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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Collecivist Roots of NFL's Anthem Protest

Any form of entertainment is of little consequence in the issues of the day, but the NFL's acceptance of the "take a knee" response to the national anthem is a bit different in the sense that it illuminates the manner and method of the collectivist efforts to destroy any semblance of American culture, something that has been under assault for decades.

Now, if Colin Kaepernick had wanted to protest whatever it is that he is protesting, I would have no issue with it, but when it is the national anthem that is being protested it affects the American culture. But it is all a ploy; it is really to show the weakness of the American resistance to collectivism. If the collectivists can go into a uniquely American activity and attack it ruthlessly and obtain the results they want, which is to have the national anthem banned at sports activities, they expose the thin dedication to American principles held by the average American. It is designed to discourage patriotism and to bolster the enemies of the American system.

The national anthem bolsters patriotism; it reminds us of the price paid for freedom is the blood of our people, the lives of our soldiers. It harkens back to the time we stood against the crown of England and proclaimed our dedication to our own system of government. It was written during the War of 1812, when we were already an established nation and were attacked by those from whom we won our independence.

The collectivists try to use one verse that is not even sung or included in the Star Spangled Banner that we sing, but was written by Francis Scott Key as their reason, but that is fallacious and subordinate to their real reason, which was to stand with Black Lives Matter, a terrorist organization that encourages the killing of police officers. Kaepernick's support for Che Guevara and Fidel Castro tell you that his background, his purpose is to encourage collectivism, because if he were true to his principles, he would have to acknowledge that Che Guevara was a known and rabid racist against blacks. But, that never seems to make the news. It is a Lie of Omission.

While it is self-serving of me to point out that if one wants to stand for America, for the patriots who care about this nation, you can stop spending money on the NFL and support the film Lies of Omission, because I know we will use the funds to enhance and bolster the American ideals of freedom, liberty and justice, because that is what we have always been about. Give some money to other organizations, Gun Owners of America, the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel, etc. I know those associated with those organizations and they are dedicated to liberty and freedom and have made sacrifices to those same goals. But, for heaven's sake, don't complain, find a better place to put your cash than the NFL.

The idea is to do something positive rather than support an organization filled with sympathizers with murdering collectivists. We know where Kaepernick stands, he stands with murderous racists like Che Guevara and anyone who stands by him in solidarity stands by them as well.

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