolster the enemies of the American system.

The national anthem bolsters patriotism; it reminds us of the price paid for freedom is the blood of our people, the lives of our soldiers. It harkens back to the time we stood against the crown of England and proclaimed our dedication to our own system of government. It was written during the War of 1812, when we were already an established nation and were attacked by those from whom we won our independence.

The collectivists try to use one verse that is not even sung or included in the Star Spangled Banner that we sing, but was written by Francis Scott Key as their reason, but that is fallacious and subordinate to their real reason, which was to stand with Black Lives Matter, a terrorist organization that encourages the killing of police officers. Kaepernick's support for Che Guevara and Fidel Castro tell you that his background, his purpose is to encourage collectivism, because if he were true to his principles, he would have to acknowledge that Che Guevara was a known and rabid racist against blacks. But, that never seems to make the news. It is a Lie of Omission.

While it is self-serving of me to point out that if one wants to stand for America, for the patriots who care about this nation, you can stop spending money on the NFL and support the film Lies of Omission, because I know we will use the funds to enhance and bolster the American ideals of freedom, liberty and justice, because that is what we have always been about. Give some money to other organizations, Gun Owners of America, the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel, etc. I know those associated with those organizations and they are dedicated to liberty and freedom and have made sacrifices to those same goals. But, for heaven's sake, don't complain, find a better place to put your cash than the NFL.

The idea is to do something positive rather than support an organization filled with sympathizers with murdering collectivists. We know where Kaepernick stands, he stands with murderous racists like Che Guevara and anyone who stands by him in solidarity stands by them as well.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Gun Owners News Hour

Larry Pratt had me on his radio show Gun Owners News Hour the other day to talk about Lies of Omission. The interview can be heard here.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Not Enough

I have been buoyed by the support we have gotten from hundreds of people both while making the film Lies of Omission and by those who have purchased it from the website. None of it was ever done to support me as a person, but to support the message that those in the film were trying to bring to those less astute than the average reader of this blog and many others. It is and always has been a tool to help educate those who will not read The Road To Serfdom or anything else that might expand their understanding of the predicament the people of this nation are in. I hope it is, and we tried to make it, something that even the astute can value for the perspectives that it brings forth by the people we interviewed.

And, then there is the other side of this issue which is to take to task our efforts as foolish and just plain wrong. Well, this wouldn't be a collection of individualists if we didn't disagree about all sorts of things. I certainly have my disagreements with any number of individuals and organizations, but I recognize that it does no good to air my disagreements when I can just as easily address the issues in private e-mails if I feel it is important to do so.

Over the years there are those who have wondered why I have not gotten off the porch. Okay, valid enough question. But first, there is the mistaken assumption that I have not gotten off the porch. Putting every dime of my available funds toward things like the film, the Siege of DC, the Constitutionalist, the Patcons I have paid for myself and on and on is somehow not getting off the porch? Putting myself out there for ridicule and harassment by the IRS isn't getting off the porch? My family would not agree that I have stayed on the porch when so much has been sacrificed to pursue liberty and they know that when it comes to "nut-cutting" time, they will lose out again, but we aren't there, yet.

The reason we are not there, yet is because of this fed-infused movement, this destroy everyone that takes a different tack or comes at the problem from a different angle than someone else attitude that permeates this group, if you can call it that. It is that division that makes this group impotent, because every action requires not only leaders, but those willing to follow and it is the second category that we lack. Where I have led, I have done so, because no one else was going in the direction I thought we should go, or I would have followed someone else. It would have been much cheaper and less demanding on me if I would have been able to simply donate to someone else's "Gone With The Wind" production of a pro-liberty film. Lord knows I didn't need to do this for me, but I saw I was capable of it and that it needed to be done. Because, guess what? There are no reinforcements without things like Lies of Omission that points out the need for reinforcements.

Okay, I have done what I consider to be my duty and will continue to promote the film here and elsewhere, because I owe it to those who gave us the time to do their interviews and those who would benefit from hearing what they had to say. The rest of it, the insults, the criticisms I will take as part of the price of doing what I felt was right and putting my effort and funds toward it and when that time comes that I have to look at my grandkids in the eye (if I'm still around) and explain what I did to stop this insanity, I will have a list. Then, I will explain that had half of this group been willing to follow instead of lead, we might have made a difference, but not enough of us would do it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Genocide: The Collectivist Answer

The Washington Times published an article about the effort to hold "climate change deniers" legally culpable for their views. It is just another case of never let truth or science get in the way of the religion of anthropogenic global warming.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were going to incite the collectivists in the global warming cult; that was a given. But it illuminates the current state of collectivism in the liberal solar system, which is: it is okay to attack someone they consider a "Nazi" and the definition of Nazi might be anything they find contrary to the collectivist mantra; Ben Shapiro, by his very existence, is guilty of rhetorical thuggery whenever he speaks against the collectivist agenda and those who find enough science to doubt the anthropogenic source of global warming can be jailed.

What we see is that the collectivist liberals are in the process of criminalizing opposition to the tenets of their death cult, paving the way for them to engage in genocide. As drastic or sensationalized as that seems, it is verifiable from the origins of every genocide ever committed.

The first step, always, is to demonize or blame the intended victim for the ills of society as in blaming capitalism for poverty; Christianity for feelings of immorality; white people for the social condition of minorities. And, where there is no evidence that there is a connection between any of these causes and effects, the personal testimonial of a liberal who FEELS that there is a connection is good enough for government work.

In thinking through collectivism, it becomes quickly apparent that the solution to all social ills is government. The solution never is more liberty or less regulation, even though that may be the exact solution to any given social issue. The goal of collectivism is more government and control. Despite the obvious conclusion that all collectivism ever yields is a field full of bodies to be covered up and the misery of the average citizen, collectivists are never deterred. They are either evil enough to lust for the genocide or foolish enough to believe that it will lead to a better world, they all still agree that a genocide is necessary to either heal the planet or rid the world of opponents, but genocide is the answer.

To witness the objectivization of a whole group of people is breath-taking. Having grown up in the shadow of World War II, being informed of all of the actions of the German people and shaking one's head at how that could ever take place has given way to watching it take place in America. It is a narrower and narrower path one must walk to avoid physical harm; it is a narrower and narrower thought path that one must adhere to to avoid ridicule, defamation and ostracization. Say the wrong thing and one can be made unhireable, even if that statement were true.

The collectivist has no interest in the truth, because compliance with even the most outrageously false statement must be accepted and recited. To deviate is to lose everything. This is why racial issues don't have anything to do with racism, why gender issues don't have anything to do with gender, why feminist issues don't have anything to do with misogyny. These are simply the tenets of the religion of collectivism and being able to accurately recite the appropriate response to any issue arising regarding any of them is the key to social acceptance. In reality, it is all just designed to "other" capitalists or republican ideals. To make capitalism or the Constitution deplorable and therefore punishable for speaking of such things. This is how one gets to genocide.

Don't think there is a path toward compliance that includes just having a different view point, they will continually move the goal post for you, the filthy capitalist.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mr. Jeff Sessions

Apparently, we are going to have to deluge Jeff Session's office with demands. Whatever happened to the idea of being able to count on the law enforcement offices to do their job? What level of criminality must be present before the Attorney General will take the steps to hold everyone accountable. The fact is, none of us would have gotten away with what the rich and powerful have gotten away with on television.

Yeah, I know it's been this way for a long time and there is nothing new under the sun, but I had some respect for Jeff Sessions before he became Attorney General and I thought he would be a good AG, because he had always struck me as a law and order guy, no matter which way the blade of justice cut. I don't think that anymore. I have given him time to get his organization in line and start pursuing the obvious criminals standing right in front of him, but he hasn't.

Now, we learn that Lois Lerner, the woman who used the IRS to attack me, little old me, simply because I had gone to a thing called "Take the Townhalls to DC" where a bunch of us met up in Washington DC and went through the House of Representatives, to each of our representative's offices and demanded answers of the staff there and implored them not to pass Obamacare, I was attacked. Within two weeks of this event, I found an IRS agent in my office demanding to see my records. "Where are your papers, Mr. Davis?"

My business was investigated and when they found nothing in 2009, they moved on to 2010 and when they found nothing in 2010 and I was shutting down my business for lack of economic activity in 2011, they found something, or created something. I still maintain that I made every payment, filed every return, but mysteriously, they lost the last return I filed. I guess they waited to try and find something legitimate before they "created" a violation, but I could produce no evidence that I paid it, no canceled check, nothing. Maybe I did miss it, I just don't think so, but since I couldn't prove I paid it, eventually I did pay the required amount. Though they had threatened me with owing them several hundred thousand dollars, they settled for the $3,400 that I actually may have not paid.

Mr. Sessions, you have no idea the thousands of conservatives who were put through hell by the agents of Ms. Lerner. To give her a pass when there was no forgiveness on her side, when the most ruthless of tactics were used as a bludgeon by her and her agents, I cannot fathom your leniency other than corruption. This, sir, is what makes radicals out of the common man. This obvious double-standard for the rich and powerful against the common laborer, who struggles to pay taxes, who has their profits sacrificed to pay for the excesses of others can drive one mad.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Oathkeepers Requests Volunteers

12 Round Productions is on the verge of some very positive developments, but others have failed to develop, so I am holding my tongue when it comes to who, what and where. The middle of this month will be important for us. But, I cannot go forward without addressing a few things that come to mind.

It has been brought up more than once that there is a sort of joy taken in the difficulties of one of our own. I don't understand that, but I have felt it. I thought the III% would support us. I thought the Oathkeepers would support us. I thought big blog sites would support us. I thought gun stores would support us. While we have gotten support from some of all of those groups, there has been no blanket support or real encouragement. But, it is for each to decide for themselves what they want to encourage and what they want to discourage. I just thought that with our ability to help so many other liberty-focused efforts that even those who did not particularly support Lies of Omission might want to support our ultimate purpose.

But, we are adults and recognize that it is our company to grow and our support to track down, tackle and bring back to the cave.

I bring this up, because it goes deeper than just 12 Round Productions and Lies of Omission. I noticed in the news where Oathkeepers were asking for volunteers, i.e., retired police officers to help to secure a warehouse down in Texas where supplies were being shipped, but also subject to hijacking by the locals as the warehouse is in a bad neighborhood where gangs and crime are rampant. Well, having been snubbed by Stewart Rhodes where Lies of Omission is concerned, even though it benefits, or could benefit to a great deal, the memory of his good friend Mike Vanderboegh, my first instinct was to play the old, "where were they when we could have used their help" sort of routine. Then, I realized I was falling into the same nonsense I had just been criticizing. So, I won't.

What Stewart Rhodes and Oathkeepers are asking for are professionals, who can recognize a threat and deal with it effectively.

I have always hated that aspect of this factionalized community, where one will not assist another because their sense of ethics have been violated, or they once talked to someone who had violated their sense of ethics and there are just as many who refuse to assist THAT one because somewhere along the lines of 20 some years of activism they had stepped out of the lines of another group, or once spoke to someone who had.

What Oathkeepers are asking for is good and decent and they don't really want my help, but I will gladly support what they are trying to do.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Pro-Liberty Film Needs Support

Lies of Omission was supposed to do more than preserve the voices and perspectives of Mike Vanderboegh, David Codrea, Matt Bracken, Kit Perez, Claire Wolfe and Gun Owners of America's Larry Pratt. It was supposed to fuel an engine (12 Round Productions) to counter the collectivist agenda. It was supposed to extend out into the community highlighting other efforts and organizations. We had some good follow-up films we wanted to do, primarily The Vanderboegh Tapes, which was to be a two-disc set of the full interview with Mike Vanderboegh, which would be a financial loser, but a cultural boon. We had hoped to be able to absorb those costs through the profits from Lies of Omission.

A film of this type does not make it through the normal routes, there were no grants to obtain or funding sources looking for a conservative, pro-liberty message. They did want LGBTQ films, they did want tales of Social Justice Warrior actions and BLM accounts of protests (riots). That is what we were up against and what YOUR message of liberty and freedom are up against, a wide and persistent message that everything you believe in is wrong. We had hoped to be a force against all of that.

This is a difficult post to write, because we have had a great deal of support for Lies of Omission, but there has been criticism from inside the ranks. The truth is, we have done what we set out to do. We preserved the voices and perspectives of six liberty activists that, for the most part, have gotten little or no positive attention in the past. This film will exist long after all of us are gone and that, to me, is success, but it squanders a great opportunity to do much more.

While a lot of people deserved to be better compensated for their efforts on the film, no one would feel cheated if we were unable to compensate them any further. Those very few who have contributed to the creation of The Vanderboegh Tapes in advance can have their funds refunded with a note that there is not enough interest to follow through.

I have paid attention to the well-meaning detractors, who often mentioned that we should have gone straight to VOD and forget the DVD, but that comes with some problems from my perspective. One is, they can take down the internet at the most crucial time for Team Freedom, or delete any of those files from Amazon, YouTube, Netflix and etc., for "hate speech" violations. Gone! That can't happen with a DVD, sure it is a little old-fashioned, but the durability and portability is unparalleled. And, we will go to VOD in a few months, VOD distribution has evolved from the days when one needed permission from a distributor and a distribution deal. Today, it can be done with listing fees and little or no "piece" to the distributor, because it exists as a one-time setup on the major subscription sites with SEO. As long as it exists on the subscription service, then it is largely our responsibility to drive demand and build awareness.

Make no mistake, we are not abandoning ship, but Lies of Omission is beginning to look more like a one-off rather than the start of something beneficial for any number of groups and individuals who have been involved in the fight for liberty for decades and even some of those innovative younger organizations like TPUSA, which was in the sites as well.

But, you CAN still do something. You can change the course of events. You can put us back on track by supporting and promoting Lies of Omission with DVD purchases, telling your local talk show host about the film and 12 Round Productions and what we are trying to accomplish. You can suggest the film as curriculum in home school organizations. You can go to and rate the film high to get the attention of distributors who actually pay an advance.

No matter which way this goes, it has been a pleasure to work with those who made Lies of Omission possible.

Those Who Seek Power

The recall effort in Custer County, Colorado is more than a small town problem being dealt with, it is instructive as to how politics in this nation must be done. It is self defense, it is defending the homestead from invaders, because if you realize that these county commissioners had drafted legislation and were intent on pursuing a policy whereby a person could be jailed for repairing a broken outdoor light fixture (typically a yard light on a farm or ranch) in the interest of perhaps 6 or 7 other collectivists who wanted to eliminate "light pollution" in a rural mountain village and surrounding county and still think that the overwhelming majority shouldn't toss them out on their ears, then we will never understand each other. And, to the degree that this course of action might be emulated elsewhere, where the collectivist hooks be extracted by legal force, this is a good thing.

Collectivists operate by deception, it is their trademark, and these three individuals, having secured their seats one at a time, masquerading as conservatives to a largely disinterested population with much more to worry about than the actions of a county commission sworn to defend the Constitution, simply picked a few "Rs" on the list and gave it no more thought, until the Trojan Horse candidates revealed themselves for their true natures.

Ann Bathrop and Ann Willson took it upon themselves, being nothing more than ticked off women who had been betrayed, like every other resident of Custer County and dug into the statutes to discover the long and arduous process of having all three commissioners recalled at the same time, a monumental task, but not beyond their abilities nor their energy and they succeeded.

What was the response from these representatives of the people? Of course they came into the meeting bothered, angry and belligerent with the air of people who have told the citizens to pack sand only to have that sand thrown back at them. Who did these little people think they were? They were, by God, the rightful rulers of their domain, the owners of the seats in which those belligerent asses sat. Sometimes that has to be recalled and emphasized, if for no other reason that to put the next thug in line on notice.

Unfortunately, this is not a victory dance, but rather a well-deserved respite and a chance to gather strength before the push begins to have those seats filled with other, more appropriate posteriors in the coming months, but for the two Ann's it is a job well done and a grateful county thanks you for your tireless effort. Had they any interest, these are two of the people who should rightfully take those seats, but as I have noted before: "the people who seek power are hardly ever the ones who should possess it."

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